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Atlan da Gonozal is one of the main characters in the science fiction series Perry Rhodan , which was introduced into the plot in Volume 50 in 1962. The figure developed successfully and in 1969 received its own series. With a few interruptions, this was published in several editions as a booklet . Books, paperbacks and paperback novels followed.

The character Atlan

Atlan da Gonozal (means 'Atlan of the house / of the lineage of those of Gonozal') belongs to the Arkonides, who are largely related to humans and whose home planet is the world Arkon in the star cluster M13 . His birth name is "Mascaren". Thanks to a cell activator bestowed on him, he is relatively immortal , which means that he can only die by the use of force, while his aging has been stopped and diseases and toxins cannot harm him. The cell activator is a technical device that regenerates the carrier by means of “cell vibration radiation”. At around 13,400 years old, Atlan is the oldest of the so-called cell activator carriers in the Perry-Rhodan series and also the oldest arkonide at all. With the most varied of companions he fathered numerous offspring.

He is 1.87 m tall and has an athletic build. As with all Arkonides, his hair is white-blonde, but his eyes are not as reddish as is usual with Arkonides. Atlan comes from the Gonozal clan, who provided several Arkonide emperors. One of his Arkonide characteristics is an independent and strictly logically working brain sector - the so-called extra sense. This logic sector is activated after a long and extensive study by a special procedure and serves the strictly logical evaluation of the perceptions. He communicates with Atlan in spiritual self-talk and sometimes makes use of selected sarcastic remarks.


In the course of his long life, the young Atlan was initially on the run from his father's murderer, who made himself the new emperor of the Great Arkonide Empire. Its captors try to get hold of the rightful heir to the throne. After the victory, the Crystal Prince Atlan joins the space fleet and commands his own squadron. In the war against the people of methane breathers, Atlan has a small island continent expanded into a base on the remote and insignificant planet Earth. In honor of their commander, the crew baptized the continent with the name Atlantis .

During the defensive fight against other alien intelligences, the earth's axis is shifted slightly. Tectonic movements and tidal waves occur, as a result of which Atlantis sinks into the sea. To save Atlan's life, the crew of his flagship removes him from command and places him on Atlantis before they embark on one last hopeless combat mission. Atlan then withdraws to a survival station, which sank into the sea with Atlantis, and goes into deep biological sleep.

He lets his robot Rico wake himself up at regular intervals to see how Stone Age mankind is developing and gives the first civilization impetus. Later he is awakened at irregular intervals at the instigation of the superintelligence ES and, as a paladin of mankind, fends off numerous dangers from her before he retreats into his escape dome. On his long hike across the earth, he promotes the earthly cultural and technological development up to the 20th century (described in the so-called “time adventure” novels, see section Books ) so that he can one day return to Arkon by spaceship.

When the Third World War threatens to break out after Perry Rhodan's historic flight to the moon and his landing on enemy territory in 1971, Atlan sees the end of human civilization approaching. Resigned, he retreats back into his escape dome and ironically slept through mankind's departure into space. When he wakes up again in 2040 and plans to rebuild a civilization from the contaminated remnants of humanity, he is faced with a completely new situation.

After initial misunderstandings, an agreement and friendship with Perry Rhodan came about. After the reprogramming of the robot regent, who rules the now degenerate Arkonides dictatorially, Atlan officiates as Emperor Gonozal VIII. He tries to lead the lethargic Arkonides back to a new level, but fails. The Arkonides reject his mode of government and prefer to deal with their own interests. There are numerous assassinations of the emperor, who is increasingly perceived as a nuisance, who rules with the help of the Terrans, who are seen as primitive upstarts, and who shows little understanding for the long-standing traditions of the people, who are characterized by classiness and lack of motivation.

Tired of office, Atlan hands over the Great Empire to Perry Rhodan, who merges it with the Terran Solar Empire to form the United Empire. Atlan then founds the USO, a kind of secret service organization to protect the United Empire. For the surrender of the Great Empire to the Terrans, the Arkonides declare Atlan to be persona non grata for life .

After further adventures, he later becomes a so-called knight of the deep, a member of an order of guardians whose task is to maintain the cosmic order, and travels through the universe, especially on board the spaceship SOL.

Atlan series

The Atlan series appears or appeared in different forms:

  • as Atlan magazine series (also classic Atlan magazine series ) 1969–1988 (850 magazine novels)
  • As Atlan blue volumes since October 1992 (hardcover, including the edited version of the Atlan time adventure and the booklet romance cycle "The Hero of Arkon")
  • as Atlan mini-series 1998, 2003 and 2004-2006 (84 booklet novels)
  • as Atlan paperback cycles October 2006 – December 2012 (28 paperbacks)
  • As an Atlan pocket booklet novel series ("ATLAN - The Absolute Adventure") January – October 2013 (10 pocket books, edited version of the booklet romance cycle "The Adventures of SOL")
  • as an Atlan time adventure from 1968 to 1992 in loose succession (54 volumes) within the Perry-Rhodan planetary novels
  • further Perry Rhodan planetary novels with Atlan in the leading role (9 volumes)

Atlan booklet series

Due to its popularity in the Perry-Rhodan fan community since its introduction in 1962, a separate series of issues was dedicated to him in 1969, originally published under the title Atlan - On behalf of humanity . By the time it was discontinued in 1988, Moewig and Pabel-Moewig had published 850 booklet novels. From 1998 there were again two mini-series with twelve novels each. Since the third of these miniseries, the Atlan issue series has been published every fortnight with consecutive numbering. With the 60th issue this series was discontinued in August 2006.

The cycles of the Atlan booklet series

Classic Atlan booklet series
  • On behalf of mankind (Issues 1 to 87)
  • On behalf of mankind / The Hero of Arkon (alternately issues 88 to 175)
  • The hero of Arkon (issues 176 to 299)
  • King of Atlantis (Issues 300 to 499)
  • The adventures of the SOL (Issues 500 to 674)
  • On behalf of the Cosmocrats (Issues 675 to 850)
Atlan miniseries
  • Traversan (mini series with 12 issues, 1998)
  • Centauri (mini series with 12 issues, 2003)
  • Obsidian (mini series with 12 booklets)
  • The Lord Judges (mini series with 12 booklets)
  • The dark star (mini series with 12 booklets)
  • Intrawelt (mini series with 12 issues)
  • Flame dust (mini series with 12 booklets)

The cycles “Obsidian” to “Flammenstaub” appeared from 2004 to 2006 in uninterrupted sequence with 60 issues.

Books (hardcover)

The experiences of the Arkonides in the history of mankind (revision of the Atlan time adventures from the Perry-Rhodan planetary novels), as Emperor of Arkon (with new reading material) and in his eventful youth (revision of the "Held-von-Arkon" cycle from the booklet novel series) were summarized in the so-called blue volumes in cycles.

Cycle "The Time Adventure"
"The Arkon Trilogy" cycle
"The Crystal Prince" cycle
Sub-cycle "Youth Adventure"
Sub-cycle "The Varganes"
Sub-cycle "Lebo Axton"
Sub-cycle: "The Akons"
Sub cycle: "The Doppelgangers / Kaymuurtes"
Sub-cycle: "Orbanaschol's End"

Audio books

Since January 2008, the blue volumes have also been published as audio books. The first volume to be released was “At the Cradle of Humanity”. As with the audio books for the Perry Rhodan silver volumes, the content of the book is read out in full. The volumes are read by Engelbert von Nordhausen .


After the end of the novel miniseries, Fantasy Productions published Atlan cycles in paperback format from October 2006 to December 2012. In a general series that takes place in the 32nd century, seven trilogies , a hexalogy and a single volume have appeared, in the series Atlan-X , which was published at the same time and is set in the past of human history, two trilogies.

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Pocket booklet novels

From January 2013 the series Atlan - The Absolute Adventure was published monthly by Pabel-Moewig Verlag GmbH in pocket booklet format. In it, the SOL cycle of the booklet series was to be republished in a revised form. After the sales figures fell short of the publisher's expectations, the series was canceled after volume 10 in October 2013. Volumes 11 and 12, which had already been prepared, were published as e-books by the end of 2013.


The 850 issues of the classic Atlan series were written by 22 authors.

The authors of the other Atlan cycles as booklet series, mini-series, in hardcover and paperback books included:

Uwe Anton , Luc Bahl , Michael Berger , Frank Borsch , Michael H. Buchholz , Rainer Castor , Arndt Ellmer , HG Ewers , Robert Feldhoff , Bernd Frenz , Oliver Fröhlich , Hubert Haensel , Rainer Hanczuk , Cathrin Hartmann , Marc A. Herren , Horst Hoffmann , Bernhard Kempen , Claudia Kern , Hans Kneifel , Leo Lukas , Dennis Mathiak , Achim Mehnert , Christian Montillon , Nicole Rensmann , Manfred H. Rückert , Rüdiger Schäfer , Ralf Schuder , Susan Schwartz , Christian Schwarz , Joachim Stahl , Michelle Stern , Peter Terrid , Michael Marcus Thurner and Wim Vandemaan .


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