Axel Groenberg

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Axel Grönberg medal table
Axel Groenberg
Axel Groenberg


Olympic games
gold 1948 London Medium GR
gold 1952 Helsinki Medium GR
World Championship
gold 1950 Stockholm Medium GR
silver 1953 Naples Medium GR
European Championship
bronze 1946 Stockholm Medium F
bronze 1947 Prague Medium GR
silver 1949 Istanbul Medium F

Rolf Axel Einar Grönberg (born May 9, 1918 in Norberg , † April 23, 1988 in Stockholm ) was a Swedish wrestler .


Axel Grönberg started wrestling in Stockholm at the age of 12 . He became a member of the Brottarblub (BK) "Athén" Stockholm . Since the early 1940s he was one of the top Swedish middleweight wrestlers. Axel Grönberg was multiple Swedish master in Greco-Roman. Style and freestyle. He preferred the Greco-Roman style, but also competed in freestyle. When international championships were held again for the first time after the Second World War in 1946, he was there. In the following years he also wrestled with great success, well prepared by the Finnish national coach of the Swedish wrestler Robert Oksa. He became Olympic champion in 1948 and 1952 . He also achieved many successes in international matches, which were very popular at the time, but had to pay tribute to his age in the mid-1950s when he lost more often in such battles. He then resigned from active wrestling. Axel Grönberg was a municipal employee and lived in Stockholm.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, GR = Greco-Roman style, F = freestyle, Wed = middleweight, Hs = light heavyweight, back then up to 79 kg or 87 kg body weight)

year space competition style Weight class Result
1946 3. EM in Stockholm F. medium with victories over Jean-Baptist Benoy, Belgium , John Sullivan, United Kingdom , Gyula Kóvacs , Hungary and one defeat against Mahmut Ceterez , Turkey
1947 3. EM in Prague GR medium with victories over Gyula Németi , Hungary , Eino Virtanen , Finland and Rémy Aurine , France and one defeat against Nikolai Below (wrestler) , USSR
1948 gold OS in London GR medium with victories over Jean-Baptist Benoy, Káre Larsen, Norway , Ahmad Akbas, Egypt , Juho Kinnunen, Finland, Gyula Németi and Muhlis Tayfur , Turkey
1949 2. EM in Istanbul F. medium with victories over Jacques Browers, Belgium, Mohammed Moussa, Egypt, Abbas Zandi , Iran and one defeat against Yaşar Doğu , Turkey
1950 1. World Cup in Stockholm GR medium with victories over Juho Kinnunen, Gyula Németi, Mohammed Moussa, Remy Aurine and Ali Özdemir , Turkey
1952 gold OS in Helsinki GR medium with victories over Ercole Gallegati , Italy , Gustav Gocke , Germany , Kalervo Rauhala , Finland and Nikolai Below
1953 2. World Cup in Naples GR medium with victories over Karel Souček, Czechoslovakia , Vasile Onoiu, Romania , Osvaldo Riva, Italy, Kalervo Rauhala and Branislav Simić , Yugoslavia and one defeat against Giwi Kartosia , USSR
1954 6th World Cup in Tokyo F. medium with victory over Nicolas Arcales, Philippines and defeats against Abbas Zandi and Giwi Kartosia

Swedish championships

Axel Grönberg became Swedish Greek-Roman style middleweight champion in 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1953, and light heavyweight in 1958; He was Swedish middleweight champion in free style in 1944, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1954

Most important international battles

  • 1952, GR, Wed, victory over Gustav Gocke, FRG,
  • 1953, GR, Wed, victory over Ismet Atli , Turkey,
  • 1953, B, Wed, victory over Ismet Atli,
  • 1954, GR, Wed, victory over Giwi Kartosia, USSR,
  • 1954, F, Wed, defeat against Shirtladze, USSR,
  • 1954, GR, Wed, victory over V. Punkari, Finland,
  • 1955, GR, Wed, defeat against Giwi Kartosia,
  • 1955, GR, Wed, defeat against Anfinogienow, USSR,
  • 1956, F, Wed, loss to Bekir Büke , Turkey


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