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The Bacteriology (from ancient Greek βακτἠριον baktērion , German , sticks' and λόγος logos , Customer ', -logie , teaching') is the science , the subject matter of construction, the way of life, the system and the identification of bacteria is. Bacteria are microscopic living things that have a cell structure and obtain the energy required for life through their own metabolism .

Bacteriology is a branch of microbiology . Among many other things, it also deals with pathogenic bacteria and provides important results for medicine and thus for combating diseases .


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek described bacteria that he had observed microscopically as early as 1677. Important later discoveries come from Lazzaro Spallanzani , Louis Pasteur , Ferdinand Cohn , Martinus Willem Beijerinck , Sergej Winogradsky and Albert J. Kluyver . The pioneers of medical bacteriology were Joseph Lister , Louis Pasteur, Paul Ehrlich and Robert Koch , who created the basis for successful disease control with antibiotics and vaccines .

Discoveries of bacteria (initial descriptions)


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