Oberhohenberg Castle

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Oberhohenberg Castle
View over Deilingen to the Oberhohenberg (right)

View over Deilingen to the Oberhohenberg (right)

Alternative name (s): Hohenberg
Creation time : around 1050 to 1100
Castle type : Höhenburg, spur location
Conservation status: ruin
Standing position : Count
Construction: Humpback block masonry
Place: Schömberg - Schörzingen
Geographical location 48 ° 9 '50 "  N , 8 ° 45' 38"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 9 '50 "  N , 8 ° 45' 38"  E
Height: 1011  m above sea level NHN
Oberhohenberg Castle (Baden-Württemberg)
Oberhohenberg Castle

The castle Oberhohenberg even Hohenberg called, is the ruin of the beginning of the High Middle Ages incurred hilltop castle at Schörzingen , a district of Schomberg in Zollernalbkreis in Baden-Wuerttemberg ( Germany ).

Geographical location

The former spur castle was located on the 1010  m high mountain cone of the Oberhohenberg , the second highest mountain in the Swabian Alb and highest mountain in the Zollernalb district. It belongs to the region of tens of thousands . The name of the medieval county of Hohenberg is derived from the Oberhohenberg, which had its lands around the mountain Oberhohenberg.


Excavations show that the mountain was already inhabited by the Alemanni . In the Middle Ages, the county of Hohenberg had its seat on the Oberhohenberg.

The castle was built between 1050 and 1100 by the Counts of Hohenberg , a split off branch of the Hohenzollern family . A mention of the castle is known from 1179. After the handover to Austria in 1381, changing and sometimes dubious lords came to the castle. As a result of a feud, the castle was besieged by Rottweiler soldiers in 1449 , captured and completely destroyed. After the destruction, the castle complex was razed.

In 1913 the foundations of the castle complex were exposed, measured and filled in again by the Schörzinger Albverein in order to protect them from further destruction.

Today's use of the castle stables

Castle area, in the background on the left a representation of the former octagonal tower
Hohenberg coat of arms in the Zurich coat of arms roll (approx. 1340)

In recent years, not least with the inclusion of funds from the European Union, attempts have been made to make the site a museum. In order to offer half-day tourists an attractive destination, a synchronized rail transport offer is run on all routes in the Upper Danube Nature Park on weekends in the summer half-year. Railcars of the Hohenzollerische Landesbahn run here on weekends and public holidays in order to make the local recreation area more attractive for tourism. The Oberhohenberg can be hiked from the Schömberg train station, continue with the bike-hiking bus to Deilingen. The former octagonal tower of the castle was made visible again as part of the Oberhohenberg adventure meeting place . The historic humpback ashlar masonry was protected from driving rain and the effects of the weather with brickwork with lime slabs . A suspension bridge over the moat has been completed. In addition, new information boards were made.


The Nikolauskapelle was rebuilt in 2017.


The foundation walls of the castle were partially exposed, the tower was rebuilt with a steel viewing platform, a hiking trail has been cut and a suspension bridge replaces the former drawbridge . The castle complex was about 77 meters long and 40 meters wide.


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