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Command & Conquer is a real-time strategy game series developed by Westwood Studios and later by Electronic Arts . With its uncomplicated controls, the exciting story and its multiplayer function , Command & Conquer quickly gained great fame since 1995 and is still considered the forefather of real-time strategy, although Dune 2 (also from Westwood Studios) from 1992 is considered the first game of this genre .

Main series and offshoots

The following subsections briefly name or describe the main series and its closely related offshoots.

Command & Conquer: The Tiberium Conflict

Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor (English for " Sole Survivor ") from 1997 was a pure online game based on Command & Conquer: The Tiberium Conflict - the game engine as well as its graphics and units were very similar to the first part. Up to 50 players could play with and against each other on a C&C card, with each player controlling exactly one unit and being able to team up with other players to form a stronger group. However, the game flopped and was pushed out. Sole Survivor is officially only released in the United States and is the only game not included in The First Ten Years .

Command & Conquer: Operation Tiberian Sun

Command & Conquer: Renegade

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars


Under the title Tiberium , EA Los Angeles was developing a tactical shooter for about two and a half years , which was to take place eleven years after the third Tiberium War. In it, the player should take on the role of Battle Commander Ricardo Vega, who should save the earth from a second Scrin invasion. Modifiable weapons should be used and the player should be able to order special operations such as air attacks. A mode of cooperation was evidently intended, but its structure was not entirely clear. The Unreal Engine 3 should be used , whereby 2009 was given as the expected release date. However, development was stopped because it did not live up to EA publisher's expectations .

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

Tiberium Alliances

Under the title Tiberium Alliances (English for "Tiberium Alliances") was an MMOG - browser game from the studio EA Phenomic developed. This was published in 2012.

Terms and groups

Global Defensive Initiative (GDI)

Logo of the fictional GDI group in CnC3

The GDI was once a multinational force that was funded by the G8 countries and was subordinate to the United Nations . Their job was to enforce and protect the ideals and provisions of the United Nations Charter. It was officially founded on October 12, 1995. During the first Tiberium War (1995-1998) the GDI was under Brigadier General Mark Sheppard, during the Second Tiberium War it was under the command of General Solomon, one of the soldiers who took over the Temple of NOD in the First Tiberium War stormed in Sarajevo. Currently (2047) Director Boyle is responsible. The SDI member states were mainly from Europe, North and South America, Russia, India, Japan and Australia.

However, over the years the GDI has changed significantly. It became an independent “superstate” with territories across the globe. With the emergence of the Tiberium, the ancient nations basically collapsed. Since 1995 the GDI has developed more and more into a civil organization, as the old authorities no longer existed. This culminates in the fact that in the 2040s generals no longer lead the GDI, but a civilian director . For the civilians within the blue zones, the GDI has taken over the full supply, it takes care of supply and logistics. Furthermore, by discovering the natural frequency of Tiberium, the GDI has now succeeded in developing a sonic weapon with which Tiberium crystals can be destroyed. Therefore it is possible to control the growth of tiberium in the blue zones. The GDI has also started to convert yellow zones back into blue zones, but this process will take years. The GDI has a powerful conventional arsenal and uses machine guns, classic cannons mounted on tanks, rockets, sonic weapons and railguns. The main defense strategy of the GDI is the security and use of space-based weapons and reconnaissance systems, including ion cannons, space-based missile defense and reconnaissance satellites. It still has a powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons, which, however, is stored dismantled and the GDI does not use it. The command center of the GDI was located on the Philadelphia space station until 2047, as it was not known for a long time whether people infected with Tiberium could infect other people. For this reason, anyone who came into contact with Tiberium was prohibited from entering the Philadelphia. However, the Philadelphia was destroyed in 2047.


EVA is short for electronic video assistant , so it is a computer. In all parts of Tiberium this AI has a female voice. In the early days of the GDI there were some imitations of it, so Nod also used an EVA unit at the beginning. By the year 2030, the events from Tiberian Sun , EVA has been further developed, it can now have real conversations with the commander and also plays a role in the plot. At this time, Nod was using CABAL, which is more advanced than EVA. In the Tiberian Sun add-on Firestorm , Nod is forced to steal an EVA unit after CABAL has betrayed the Brotherhood, and uses it again as a combat AI. In Tiberium Wars , the role of EVA has been significantly downgraded, she no longer plays a role in the plot.

Eva also appears in the Red Alert Universe: In the second and third parts of the series, the player in the Allied campaign is supported by a female officer of this name and is embodied in the video sequences by an actress. In the second part this is Lt. Eva Lee (played by Athena Massey ), in the third part Lt. Eva McKenna (played by Gemma Atkinson ).


The GDSS Philadelphia was a space station in earth orbit that also had the GDI headquarters on board. It was designed to protect the most important personalities of mankind from the influence of Tiberium and to enable them to work on a solution to the Tiberium problem. If the earth could no longer have been saved and should have been given up, everything was there on board the Philadelphia to enable mankind to make a fresh start. At the beginning of the third Tiberium War Tiberium Wars , however, the Philadelphia was destroyed by a NOD nuclear missile after all defenses of the GDI had been neutralized by Nod in the course of a new wave of attacks.


In 2030, the Kodiak was GDI's mobile combat command, able to fly quickly from one combat location to the next. However, ion storms forced her to land immediately, as all sensors on board failed and the risk of an accident increased drastically, which was her undoing in the firestorm add-on. She crashed with the Tacitus on the way to Tratos and could not be recovered, but the Tacitus could.

New Eden project

The New Eden project is a project launched by the GDI with the aim of clearing the planet from Tiberium. With the development of the GDI's sound emitters, it is possible to destroy Tiberium. New Eden has already achieved initial successes: The former yellow zone around Munich has been converted into a blue zone. The GDI is placing all its hopes in this project, even if it will take decades before the planet is completely cleared, if that is ever possible.


The Dead-6 is a group of four commandos that once had six members. The GDI often uses the Dead-6 for special operations and other important missions. Its members are Daryl "Deadeye" MacInnis (sniper), Nigel "Gunner" Grant (artilleryman), Shai "Hotwire" Aviv (engineer) and Erich "Patch" Wulfe (grenadier). The previous members are Nick "Havoc" Parker and Sakura Obata . In Renegade the name only refers to the legal position of the team. Every member of the Dead-6 has been officially declared dead so that they no longer exist for the enemy.

The Brotherhood of Nod

Logo of the fictional Nod faction in CnC3

The Brotherhood of Nod combines religious and political totalitarian traits. Her goal is to completely rule the planet and she is doing everything possible to achieve that goal. Its origin has not yet been clearly established, but legends report that it was built as early as 1800 BC. Was founded. Nod mainly operates in Africa, but also has supporters in the Orient and Asia. Their leader, Kane, recognized the influence of the Tiberium early on, and so Nod was able to secure much of the Tiberium territory long before the West reacted. With this treasure, Nod was able to finance itself more than adequately. It was not long before an armed conflict broke out between the Brotherhood and the West. It is true that the Brotherhood lost the first Tiberium War and its legendary temple in Sarajevo. It then split into several factions, but the return of its leader Kane, who was believed to be dead, in 2030 established a new strength that led to the new Tiberium War in the Tiberian Sun.

Even after the brotherhood was ultimately defeated in this war and even had to defend itself together with the GDI against the out-of-control artificial intelligence CABAL , the brotherhood of Nod still existed and takes the initiative again in Tiberium Wars to rule over the earth to usurp. In Tiberium Wars, Kane personally explains his plan when starting the first mission: "Tiberium is a luxury, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy this luxury." The brotherhood tries to distribute Tiberium around the world.


C omputer A ssisted B iologically A ugmented L ifeform ( narrow. : Computer-assisted biologically improved life); CABAL is an AI programmed by Kane and should represent him when he dies. Besides Tratos, whom he has killed, he is the only one who is able to decipher the Tacitus.

In Tiberian Sun - Firestorm , however, he develops a life of its own and betrays the Brotherhood of Nod, which at this point is under the leadership of Anton Slavik. He steals the Tacitus and from then on tries to assimilate humanity into cyborgs. Slavik is forced to ally with the GDI in order to destroy CABAL's core together. The end sequence suggested that both CABAL and Kane would reappear in Tiberium Wars . But EA decided not to let CABAL appear again, as most of the players are not aware of the background of Tiberian Sun - Firestorm due to low sales. Kane himself is probably behind CABAL, who felt compelled to achieve his goals in this way after the second defeat by Nod. CABAL / Kane made a mistake in the Tiberian Sun when he spoke of "his movements" during the briefing for the third mission and quickly corrected it. In the first-person shooter Renegade , which is set towards the end of the First Tiberium War, you got to hear an early version of CABAL in the heavily damaged Temple of Nod, who was talking more nonsense than sense there because of the damage.

Temple of Nod

The Temple of Nod is the mysterious command center of Nod. There are only a few images from inside. It is mostly underground so that it cannot be discovered by the satellite reconnaissance of the GDI and is thus protected from the use of the ion cannon. There are several temples in The Tiberium Conflict , one is in Sarajevo and was almost completely destroyed (GDI campaign), while in the Nod campaign a temple has to be built in South Africa. In Renegade and Tiberian Sun one is fighting for a temple in Cairo. In Tiberian Sun there is also a rocket silo in the shape of a pyramid near the temple, at the top of which Kane's doomsday rocket is located. In Tiberium Wars , the temple is both a missile silo and command center.


The Montauk is the underground mobile combat command of Nod. It fulfills the same function as the GDI's Kodiak . The GDI briefly manages to conquer it, but Nod can recapture it for itself. She plays an important role in the escape of the Nod troops from CABAL.

The black hand

The Black Hand is the Brotherhood's elite unit. She takes on the special missions of the Brotherhood and carries them out regardless of loss. Their agents are equipped with the latest equipment and technology compared to ordinary Nod infantry. In Renegade it is learned that General Gideon Raveshaw was its founder and leader. At that time, the Black Hand was responsible for the "Project ReGenesis", in which the Brotherhood wanted to create, protect and supervise super soldiers with the help of Tiberium. During the Second Tiberium War, the Black Hand was led by Anton Slavik . In the add-on Kane's Revenge , the Black Hand got the role as a sub-faction of Nod. At that time it was run by Brother Marcion .


L ogarithmically E ngineered G overning I ntelligence O f N od; LEGION is an AI that was created by Kane after CABAL's betrayal. CABAL is part of its source code, but LEGION is “more than CABAL ever was”. In addition, Kane also used a shard of Tacitus to create LEGION. Kane regards him as his greatest creation. LEGION was created to merge with the Tacitus. During the campaign in Kane's Revenge , the player takes on the role of LEGION.

The scrin

The Scrin are an alien race that makes its entry into Tiberium Wars as the third faction. These life forms are perfectly specialized in collecting and processing Tiberium, which they refer to as Ichor . The fact that all of their biological processes and technologies are dependent on the supply of the green crystal has advantages and disadvantages for them. Although they are immune to radiation, which is deadly for humans, the high consumption forces them to search foreign worlds for Tiberium. To do this, they send the Ichor out to all suitable planets and wait until a liquid tiberium explosion (Ichor LQ detonation) occurs. This is the signaling device for their mother ships, one of which has been hidden in the Earth's solar system for over a millennium until a world is ready for harvest. Kane learned of this (presumably from the Tacitus) and saw this as an opportunity to bring an alien, high-tech race onto the planet to pave Nod's path to the stars.

In order to achieve this goal, he had to provoke an ion attack by the GDI on his liquid tiberium laboratory under the new Prime Temple in Sarajevo, since all of the other ignition mechanisms his scientists were able to develop did not have the strength necessary to produce the desired chain reaction produce. Kane's plan worked and when Director Boyle ordered the ion cannon to be shot down, the explosion started a chain reaction that killed several million people from both Nod and the GDI. It also lures the scrin to the earth. As they and their collectors are about to land on earth, an unexpected hostile act takes place. By activating and firing the ion cannon, they are forced to a defensive dispersion of their ships, which causes them to splinter into smaller ones, whereby they survive the attack largely unscathed. When playing through the Scrin campaign, which is only possible after the Nod and GDI campaigns have been completed, you can see everything from the command view of the aliens. At the moment when landing is inevitable, a surface scan of the earth is carried out, which classifies the indigenous population as dangerously viable and thus as a threat to the Scrin.

At this point the player takes on the role of Grand Master 371, who is subordinate to the orders of a kind of general (supervisor) of the Scrin and their leader, the overlord. The computer system, which is at the player's side, advises an immediate termination of the Ichor rally, as your units are only suitable for defensive and not for longer combat missions. The supervisor denies this and explains that as yet there is no precedent for indigenous resistance after an Ichor QL detonation. It is now the job of the Grand Master to distract the indigenous population from their goals by attacking urban areas and to assess their strength. More and more, the Scrin realize that their mission is doomed to fail. When the Scrin find out that the Ichor-QL detonation was intentional (by Kane), the overlord wants more information about Kane because he lured them to Earth and his genetic origin is unknown. This ignores the player's computer matrix, the top priority is now the completion of one of the 19 bridgeheads on earth, which serve as interstellar portals to the homeworld of the aliens. As soon as the construction process is completely finished, the portals are completely indestructible. The Grand Master manages to protect at least one bridgehead in Italy until it is completed, and then to retreat. In the credits you can hear that the supervisor has set himself the ultimate goal of conquering the earth.

The forgotten

The forgotten (also called The Outcasts or Stone People ) are the product of the massive contamination of the earth by the Tiberium. They call themselves the forgotten because they were left behind during the GDI evacuations to the polar regions, where it is still relatively safe. They organized themselves into different tribes and yet all recognize one man, Tratos , as their undisputed leader. They are very suspicious of strangers but are also the only ones who can survive in the Tiberium contaminated regions. While Nod is currently busy using the mutants as human guinea pigs and targets, the GDI is trying to make up for its old mistakes and take care of the victims. However, these efforts prove difficult as the mutants have left the yellow and blue zones. They voluntarily moved into the red zones, which are toxic to non-infected people. However, the GDI has set up reception centers for mutants on the edge of the Tiberium desert, in which, according to rumors, several members of the Forgotten have found refuge.


The greenish or blue colored mineral Tiberium originally comes from space, from which it came to earth in the form of a meteorite impact . The Tiberium got its name because it was found for the first time near the Tiber in Italy . But also Kane, the charismatic leader of the Brotherhood of Nod claims to be the namesake of these crystals . According to his account, he named Tiberium after Tiberius Caesar Augustus .

Because of its constituent parts, it is extremely important to the industry and thus also the crux of the dispute between Nod and GDI. It has the unique ability to soak up the minerals in the ground like a sponge, so it continues to grow and expand. The minerals ingested are converted into crystals by the Tiberium, which can be collected on the surface of the earth with minimal effort.

However, it soon became a huge problem because it was poisonous to humans and animals as well as plants, since it changed and mutated their genes through radiation and had spread almost over the entire earth. The GDI was forced to evacuate the people to tiberium-free zones, which are mainly located in the cooler regions of the earth in the north and south. The tiberium-free zones are also called blue zones .

Nod has succeeded in uncovering the secrets of Tiberium and developed such powerful weapons made on the basis of Tiberium that are able to infect entire areas with the poisonous Tiberium.

An attempt was made to cross people with the Tiberium. However, the attempts failed and so the so-called outcasts developed, whose main representatives are Tratos , Umagaan and the ghost stalker .

However, shortly after the events of The Tiberium Conflict , the Tiberium in Tiberian Sun began to change. In addition to the crystalline form, it had an orange-colored, tendril-like "plant" shape that spewed poison gas from an opening in its center when people came near it and their tendril structure severely damaged vehicles driving on it. In Tiberium Wars , it now has a purely crystalline form again and almost every material that comes into contact with it mutates into pure Tiberium.

Of the aliens named Scrin who first appear in Tiberium Wars, Tiberium is referred to as Ichor .

Green Tiberium can be collected relatively safely. Blue Tiberium is relatively rare because it stores minerals in higher concentrations and is therefore much more valuable than green. Due to the high concentration it is also highly explosive, a collector filled with blue Tiberium can be compared to a traveling bomb and the fields are extremely sensitive to fire.

A special type of Tiberium contamination is the visceroid , a powerful mutated being that was originally a human or cyborg . The mutation takes place when the tiberium concentration in the affected person has reached a certain saturation, which can happen either through the direct influence of Tiberium or through weapons with Tiberium components. Visceroids are reddish-purple masses of flesh that attack everything.

The idea of ​​a spreading crystal comes from the 1957 film The Secret of the Stone Monster .


The Tacitus is an enigmatic glowing sphere that Kane said he used to build a Scrin ship. It is full of data, such as gene codes and blueprints for war equipment, which are secured by a code that is difficult to resolve. Since the Tacitus contains information that is important to the war effort, it is a central target in the second Tiberium War. The GDI knows of its existence through Tratos, who helped Kane with his decryption and hopes to end the danger of the Tiberium with Tacitus. Commander Michael McNeil manages to secure the Tacitus after "killing" Kane. Shortly thereafter, Tratos fails to save Umagaan because he did not know that a segment of Tacitus is still missing. A short time later, Tratos is killed by a Nod command and the GDI, in their desperation, takes control of the CABAL, which was reactivated by Nod. GDI learns about the missing tacitus segment through CABAL. The GDI finds it with the help of an archaeologist in an Inca ruin in Peru, which is already extraordinarily contaminated with tiberium. After it has been secured and linked to the Tacitus, CABAL turns against the GDI and Nod. According to him, Nod was unable to procure the tacitus segment. Through an alliance of GDI and Nod, CABAL is defeated and the GDI gets the Tacitus back. Immediately afterwards, Dr. Boudreau to work to decipher it. As the Tiberium Wars shows, however, the GDI was only able to decipher a warning of a future Scrin invasion , but not the rest of the Tacitus. In Kane's Wrath are Kane's efforts to retake the Tacitus shown. However, this was destabilized by the experiments of the GDI and was on the verge of self-destruction. At the last moment, however, Kane was able to secure the Tacitus and unite it with LEGION. Etymologically, the word Tacitus comes from the Roman historian Tacitus , who described the greatest threat to Rome, the tribes of Germania, in his work.

Blue, yellow and red zones

When zoning into blue, yellow and red zones , the planet was divided into zones depending on the degree of Tiberium distribution. The blue zones are areas almost untouched by the Tiberium, where people live in high-tech cities. The quality of life is very high. The GDI population lives almost exclusively in the isolated blue zones. In the yellow zones , the infrastructure is mostly completely destroyed. The followers of the brotherhood live almost exclusively in the yellow zones. Nod can primarily recruit new followers in this zone. In the inhospitable red zones , the Tiberium contamination is already so high that human life has become impossible here. Only specially equipped troops can operate here safely. The worst contaminated red zone is near "Ground Zero" on the now dry Tiber in Italy, where the Tiberium first appeared.

Important persons

This information only applies to the Tiberium universe. Individuals from the Red Alert Universe and Generals are described in separate articles.

The Tiberium Conflict


Brigadier General Mark Jamison Shepherd
Brigadier General Mark Jamison Shepherd (played by Eric Martin ) is the first GDI commander in chief. He is known as a diplomat and, when the GDI was still young, often ensured that the GDI received financial support in the event of budget problems, even if the UN has once again become suspicious of manipulated Nod messages. In the first Tiberium conflict, he greets and informs the player. He commands the main assault on the Temple of Nod in Sarajevo, believing he would capture Kane. The fact that Kane always got away from him and hasn't been found even after the temple was destroyed makes him pity.
Doctor Ignatio Möbius
Doctor Ignatio Möbius (played by Richard Smith in the Tiberium conflict and voiced by René Auberjonois in Renegade ) is a legendary scientist on the side of the GDI, about whom little is known. Möbius is associated with the Tiberium and Nod's NBC weapons plans. His name and his role in the C&C universe are possibly allusions to Doctor Möbius from Friedrich Dürrenmatt's drama Die Physiker . His daughter Sydney followed in her father's footsteps: she too is a scientist and researches Tiberium. During Renegade he is kidnapped by Nod because he is supposed to work on her "Project ReGenesis". He can eventually be freed from a GDI command unit.
As the intelligence reports from Tiberium Wars show , Möbius was killed by an ion storm during the second Tiberium conflict. This contradicts the novel about Tiberium Wars , after which he dies in the destruction of the Philadelphia.

Brotherhood of Nod

Long believed dead Kane (played by Joseph D. Kucan ) is the charismatic leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. His first appearance in the Command & Conquer series was in "The Tiberium Conflict". In “Red Alert” he appears at the very end of the Soviet campaign, but without giving his name. He takes over the leadership of the Soviet forces together with the player. This connection suggests a theory that NOD evolved from the old Soviet regime.
Kane was apparently destroyed by the GDI ion cannon along with his temple in Sarajevo. However, he reappears in the Tiberian Sun at the execution of Hassan; on this occasion he exposes Hassan as a GDI spy and gives him the following as a final message: “Hassan's old peasant rule, you cannot kill the Messiah”. Although he looks like a 30-year-old with his sarcastic smile and bald head, Kane's actual age is unclear. Many of his followers consider him immortal.
As a myth, Kane rules almost totalitarian over his followers. Cold, unscrupulous and passionate, the Nod leader is a gloomy visionary of the next millennium. Using his persuasive anti-state and anti-Western rhetoric, Kane urged the Nod armies to blindly follow his ideology and military directives. With terrorist methods and Tiberium weapons, Kane has united the various groups of the Third World countries. Instead of hiding, he is now attacking the conventional armed forces of the GDI in the fight for the Tiberium paradise he celebrated .
Kane relies entirely on the power of the enigmatic mineral Tiberium to carry out his dark plans. He does not mind the fact that Tiberium destroyed most of the earth's surface and large parts of the human population. The members of the Brotherhood of Nod were taught the doctrine that only the weak perish through Tiberium, which Oxanna indirectly confirms when she is captured (Umagaan quote: "Tiberium is death", Oxanna: "Only for the weak").
Kane's name and the name of the Brotherhood of Nod are taken from the Bible. Therefore there is a rumor among fans that Kane was the biblical Cain (the first son of Adam and Eve ), who slew his brother Abel . In the last mission of C&C: Renegade there is a coffin in the underground temple complex on which הבל (Abel) is written. There is also a stone tablet on the wall in this room with a Hebrew text on which a bald man with a knife and another reclining person (presumably Cain / Kane and Abel) are depicted, furthermore in the credits of the 1st C&C Partly (The Tiberium Conflict) to see a scene in which a painted wall fragment depicting the same biblical scene is recovered and exhibited in a museum. The same wall fragment can later be seen in C&C: Renegade, where it is exhibited in the Brotherhood Museum below the Temple of Nod, which strongly supports the theory of Kane's origins and may explain Kane's apparently unchanging age. The two unusually large Tiberium crystals to the left and right of the stone tablet with the Hebrew text are also the only ones in the game that are safe to approach, which also adds to the guesswork around Kane and his relationship with Tiberium. There is a conversation in the Bible between God and Cain after Cain killed his brother out of envy. God banishes and curses him on it. After this conversation, Cain is said to have moved to the "Lande Nod" with his family.
The Scrin campaign suggests that Kane is not human. There is an entry about him in the Scrin archives, but they do not know his genetic code. Kane's goal of stealing an interplanetary travel option from the Scrin, which he lures to Earth especially for this purpose, corroborates this assumption. However, its exact role remains unclear.
Seth (played by Eric Gooch ) is Kane's first "right-hand man" in the Tiberium conflict . After he ordered an attack on the USA without Kane's knowledge, he is shot by Kane. Renegade shows his body on display in a display case in the Temple of Nod, as a cautionary note to anyone who dares to undermine Kane's authority. Seth's name also seems to be of biblical origin, as this is the name of Adam's third son.
Quote from Seth: "Because power wanders quickly in the brotherhood." Kane: "Yes, power wanders faster than some believe."



Brigadier General Adam Locke
General Adam Locke (voiced by David Lodge ) is the commanding officer of "Havoc". He is the head of the GDI special operations command. Prior to joining the GDI Armed Forces, Locke was an officer in the British Army.
Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker
Nick "Havoc" Parker (voiced by Wally Wingert ). He is the main character in Renegade. Initially, he was a US Marine before being recruited by the GDI for the Dead-6 . He later left the Dead-6 to be able to act as a lone fighter against Nod in his own way.
The Tiberium Wars intelligence files reveal that he is still alive in 2039 and is an advocate of the "Kane lives" theory. He criticized the decommissioning of the Mammut Mk II Walker because it was one of the most effective weapons against the Brotherhood.
Doctor Ignatio Möbius
More information about Doctor Ignatio Möbius can be found under The Tiberium Conflict .
Doctor Sydney Möbius
Sydney Möbius (voiced by Leigh Allyn Baker ) is the daughter of Ignatio Möbius. Unlike her father, she does not oppose the use of Tiberium as a weapon. So she works for the GDI on the development of the “Möbius suit”. She is captured by Nod during Renegade. With the help of “Havoc” she finally escapes after they sabotaged a Brotherhood nuclear missile in such a way that they destroy the Temple of Nod.

Brotherhood of Nod

For more information on Kane, see The Tiberium Conflict .
General Gideon Raveshaw
General Gideon Raveshaw (voiced by Rodger Bumpass ) is the leader and founder of the Black Hand , an elite Nod unit. He is of small stature and was responsible for the "Project ReGenesis", in which one tried to create super soldiers with cybernetic Tiberium mutants. Later, as part of ReGenesis himself, he is transformed into a stupid but extremely strong super soldier.
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza (voiced by Gregg Berger ) is an ex-mercenary who came to Nod when his methods became too extreme, even for extremists. That's why he works for General Raveshaw as an assassin. In combat, he prefers to use a flamethrower along with a fuel tank, but does not wear a fireproof suit. Ironically, he suffers severe burns as a result when his fuel tank explodes in the fight against "Havoc".
Sakura Obata
Sakura Obata (voiced by Mari Weiss ) is a mercenary who is rumored to have worked for the yakuza. For a long time she was part of the GDI special task force Dead-6 . But later she joined the Brotherhood of Nod for the money. When Raveshaw wants to get rid of them in Renegade, she works with "Havoc" to thwart Nod's plans.
Doctor Elena Petrova
Doctor Elena Petrova (voiced by Lori Tritel ) is one of the leading Tiberium scientists in the world. She worked for a long time with Ignatio and Sydney Möbius for the GDI and researched the practical applications of the Tiberium. In the course of Renegade she went over to Nod to take over the scientific management of the "Project ReGenesis". With her knowledge of Tiberium, she finally succeeds in perfecting the process of creating super soldiers.

Operation Tiberian Sun


General James Solomon
General Solomon (played by James Earl Jones ) has taken over the management of the GDI after Mark Sheppard. The career soldier Solomon graduated from the West Point Military Academy as the best of his class and was brigadier general in 2020. He oversaw the global operations of the GDI from his command center, the Philadelphia. Solomon was seen as a leading figure on the global defensive and a declared enemy of all forces that threaten the peace which he had set himself to defend. He was likely killed in the attack on the Philadelphia in 2047.
Commander Michael McNeil
McNeil (played by Michael Biehn ) is the GDI protagonist in Tiberian Sun that the player slips into. He travels with his staff on board the Kodiak from one battle site to the next. He is under the direct command of General Solomon. After he succeeded in securing the Scrin ship, he managed to forge an alliance with Umagaan with the "forgotten people". His brother Jake McNeil was a senior GDI officer at Hammerfest Base, Norway, who was later tortured to death by Nod troops while capturing the base.
The Tiberium Wars novel mentions that he was still alive during the third Tiberium War. He is one of the main characters in the book and commands the 22nd Infantry Division as a Battle Commander.
General Paul Cortez
General Cortez (played by Efrain Figueroa ) takes over command of the GDI during a crisis a few months after the Second Tiberium War, because no contact with Philadelphia is possible during the crisis. When Dr. Boudreau, who was busy deciphering the Tacitus at the time, made him aware that the earth's atmosphere could soon be toxic for mankind, he was forced to take over Nods KI CABAL to help decipher it. After salvaging a missing segment of the Tacitus, the whereabouts of which the GDI was only able to find out thanks to CABAL, CABAL turns against humanity. In the ensuing hostilities, CABAL was defeated thanks to Cortez's leadership and a temporary alliance with Nod. General Cortez is then considered a war hero. From a newspaper article of May 28, 2043 in Tiberium Wars it emerges that Cortez refused to take part in the demolition of the last CABAL bunker (suspected by the GDI) because he was in agreement with the current policy of the GDI that Tiberium was more dangerous than Nod classified, disagreed.
Doctor Gabrielle Boudreau
Dr. After the Second Tiberium War, Boudreau (played by Linnea Pyne ) belongs to Operation Lazarus, which deals with the decryption of Tacitus. However, when she can't make any progress, she urges that CABAL be taken over so that he can help with the decryption. From CABAL she learns that the Tacitus is missing a segment and therefore cannot be deciphered. After the GDI recovered the segment, however, CABAL turned against humanity and started a war. After a victory by GDI and Nod against CABAL, Dr. Boudreau to decipher the Tacitus. However, it does contain a warning of a future Scrin invasion , rather than the hoped-for method of defeating Tiberium.

Brotherhood of Nod

For more information on Kane, see The Tiberium Conflict .
Commander Anton Slavik
Anton Slavik (played by Frank Zagarino ) was the leader of the Black Hand and the "right hand of Kane". In the add-on Firestorm he takes over his position after Kane disappears without a trace and is rumored to be dead. In the course of the game he orders the destroyed core of CABAL to be retrieved in order to put it back together again. After activating CABAL, Anton Slavik has to flee, as CABAL goes into business for himself and turns against him and also eliminates all the Nod generals, the so-called "Inner Circle". Nod is almost at the end. Slavik is forced to steal an EVA unit from the GDI and to ally with the GDI in order to take action against CABAL and then destroy him. He has never forgotten his rival General Cortez, whom he still wants to "take care of".
In the end, Anton Slavik was killed by a fanatical supporter of Marcion . The intelligence reports of Kane's revenge suggest that this fanatic was the GDI agent who instigated Marcion to betray Kane.
Oxanna Kristos
Lieutenant Oxanna Kristos (played by Monika Schnarre ) is Slavik's right-hand man. Her specialty is nod propaganda. She frees Slavik in the first Tiberian Sun mission to save him from being executed by GDI spy Hassan. After his exposure by the returned Kane, Slavik executes him in a later video. For many fans, this video is the most important one in the entire campaign, as Kane appears here again after he was believed to be dead because he was buried by the falling wall during the destruction of the temple during the Tiberium conflict . In a later mission, Oxanna and Slavik are captured and the player must free Oxanna; With the help of a special team, Slavik manages to fight his way free.
General Vega
General Vega (played by Francesco Quinn ) is part of Kane's General Staff in Tiberian Sun. He is known as the king of eye powder, i.e. as a drug dealer. However, he also seems to be dependent himself. He makes a fatal mistake when he takes the Scrin ship and crashes with it. Kane disposes of him and kills him with a missile that he fires at his headquarters after Vega fails again and allows himself to be captured by the GDI.
After the novel about Tiberium Wars , General Vega has a brother (Major Javier Vega) and a nephew (Captain Ricardo Vega) who fight for the GDI.
General Hassan
General Hassan (played by Adoni Maropis ) is in command of one of Nod's larger splinter groups in Tiberian Sun. Although he pretends to be true to the doctrine of Nod, he is in fact serving the GDI to provide control over the Brotherhood. On behalf of General Solomon, he was supposed to kill Anton Slavik, who posed a serious threat as his goal was to reunite the brotherhood. However, Slavik manages to escape and eventually catch Hassan. Kane exposes him as a spy in front of the Brotherhood, then Slavik kills him.
The inner circle
The Inner Circle is a secret body of the Brotherhood's most influential generals who report directly to Kane. The Inner Circle appears for the first time in Feuersturm . It consists of 5 members, including Anton Slavik and General Marzaq. Both are bitter competitors and have different concepts for leading the brotherhood after Kane's disappearance. The other three generals seem to be more on Marzaq's side. Slavik is not intimidated by this and hopes that CABAL can restore order in this power vacuum. But CABAL turns against Nod and has the members of the Inner Circle killed, only Slavik can escape.
After Kane's return, a new Inner Circle is formed and the generals are to advise Kane on important decisions. The new circle includes General Qatar and an older Nod General. After Qatar has atoned for her betrayal, Kane promises the Commander to take her place in the circle.

The "forgotten people"

Tratos (played by Christopher Winfield in Tiberian Sun and Patrick Bauchau in Tiberian Sun ) is the leader of the Forgotten. At the time of the Second Tiberium War, he is the only one besides CABAL who can decipher the Tacitus, which is probably one of the reasons that he was captured by Nod in the Tiberian Sun. His confidante, Umagaan, turned to the GDI and they were able to free him. In the Tiberian Sun add-on, CABAL has him killed because he can decipher the Tacitus.
Umagaan (played by Christine Steel ) is a key member of the Organization of the Forgotten. She was once infected with Tiberium by Nod scientists .
As a result of this infection, she not only became immune to Tiberium crystals, but can also recover in the Tiberium fields, which would be fatal to all other people, but her genes also mutated as a result. She teamed up with other similar victims of Nod's Tiberium experiments and is a close confidante of Tratos, the leader of the Forgotten. In Tiberian Sun , after his capture by the Brotherhood, she turns to the GDI to free Tratos. In the Tiberian Sun add-on Firestorm, she mutates even further, into a being that has no control over herself, while Tratos tries to use the Tacitus to find an antidote to save her.
Ghost stalker
The Ghost Stalker (played by Gil Birmingham ) is a former GDI soldier who has also become a mutant through Nod's Tiberium experiments. Because of his origins, he is the strongest mutant ever created.
Armed with a railgun , it is possible for him to quickly eliminate any infantryman or tank, which in turn makes him unpredictable, as he usually leads his attacks from ambush.
He also carries explosives with which he can blow up enemy buildings without further ado, regardless of existing damage.
The only infantry that can match him is the Commando cyborg of the Brotherhood of Nod.

Tiberium Wars


Director Redmond Boyle
Director Boyle (played by Billy Dee Williams ) took over the management of the GDI after the GDSS Philadelphia was destroyed in 2047. He is often ready to take tough action, and his highest priority is the population in the blue zones. Ironically, Boyle is partly responsible for the destruction of the Philadelphia. For cost reasons, the missile defense control to protect the Philadelphia was on the surface. Due to the aforementioned cost factor, it was not considered profitable to relocate the control station to its own space platform. Only for this reason it was possible for Nod to switch off the missile defense and destroy the space station. As the former finance minister of GDI, Boyle is now responsible.
In the 6th mission of Kane's Revenge , it becomes clear that Boyle was saved by Kane from the destruction of the Philadelphia.
Lieutenant General Jack Granger
Lieutenant General Jack Granger (played by Michael Ironside ) takes command of the GDI military after the destruction of the GDSS Philadelphia. In contrast to the GDI's secret service, he never underestimated the threat posed by the Brotherhood of Nod and already suspected in advance that Nod was preparing something big. He is an experienced soldier who remains true to his ideals. He strictly rejects the use of Tiberium weapons in order to avoid the GDI becoming dependent on Tiberium.
His 28 years of fighting Nod mean he is a veteran of the Second Tiberium War.
Lieutenant Sandra Telfair
Lt. Sandra Telfair (played by Grace Park ) is the personal adjutant to Lieutenant General Jack Granger. As an officer of the GDI InOps (Intelligence Operations), she provides the commander with instructions and support between missions.
Lieutenant Kirce James
Lt. Kirce James (played by Jennifer Morrison ) is the Commander's liaison officer to InOps. It instructs the commander between missions and introduces the primary mission objectives. She will also take on the former role of EVA during the campaign. Before the missions, it gives an overview of the situation and the primary goals and thus acts as a transition.

Brotherhood of Nod

For more information on Kane, see The Tiberium Conflict .
The inner circle
See also Operation Tiberian Sun . In the third Tiberium War there is again an Inner Circle. This includes Kilian Qatar. After she betrays the brotherhood, she is shot and a place in the circle becomes free.
General Kilian Qatar
Kilian Qatar (played by Tricia Helfer ) is Kane's new right-hand man in Tiberium Wars . Though loyal to the Brotherhood, she begins to doubt Kane's motives after the Scrin come to Earth. After Kane allows the Prime Temple in Sarajevo to be destroyed by the GDI, Kilian attempts to take power in the Brotherhood by claiming Kane died in the temple.
This attempt fails, however, and Kane kills Kilian after hearing that she attacked the temple in Sarajevo shortly before it was destroyed by the GDI. In truth, however, this attack was ordered by Abbess Alexa Kovacs in order to discredit Kilian.
Secret service agent Ajay
Ajay (played by Josh Holloway ) is in Tiberium Wars the advisor of the player in the Nod campaign, who gives you all the commands. Ajay grew up in Sarajevo and is an absolutely loyal Nod soldier. When Kilian Qatar claims that Kane is dead, he obeys her orders, but does not believe that Kane was actually killed.

Kane's revenge

For more information on Kane, see The Tiberium Conflict .
Brother Marcion
Marcion (played by Carl Lumbly ) is initially the leader of the religious wing of the Brotherhood. He was finally incited to turn away from Kane by a GDI agent. After the defeat in the Second Tiberium War, Marcion withdrew to the Australian hinterland. Through his rhetorical talent he later succeeded in forming a disciplined theocratic army, the "new" Black Hand. At the end of Act I, Kane captures Marcion and convinces him to run the Brotherhood on his behalf.
Abbess Alexa Kovacs
Alexa Kovacs (played by Natasha Henstridge ) is a loyal and loyal supporter of Kane. Because of Kilian Qatar's doubts about Kane, she decided to fake the Nod attack on the Prime Temple in Sarajevo on behalf of Qatar in order to discredit her. Alexa's parents were killed by CABAL's cyborg armies in the Second Tiberium War, so she didn't trust LEGION from the start. At the end of the second act she infects LEGION with a computer virus and shoots herself.

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