The Wild Things 3

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Original title The Wild Things 3
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2006
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Joachim Masannek
script Joachim Masannek
production Ewa Karlström and
Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton ( SamFilm )
music Andrej Melita ,
Peter Horn
( Bananafishbones )
camera Sonja Rome
cut Dunja Campregher

The wild guys

The beasts beasts



←  Predecessor
Die Wilden Kerle 2

Successor  →
Die Wilden Kerle 4

Die Wilden Kerle 3 (Subtitle: Die Attack der Biestigen Biester!) Is a German children's film from 2006. It is the second of five sequels of Die Wilden Kerle . The plot is largely based on volume 13 ( Markus, the indomitable ) of the successful children's book series.


After the 1:25 defeat against the German national team, Leon left his team in the lurch. As a result, the team of the wild guys is disbanded and everyone is scattered in different directions. Only Nerv, who is not yet a wild guy, but admires the boys heavily, can't accept that and goes to the devil's pot, the wild guys arena. But he doesn't have to wait long. The "beastly beasts", which, apart from their leader, consist only of girls, claim the title of "wildest football team in the world". The leader of this team is Fabi, a former Wild Guy and Leon’s former best friend. However, Fabi did not feel that he was being treated fairly by Leon. Nerv tries, although Leon wanted to talk him out of it, to bring the team back together, and manages to get to Marlon and Markus. And since Nerv Juli was finally able to convince with his side flight volleyball steam hammer booster and this convinced Vanessa, thanks to Vanessa they also get Leon back, who was in a country band. You go to Hajji ben Hajji in his secret invention workshop. There they repair their bikes and receive their equipment and new jerseys from Hajji ben Hajji.

With their bicycles they have to fight their way to the arena of the beastly beasts, the adder cave 183 km away, in four days. However, the way there is not very easy and you have to master some dangers to your destination.

The wild things are not completely reconciled yet. Vanessa has not yet forgiven Leon for abandoning the team and especially them back then. But Leon proves that he is a wild guy again, with the following "deeds"

  1. He's fixing the guys' bikes
  2. He comes up with the idea to drive away the rain, which also works
  3. With Nerv, Maxi and Vanessa he drives out Maxi's father and Nerv's mother.

Later they all jump into a small lake and have fun, whereby Vanessa says thanks for the game against fat Michi, the pink pumps, the letter Leon wrote her, for making the trip and for the kiss, whereupon she and Leon kiss each other.

Among other things, Maxi's father and Nerv's mother are trying to bring the children back. Even the beasts beasts will stop at nothing and kidnap Leon into their lair. There he finds out that the girls at the soccer squash are all better than him.

His friends think at first that he ran away again like after the football debacle against the German team. Fortunately, they then notice that the beasts are behind it and try to free Leon. They are ambushed by their competitors. In the form of two other wild guys, Markus and Marlon, who have returned, the rescue finally comes with the help of the weapons of Hajji ben Hajji.

In order to keep the title of “Wildest Football Team in the World”, the football match will be held in the “Natternhöhle” arena. There the Beasts Beasts have a big home advantage because there are some hidden tricks in the stadium. Besides, the guys are not in top shape. Only Markus, the goalkeeper, can resist the goal for a long time, but it happens just before the break. Leon wants to clarify and pushes the ball into his own goal. Since Leon was prophesied that he would make the decisive goal, he is now totally bent and actually wants to give up. Only the fact that his friends believe in him gives him hope. Yet he substitutes himself for Nerv. In the second half, too, the beasts are totally superior to beasts. But Markus holds every ball until shortly before the end. When it runs out, it is played and the ball rolls towards the goal, but at the last moment Juli can kick the ball out. The ball jumps to Markus, who single-handedly storms forward and, two seconds before the end, plays the ball exactly on nerves, who pounds it straight into the corner with his lateral flight volleyball steam hammer booster.

Since the game ends in a draw, there is a showdown between Leon and Fabi. If Fabi wins, Leon has to admit that the beasts are wilder than the guys, but if Leon wins, Fabi becomes his friend again. Leon wins, but Fabi, who has only felt taken advantage of by Leon, has no desire for a renewed friendship with Leon and runs away. But the beasts and the guys catch him, and Leon convinces Fabi that his friendship with Fabi means a lot to him. At the end, both teams celebrate together.

Film music

  1. Forever
  2. Nobody is wilder than us
  3. You annoy!
  4. Best time
  5. Fabi
  6. Goodbye wild times
  7. What's wrong with you
  8. summer
  9. Beastly beasts
  10. Angry
  11. Out
  12. Thank you
  13. doubt
  14. battle
  15. Adder cave
  16. Reunited
  17. journey
  18. Glass house
  19. persecution
  20. Secret hiding place


“The simple plot is the occasion for a bombastic fantasy spectacle based on examples from relevant genre films. Ready-made entertainment, which is enjoyed at times in the distant practice of hollow macho poses and phrases. "

“Cinematic point victory also in round 3, in which wild beasts challenge the adolescent guys. In the gender (competition) battle you also have to face your own weaknesses. "

"The third part about the football-crazy kids was pimped up with fantasy elements and action sequences and thus loses its charm."


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