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The Box Office Germany Award ( Bogey for short ) is a German film prize that has been awarded since 1997 to a certain number of cinema viewers within a specified period of time. The industry journal Blickpunkt: Film awards the prize, which consists of a miniature statue of the American actor Humphrey Bogart , whose nickname was "Bogey".

Logo bogey
Bogey in gold


Bogey in bronze

Every film that reaches 1 million viewers within 10 days after the start or an average of 1000 viewers per copy on its opening weekend will receive a bronze bogey.

List of the films awarded so far for 1000 viewers per copy on the opening weekend

List of award-winning films for 1 million viewers in 10 days

Bogey in silver

The silver bogey will be awarded to 2 million visitors within 20 days. The following films received a silver bogey:

Bogey in gold

A film receives a bogey in gold for 3 million visitors in 30 days. These films have since received a gold bogey:

Bogey in platinum

The platinum bogey is awarded to films with an audience of 5 million within 50 days. So far, the following films have been awarded a platinum bogey:

Bogey in titanium

For the bogey in Titan , a film must reach over 10 million cinema-goers in 100 days. So far, this prize has only been awarded to the following films:

3D bogey

Since September 2009, the special bogey has been awarded to all films that generate more than 1000 visitors per copy in 3D on the opening weekend. So far, the following films have been awarded a 3D Bogey:

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