Edel & Starck

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Television series
Original title Edel & Starck
Edel & Starck.jpg
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2002-2005
Phoenix movie
length 46 minutes
Episodes 52 in 4 seasons
genre Lawyer series
Theme music Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual
idea Dirk Eisfeld
music Thomas Klemm
First broadcast February 4, 2002 on Sat.1

Edel & Starck is a German television series in the style of a screwball comedy , which was produced from 2002 to 2005 by the Berlin production company Phoenix Film for Sat.1 . The series takes place in the fictional law firm of the same name.


Stylistically based on American series such as Das Model und der Schnüffler or Ally McBeal , she describes the cases and private life of the two Berlin lawyers Sandra Starck and Felix Edel, who work in a partnership law firm. While the role of Sandra Starck is cheeky and a little chilly, Felix Edel is the charming, casual counterpart. These contrasts, ironic breaks in the role models and the attempt to portray a latent-erotic tension between the two singles form the basis for the pun and the sometimes turbulent plot of the series.

The series begins with Sandra working in a partnership in which her boyfriend at the time also works as a lawyer. Since her boss makes suggestive remarks to her and also harasses her sexually, she quits - and also separates from her boyfriend, because he is behind his boss and Sandra does not support her. Now lawyer Sandra Starck is looking for a new law firm and ends up with Felix Edel, who had previously worked in his own law firm.

Felix Edel is actually the complete opposite of Sandra Starck. As the names of the two main actors reveal something about the respective people, Felix is ​​rather “noble”, but mostly he overestimates himself and sometimes behaves conceited. Until the very end, Sandra and Felix quarreled, but in the course of the series it becomes clear that they both feel drawn to each other. But both repress their feelings again and again until the end of season 4, when Sandra and Felix spend the night in a bowling center. Both swear not to tell anyone about their romance at first, but as soon as they say goodbye, Sandra calls her best friend Patricia on the phone, and Felix immediately calls his best friend Otto, whereupon both friends just shout "finally".

So this series has a happy ending - Sandra and Felix are finally a couple and happy with it.

Sandra's best friend is Patricia Rieger, who first worked as a public prosecutor and later as a judge. Sandra also lives with her in a shared flat. In one episode, Patricia moves in with her boyfriend at the time, but is back with Sandra at the end of the episode. It is unclear when Sandra and Patricia met. It is suggested that they already knew each other during their studies. From the fact that Sandra did not know anything about Patricia's abortion shortly before the exam, it can be concluded that their friendship was not very close at that time.

Otto Özdemir is Felix's best buddy and friend, with whom he likes to have a beer in the next pub or just get advice. Since Felix is ​​a lawyer and Otto often gets into unpleasant situations, Felix has to bail him out again and again. He has already been on trial fourteen times, but has always been acquitted thanks to his good lawyer. What Otto does professionally is not entirely clear - in one episode he works as a used goods dealer, which is presented in a very dubious way. He is often involved in messy business.

The secretary and good soul of the firm is Sabine "Biene" Winkelmann. She was already working for Felix when he was still running the office alone, but got along well with Sandra right away. As a very balanced and positive person, she often suffers from the tensions and arguments between Felix and Sandra. She is interested in esotericism, magic and astrology and has a daughter named Laura. She gets along particularly well with Felix's friend Otto, who often compliments her.

When Biene goes on baby break in season four, Christiane "Chris" Scherer takes on the role of secretary. The young woman originally came to Felix as a client because her job in a gym was unlawfully terminated. She stays in the office after repairing the computer that Otto ruined as a temporary secretary. Unlike with Biene, Otto doesn't get along with Chris at all. He thinks they're bitchy. Chris leaves the office after Biene comes back from maternity leave. Felix and Sandra refer her to another law firm.

Another supporting actor in the series is Frank Vanderheiden, a colleague of Felix and Sandra and a friend of Felix. Frank and Patricia also got closer once, but this relationship fizzled out. However, it is suggested several times in the course of the series that both would be interested in a revival. Frank is portrayed as a distinguished lawyer. He usually wears expensive suits, speaks very clean standard German and has an extremely posh office.


Christoph Ohrt
Rebecca Immanuel
role actor Season (s) Remarks
Felix Edel Christoph M. Ohrt 1-4 Lawyer
Sandra Starck Rebecca Immanuel 1-4 Lawyer
Otto Özdemir Hasan Ali Mete 1-4 Turkish (stocky) he petty criminal, occasional entrepreneur and bon vivant, friend of Felix
Patricia Rieger Barbara Demmer 1-4 Public prosecutor, later judge; Sandra's best friend and roommate
Sabine "Biene" Winkelmann Isabel Tuengerthal 1-4 Secretary in the Edel & Starck law firm
Christiane Scherer Natalie Spinel 4th Pregnancy replacement for bee
Frank Vanderheiden Luc Feit 1-4 Lawyer, friend of Felix, often represents the other side.
Judge Schubert Wolf-Dietrich Berg 1-3 Judge
Judge Moosleitner Peter Rappenglück 1-4 Judge
Judge Fluid Gunther Gillian 1-4 Judge
Judge Kreutzer Doris Kunstmann 1-4 judge
Christoph Behnke Frank Behnke 1-2 Doctor, Felix's best friend
Lawyer Stueter Norbert Ghafouri 1-4 Lawyer, frequent opponent of Felix Edel
Chief Public Prosecutor Riese Dirk Martens 1 Chief Public Prosecutor
Public Prosecutor Geiger Hans-Georg Panczak 1-4 Prosecutor
Attorney Bogner Klaus Schindler 1-4 Lawyer, frequent opponent of Edel & Starck
horst Gerhard Haase-Hindenberg 3-4 Innkeeper, owner of Felix and Otto's favorite bar

In the course of the series, well-known actors and performers appeared again and again in supporting or guest roles, such as B. Ivan Desny , Rolf Zacher , Detlev Buck , Martin Semmelrogge , Annette Frier , Rufus Beck , Buddy Elias , Christian Tramitz , Sky du Mont , Pinkas Braun , Herbert Feuerstein , Anica Dobra , Ingrid Steeger , Luci van Org , Heinrich Schafmeister , Jürgen Tarrach and Angelika Milster .


Edel & Starck was produced in four seasons with 13 episodes each. All four seasons were released on DVD. The first two seasons appeared on DVD in 2005 and 2006, seasons three and four in 2008.


  • The film music consists mainly of jazz and pop classics, which are mostly used with ironic commentary.
  • With the end of the 4th season in April 2005, the series was discontinued. According to press releases by the main author Marc Terjung and the main actors, this should prevent a qualitative decline in the series in possible subsequent seasons.
  • Various excerpts from the series are now being repeated.
  • In November 2011, the NDR bought the rights to the fourth season with the intention of broadcasting them.
  • The location of Felix and Otto's regular pub was the Café Rizz in Berlin-Kreuzberg, on the corner of Grimm and Dieffenbachstrasse .World icon
  • The exterior shots in the area around the office were mostly shot in the streets around Ludwigkirchplatz in Berlin-Wilmersdorf .

Production team

  • Director: Jakob Schäuffelen
  • Script: Marc Terjung u. a.
  • Camera: Konstantin Kröning, Michael Boxrucker
  • Set design: Olaf Rehahn
  • Editing: Regina Bärtschi, Petra Jurowski
  • Music: Thomas Klemm
  • Assistant director: Thomas Herrmann
  • Production: Phoenix Film
  • Producer: Markus Brunnemann
  • Producer : Dirk Eisfeld
  • Editors: Jan Bremme, Karin Dahlberg


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