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Fritz Deumlich (born January 22, 1923 in Niesky , district of Rothenburg (Ob. Laus.) ; † February 13, 2005 in Dresden ) was a German professor of geodesy and especially known as the author of the textbook Instrumentenkunde für Vermessungstechnik , first published in 1957 .

Live and act


Deumlich, the son of an iron lathe operator , completed an apprenticeship as a surveying technician in Görlitz after leaving school . For the Wehrmacht confiscated and in 1948 from Soviet captivity released, he was only in 1949 to study at the Dresden engineering school record for surveying. Due to his excellent graduation in 1952, Deumlich had the opportunity to study geodesy at the Technical University of Dresden . After graduating in 1956, he worked as an assistant and senior assistant to Horst Peschel (1909–1989) at the chair for land surveying and land registry . At the Technical University of Dresden, as the Technical University of Dresden was now called, Deumlich received his doctorate in 1963 as a Dr.-Ing. at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and a few years later as Dr. sc. techn.

Career history

In the 1960s, Deumlich headed the GDR's geodetic service , which later became the Leipzig research center in the VEB Kombinat Geodesy and Cartography . At the same time he held teaching positions at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig and the Geodetic Institute of the TU Dresden, to which he returned in 1973. Already since 1970 adjunct professor , he joined in 1974 as Professor of Geodesy at the Department of Surveying succeeds Walter Zill (1913-1986), who for health reasons early on 1 July 1973 emeritus was. The focus of his research was on the construction of geodetic instruments for fine leveling , which, in cooperation with VEB Carl Zeiss Jena, led to the development of the first functional digital level in 1984. As early as 1957, Deumlich and Manfred Seyfert published the first edition of his textbook and reference work Instrumentology for Surveying Technology . The following editions up to the eighth (1988) were edited by Deumlich alone. In addition, the fourth edition appeared in 1970 in Russian and the seventh edition in 1982 in English . In return, Deumlich, who was in contact with Moscow geodesists, helped translate Russian specialist books into German.

Deumlich was also involved outside of the Geodesy and Cartography Section , which he headed as Director from 1983 until his retirement in 1988: Between 1977 and 1981 he held the post of 1st  Vice Rector of the TU Dresden, and after the early 1970s within the Chamber of technology, the Scientific and Technical Society for Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography (WTG-GPK) was founded, he took over its chairmanship from 1974 to 1990.

In total, Deumlich supervised 27 dissertations .


After 1988, Deumlich continued to be involved in (professional) journalism : as a member of the editorial board of the WTG-GPK -Zeitschrift Vermessungstechnik , which was published until 1991 , then on the advisory board of Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten and as editor of the newsletter of the Saxon DVW -Landesverein, of which he was a board member .

In 2002, together with the Bochum geodesist Rudolf Staiger , he published a ninth edition of his book, Instrumentenkunde für Vermessungstechnik , which had advanced to become a standard work .

Deumlich, whose 80th birthday was celebrated in January 2003 with an honorary colloquium at the TU Dresden, died in 2005 after a serious illness. He left behind his wife and two sons.


Publications (selection)

As an author or editor

  • Instrument science of surveying technology. Verlag Technik, Berlin 1957
8 editions (1st to 3rd edition with Manfried Seyfert), ISBN 978-3-345-00272-4 (8th edition). 9th, completely revised and expanded edition (with Rudolf Staiger), Wichmann, Heidelberg 2002, ISBN 978-3-87907-305-4 .
- Geodezičeskoe instrumentovedenie. Nedra, Moscow 1970 (Russian)
- Surveying instruments. de Gruyter, Berlin / New Vork 1982, ISBN 978-3-11-007765-0 .
  • On the influence of ground-level refraction in optical distance measurement with a vertical staff (dissertation), publications by the Geodetic Institute of the Technical University of Dresden, Dresden 1963.
  • (Editor): Surveying - bridge across borders. Congress documentation of the specialist lectures (= DVW series; 24). 80th German Geodetic Conference 1996 in Dresden. Wittwer, Stuttgart 1996, ISBN 978-3-87919-197-0 .

As translator

  • Alexei W. Kondraschkow: Electro-optical distance measurement. Publishing house for construction, Berlin 1961.
  • Leonard P. Pellinen: Theoretical Geodesy. Publishing house for construction, Berlin 1982.
  • Wassili D. Bolshakow: Electronic distance measurement. Verlag für Bauwesen, Berlin 1985.


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