Soccer World Cup 1966 / Mexico

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This article covers the Mexican national soccer team at the 1966 World Cup .


First round

rank country Gates Points
1 Mexico 1934Mexico Mexico 8: 2 7th
2 United StatesUnited States United States 4: 5 4th
3 HondurasHonduras Honduras 1: 6 1
Honduras - Mexico 0: 1
Mexico - Honduras 3-0
United States - Mexico 2: 2
Mexico - United States 2-0

Mexican contingent

Number / name Association at the time birthday International matches
1  Antonio Carbajal  Club León Mexico 1934Mexico 06/07/1929
12  Ignacio Calderón  Deportivo Guadalajara Mexico 1934Mexico December 13, 1943
22nd  Javier Vargas  CF Atlas Mexico 1934Mexico 11/22/1941
2  Arturo Chaires  Deportivo Guadalajara Mexico 1934Mexico 03/14/1937
3  Gustavo Peña  Club Deportivo Oro Mexico 1934Mexico 11/22/1944
4th  Jesus del Muro  CD Veracruz Mexico 1934Mexico 11/30/1937
14th  Gabriel Nuñez  CD Zacatepec Mexico 1934Mexico 02/06/1942
5  Ignacio Jáuregui  CF Atlas Mexico 1934Mexico 07/31/1938
6th  Isidoro Díaz  Deportivo Guadalajara Mexico 1934Mexico 03/14/1940
9  Ernesto Cisneros  CD Zacatepec Mexico 1934Mexico 10/26/1940
13  José Luis González  UNAM Pumas Mexico 1934Mexico 09/14/1942
15th  Guillermo Hernández  CF Atlas Mexico 1934Mexico 06/25/1942
16  Luis Regueiro Urquiola  UNAM Pumas Mexico 1934Mexico December 22, 1943
17th  Magdaleno Mercado  CF Atlas Mexico 1934Mexico 04/04/1944
7th  Felipe Ruvalcaba  Club Deportivo Oro Mexico 1934Mexico 02/16/1941
8th  Aarón Padilla  UNAM Pumas Mexico 1934Mexico 07/10/1942
10  Javier Fragoso  Club America Mexico 1934Mexico 04/19/1942
11  Francisco Jara  Deportivo Guadalajara Mexico 1934Mexico 02/03/1941
18th  Elías Muñoz  UNAM Pumas Mexico 1934Mexico 03/11/1941
19th  Salvador Reyes  Deportivo Guadalajara Mexico 1934Mexico 09/20/1936
20th  Enrique Borja  UNAM Pumas Mexico 1934Mexico December 20, 1945
21st  Ramiro Navarro De Anda  Club Deportivo Oro Mexico 1934Mexico May 25, 1943
  Ignacio Trelles Mexico 1934Mexico   07/30/1916

Mexican team games

First round

rank country Gates Points
1 EnglandEngland England 4-0 5
2 UruguayUruguay Uruguay 2: 1 4th
3 Mexico 1934Mexico Mexico 1: 3 2
4th FranceFrance France 2: 5 1
  • FranceFranceFrance - Mexico 1: 1 (0: 0)Mexico 1934Mexico

Stadium: Wembley Stadium ( London )

Spectators: 69,000

Referee: Ashkenazi ( Israel )

Goals: 0: 1 Borja (48th), 1: 1 Hausser (62nd)

After Mexico had already completed a good first half, "el Tri" continued his performance after the break and took the lead 1-0 after 48 minutes thanks to the young talent Enrique Borja; it was the 15th World Cup game for the Mexicans for the first time that “el Tri” had taken a 1-0 lead; in the previous 14 games, the opponent had always scored the first goal.

On the left wing, Aarón Padilla had prevailed, crossed into the French penalty area, where Borja took the ball and pulled away from his opponent with a skillful twist of his body. After another turn of the body, he pushed the ball past the falling goalie Marcel Aubour into the net. Borja's action was accompanied by the excited Mexican TV reporter Fernando Marcos : “Borja, don't fail. Don't fail! Goal for Mexico. "

The only carelessness in defense cost the victory. In the 62nd minute Arturo Chaires lost the ball against Gérard Hausser, who equalized for the French from 15 meters away.

  • EnglandEnglandEngland - Mexico 2: 0 (1: 0)Mexico 1934Mexico

Stadium: Wembley Stadium ( London )

Spectators: 92,000

Referee: Lo Bello ( Italy )

Goals: 1-0 B. Charlton (37th), 2-0 Hunt (75th)

After 1950 (Brazil) and 1958 (Sweden), Mexico played in the same preliminary group as the hosts.

After "el Tri" had suffered the highest defeat in its history with 0: 8 on a trip to Europe at Wembley five years earlier, the team this time was totally defensive and only had one striker with Borja. For a long time Mexico successfully defended itself against the English attack vortex, but Bobby Charlton broke the spell after 37 minutes. He had accepted the ball in his own half and ran undisturbed to about 22 meters from the Mexican goal, from where he hammered the round leather into the corner.

Charlton also set up the English second goal. With a long pass, he served Jimmy Greaves , who took the ball just before the penalty area, penetrated the area undisturbed and pulled it from about eleven meters from the goal. Although Calderón was able to save his shot, Hunt converted the rebound and ensured the preliminary decision in favor of the hosts.

  • Mexico 1934MexicoMexico - Uruguay 0: 0 (0: 0)UruguayUruguay

Stadium: Wembley Stadium ( London )

Spectators: 61,000

Referee: Lööw ( Sweden )

Goals: none

On the one hand, because Ignacio Calderón sustained a strain on his shoulder during a training session shortly before the start of the World Cup and was therefore easily handicapped anyway, and on the other hand, the world was apparently waiting eagerly to see the first player to make five World Cup appearances Mexican goalkeeper legend Antonio Carbajal will play the Mexicans last group game. This should have won "el Tri" by two goals in order not to have to return home after the preliminary round. The Mexicans played accordingly committed and were pushed forward again and again, especially by their playmaker Isidoro Díaz. The Mexican team worked out several good scoring opportunities, all of which they could not use. On the other hand, the Urus, who mainly focused on defending their two-goal lead, had only one real chance to score, which Carbajal, who responded excellently, destroyed. With this parade, “La Tota” played a decisive role in the fact that “el Tri” remained without conceding a goal for the first time in what is now the 17th game at a World Cup .

Although the goalless draw resulted in the Mexicans being knocked out again, the English press was full of praise for this team and the Times wrote: “Mexico turned out to be a revelation that deservedly won the sympathies of the London public. The players from the land of the Aztecs have proven their skills and shown that they can play smart and snappy. It should be clear that this team will be one of the best teams at the World Cup in Mexico . "

Individual evidence

  1. Excerpts from the game on Youtube with Marcos' legendary saying "Borja no falles. No falls! Gol de México. “At about 2:10 min.