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Gerhard Oberkofler (born August 3, 1941 in Innsbruck ) is an Austrian Marxist historian.

Education and professional career

Oberkofler graduated from Feldkirch in 1959 and then began studying history and art history at the University of Innsbruck . In the first half of 1963 he was a research assistant at Nikolaus Grass . In 1964, he was 22-year-old with a dissertation on regional educational history of Vorarlberg for Dr. phil. PhD. After serving in the Austrian Armed Forces , Oberkofler was at the Vienna Institute for Austrian Historical Research from 1965 to 1966 and moved to Innsbruck in 1966 as an assistant to Franz Huter . In 1968 Oberkofler took over a position as a scientific official at the Innsbruck University Archives, whose honorary management was taken over by Franz Huter. In 1974 Oberkofler became a member of the BMfWuF's newly established project team “History of the Labor Movement”, and in 1978 he obtained his habilitation in the field of “Recent Austrian History with a special focus on the history of science”. In 1983 Oberkofler was appointed university professor. At the same time, he headed the Innsbruck University Archives for the next nineteen years until he retired in 2002.

In addition to his work as a university professor, Oberkofler was scientifically and politically active in the context of the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ), from which he resigned after 2000; In 2008 he ran for the “Left in Tyrol” (ATIGF) in the Innsbruck municipal elections. Oberkofler was one of the editors of Correspondence between Progressive University Lecturers and Scientists - Progressive Science (1976 to 1993). In 1993 Oberkofler was a founding member of the Alfred Klahr Society , and he served as its Vice President until the end of 2014. He was also a member of the international advisory board of the journal Topos - International Contributions to Dialectical Theory , which was edited from 1993 to 2011 by Hans Heinz Holz and Domenico Losurdo . In addition, Oberkofler writes commentaries on current political events in German-language daily newspapers, including in the leading Austrian media Die Presse and Der Standard or in the German left-wing daily Junge Welt, at irregular intervals . Oberkofler also publishes in the RotFuchs - Tribune for Communists and Socialists in Germany and on the DKP's news portal and in the newspaper of the Labor Party of Austria , the Labor newspaper.


Oberkofler wrote a large number of publications on the history of Austrian science, and from the mid-1970s onwards, with a Marxist-Leninist position, he mainly devoted himself to coming to terms with the Nazi past in the academic milieu and the biographies of outstanding Austrian scientists. He was also concerned with the history of the labor movement ; since 1974 he has presented his first work for the Tyrolean region . Since the late 1980s, he has dealt with liberation theology , among other things .


As the author of monographs
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As editor
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