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Gerhard Wietek (born June 23, 1923 in Tscherbeney , Glatz district , Lower Silesia province ; † May 28, 2012 in Hamburg ) was a German art historian and state museum director of Schleswig-Holstein . His scientific work was mainly the painting of Northern Germany and German Expressionism . Many of his publications deal with the work of the painter Karl Schmidt-Rottluff .


After military service and expulsion, Gerhard Wietek studied art history, modern literature, history and philosophy at the universities of Erlangen , Munich and Kiel . In 1951 he did his doctorate with Richard Sedlmaier with the dissertation "Goethe's relationship to architecture" for Dr. phil. After a traineeship at the Schleswig-Holstein State Museum Schloss Gottorf , he worked at the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg from 1954 . A year later, he was appointed to the Lower Saxony State Museum for Art and Cultural History in Oldenburg. As its curator , he published a monograph on the Oldenburger Land in 1956 .

In 1957 Gerhard Wietek curated the groundbreaking exhibition “Painters of the Bridge in Dangast from 1907 to 1912” for the Oldenburger Kunstverein , in which works by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff , Erich Heckel , Max Pechstein and Emma Ritter were shown. The exhibition, which also showed the importance of the North Sea resort of Dangast in terms of art history , contributed significantly to subsequent research on the artist group Die Brücke .

In 1959, Gerhard Wietek became director of the Altona Museum in Hamburg, where he carried out extensive development work that also took into account the German-Danish past of Altona and the expressionists' relations with Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The Altona Museum is also home to the collection of painted artist postcards of the classical modern that he has assembled .

In 1977 Wietek was awarded the honorary professorship of the State of Schleswig-Holstein "in recognition of his services, which were particularly significant for Schleswig-Holstein, in the scientific research of north German art history and folklore as well as in the living representation of cultural life in northern Germany" .

In 1978 he was appointed State Museum Director of Schleswig-Holstein . At the same time he took over the management of the State Museum at Gottorf Castle . In the same year he was awarded the Georg Dehio Culture Prize. In 1996 he received the honorary gift of the Oldenburg landscape for his services , which published the correspondence between the painter Emma Ritter and Gerhard Wietek in 2003. In 1998 the Friends of Gottorf Castle published a bibliography with its publications and exhibition catalogs.

He rendered particular services to the painter Georg Tappert , on whom he presented a comprehensive monograph in 1980 with the catalog raisonné of the paintings and in 1996 a catalog raisonné of his prints. In 2002 he succeeded in establishing the Georg Tappert Foundation with over 250 paintings and around 5,000 drawings and in incorporating it into the State Museum for Art and Cultural History. In 1990 he published the correspondence between Franz Radziwill and the Hamburg art historian Wilhelm Niemeyer . The life and work of the Hamburg art historian and collector Rosa Schapire were rediscovered and published by him.

Since 1972 Gerhard Wietek was a member of the literature section of the Hamburg Free Academy of the Arts .

Gerhard Wietek died on May 28, 2012 in Hamburg. In 2013 the Lower Saxony State Museum in Oldenburg received a donation of more than 750 autographs and other documents from his estate . The donation includes a. Artist correspondence from the years 1908 to 1965, including around 450 letters and postcards from Karl Schmidt-Rottluff as well as letters from the painter Emma Ritter, who was born in Vechta and came from a family resident in Oldenburg and Eutin.


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