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The Oldenburger Land

The Oldenburger Land is a region in Lower Saxony in the area of ​​the former territories or federal states Grafschaft Oldenburg (until 1774) / Niederstift Münster (until 1803), Duchy of Oldenburg (until 1815), Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (until 1918), Free State of Oldenburg (until 1946) and the administrative district of Oldenburg (until 1978) without its enclaves, along the rivers Hunte and Hase . As a landscape association , it is represented by the Oldenburg landscape . In the region between Waterkant , Dümmer and Damme Hills speaking partly still low German , in Saterland also Sater Frisian . Old Lower Saxon customs are particularly cultivated in this region, such as B. Schützenfeste or Kohlfahrten . Typical sports are, as in East Friesland , Klootschießen and Boßeln .

The Catholic southern part of the Oldenburger Land is called Oldenburger Münsterland , the Protestant northern part is called Oldenburger Land (Altoldenburg) in the narrower sense .

In addition to the cities of Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven and Delmenhorst, the districts of Friesland , Ammerland , Oldenburg , Cloppenburg , Wesermarsch and Vechta correspond to the Oldenburger Land . As part of the district area reforms of the 1970s, however, the former Oldenburg community of Stuhr was incorporated into the district of Diepholz , while from there the joint community of Harpstedt was attached to the district of Oldenburg.

Within the framework of some institutions such as the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg , the Oldenburger Schützenbund , the Oldenburg State Church or the Oldenburg Official District of the Roman Catholic Church, the borders of the Oldenburg region are largely clear to this day. Furthermore, the CDU has its own regional association in Oldenburg , the FDP a corresponding district association.

Structural conference of the State of Oldenburg

The districts and independent cities founded the community Das Oldenburger Land on March 13, 1993 with the aim of cooperating in municipal development. This objective was renewed on June 8, 2005 under the new name Das Oldenburger Land - Community of Districts and Cities .

Members of the cooperation network:

cities and communes

The largest cities in the Oldenburger Land are the former regional or district capital Oldenburg with 169,077 inhabitants as well as the independent cities Wilhelmshaven with 76,089 inhabitants and Delmenhorst with 77,559 inhabitants.

The following table contains all cities and municipalities in the Oldenburger Land.

coat of arms Commune district population image comment
DEU Apen COA.svg Apen Ammerland 11,692 City Hall Apen.jpg
DEU Bad Zwischenahn COA.svg Bad Zwischenahn Ammerland 28,896 St. Johannes Church Bad Zwischenahn.JPG
Coat of arms of Bakum.png Bakum Vechta 6475 Bakum St. John Baptist.JPG
DEU Barssel COA.svg Barßel Cloppenburg 13,039 Barßel ​​Rathaus.jpg
Coat of arms Berne.png Berne Wesermarsch 6889 Marienkirche-Neuenhuntorf.JPG
DEU Bockhorn COA.svg Bockhorn Friesland 8892 Hemken's merchant house with rococo door from 1754.jpg
DEU Boesel COA.svg Evil Cloppenburg 8224 Bösel Pallert.JPG
DEU Brake COA.svg Brake Wesermarsch 14,860 Brake Telegraph by Kaje.jpg
Coat of arms Butjadingen.png Butjadingen Wesermarsch 6049 2012-05-28 Photo flight Cuxhaven Wilhelmshaven DSCF9428.jpg
Coat of arms cappeln.png Cappeln Cloppenburg 7127 Sevelter Church-2.jpg
DEU Cloppenburg COA.svg Cloppenburg Cloppenburg 35,451 Cloppenburg Town Hall.JPG
DEU Damme COA.svg Dams Vechta 17,241 St. Viktor Church (Damme) .jpg
DEU Delmenhorst COA.svg Delmenhorst District-free city 77,559 Delmenhorst Town Hall.jpg
Dinklage coat of arms.png Dinklage Vechta 13,095 Dinklage Castle Wikipedia.JPG
Coat of arms Dötlingen.png Dotlingen Oldenburg 6273 Dötlingen-Church-1.JPG
DEU Edewecht COA.svg Edewecht Ammerland 22,453 Westerscheps, molen foto2 2010-05-16 11.03.JPG
DEU Emstek COA.svg Emstek Cloppenburg 12,254 Town hall of Emstek.jpg
Coat of arms Elsfleth.png Elsfleth Wesermarsch 9114 Huntesperrwerk.jpg
Coat of arms Essen Oldenburg.svg eat Cloppenburg 9078 Essen (Oldenburg) urbodomo.jpg
Coat of arms Friesoythe.svg Friesoythe Cloppenburg 22,368 Church St. Vitus Altenoythe.jpg
DEU Ganderkesee COA.svg Ganderkesee Oldenburg 31,360 Ganderkesee town hall in spring 2013.jpeg
Coat of arms Garrel.svg Garrel Cloppenburg 15,139 Garrel St. Peter and Paul.jpg
Coat of arms Goldenstedt.svg Goldenstedt Vechta 9840 Goldenstedt steel sculpture gold rain 1.JPG
Coat of arms Großenkneten.png Grossenkneten Oldenburg 16,027 Visbeker groom 2.JPG
Coat of arms Harpstedt.png Harpstedt Oldenburg 4727 Harpstedt Christ Church.jpg
Hatten.png Had Oldenburg 14,154 Birthplace Suhrkamp.JPG
Holdorf coat of arms.png Holdorf Vechta 7332 Holdorf Heidesee.JPG
Coat of arms Hude.png Hude Oldenburg 16,111 Monastery Hude1.jpg
Coat of arms Jade.png jade Wesermarsch 5830 Jaderpark.jpg
DEU Jever COA.svg Jever Friesland 14,413 SchlossJeverHoffassade.jpg
Coat of arms Lastrup.png Lastrup Cloppenburg 6955 Lastrup Dorfpark.JPG
Coat of arms Lemwerder.png Lemwerder Wesermarsch 7122 Stveit.jpg
Coat of arms Lindern (Oldenburg) .png Alleviate Cloppenburg 4925 Lindern Oldb Rathaus.JPG
DEU Lohne (Oldenburg) COA.svg Rewards Vechta 26,935 Industry Museum Lohne.jpg
DEU Loeningen COA.svg Loeningen Cloppenburg 11,692 Löningen6.jpg
Coat of arms molbergen.jpg Molbergen Cloppenburg 8944 Stedingsmühlen Gut.JPG
Coat of arms of Neuenkirchen-Voerden.png Neuenkirchen-Vörden Vechta 8868 Neuenkirchen Sculpture.JPG
Wappen-Nordenham.png Nordenham Wesermarsch 26,139 Ferry-Nordenham.jpg
DEU Oldenburg COA.svg Oldenburg District-free city 169.077 Oldenburg Castle.jpg
Ovelgönne Wesermarsch 5176 2012-05-28 Photo flight Cuxhaven Wilhelmshaven DSCF9787.jpg
DEU Rastede COA.svg Rastede Ammerland 22,704 Rastede Castle.jpg
DEU Sande COA.svg Sands Friesland 8792 Marienturm Sande 2009.jpg
Saterland coat of arms.svg Saterland Cloppenburg 13,701 Johanniterkapelle Bokelesch135.jpg
DEU Schortens COA.svg Schortens Friesland 20,381 Schortens community center.jpg
Coat of arms Stadland.png Stadland Wesermarsch 7404 Roonkarker-Mart.png
Coat of arms of Steinfeld Vechta.png Steinfeld Vechta 10,240 SteinfeldOrtsmitte.jpg
DEU Varel COA.svg Varel Friesland 24,017 Varelerhafen 1.JPG
DEU Vechta COA.svg Vechta Vechta 32,863 Vechta Town Hall 2.JPG
Coat of arms of Visbek.png Visbek Vechta 9925 Visbek Gerbert Castus Monument 2.JPG
DEU Wangerland COA.svg Wangerland Friesland 9182 Hohenkirchen Town Hall.jpg
DEU Wangerooge COA.svg Wangerooge Friesland 1214 Wangerooge Pudding.jpg
WardenburgWappen.svg Wardenburg Oldenburg 16,138 Wardenburg bell tower.jpg
DEU Westerstede COA.svg Westerstede Ammerland 22,952 Westerstede Rhodo 10.JPG
DEU Wiefelstede COA.svg Wiefelstede Ammerland 16,162 RhodokircheWiefelstede.jpg
Wildeshausen coat of arms.png Wildeshausen Oldenburg 20,129 Old town hall in Wildeshausen.JPG
DEU Wilhelmshaven COA.svg Wilhelmshaven District-free city 76,089 Rathaus Wilhelmshaven.jpg
DEU Zetel COA.svg Zetel Friesland 11,813 Zetel Castle.jpg

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