Vienne county

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The county of Vienne, with the capital Vienne on the Rhone , comprised most of the area between Lyon and the main Alpine ridge in the 10th century ; it was given in 1030 to the Archbishop of Vienne , who split off two new fiefs from it: Albon in the south (later the Dauphiné ) and Maurienne in the north (later Savoy ). Albon received Guigues I the old , Maurienne went to Humbert I with the white hands (Albimanus / Biancamano).

A county of Vienne remained of smaller size. This county was in the hands of the Counts of Mâcon from 1085 to 1240 , until the last of the family, the Countess Alix, Vienne and Mâcon sold.

Count of Vienne

First Count of Vienne

1023 - 1085 was the (reduced) County owned by the Archbishop of Vienne

House of Burgundy Ivrea

After the death of her husband, Alix sold Mâcon to the French crown in 1239 , and Vienne in 1240 to her aunt Beatrix

  • Hugo von Pagny, son of Beatrix, Lord of Pymont and St. George, sold Vienne to the Archbishop of Vienne in 1250 ; nevertheless he and his descendants call themselves Counts of Vienne