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Heinrich Drerup (born August 23, 1908 in Munich , † February 10, 1995 in Marburg ) was a German classical archaeologist .

Heinrich Drerup, son of the classical philologist Engelbert Drerup , first majored in art history in Freiburg im Breisgau , Munich and Vienna before switching to classical archeology as a major under the influence of Richard Delbrueck in Bonn . In Delbrueck Henry Drerup was with a thesis on the dating of the mummy portraits doctorate , after which he received a travel grant from the German Archaeological Institute . In 1937 he became a research assistant at the central directorate of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin, and in 1948 he completed his habilitation in Münster , where he worked as a lecturer for the next few years. In 1959, Drerup accepted a full professorship at the University of Marburg , where he also retired in 1973 .

Heinrich Drerup had been a member of the German Archaeological Institute since 1940 and a member of its central management for more than 20 years until his retirement. One of his scientific focuses was Roman architecture . His students include Burkhard Fehr , Helmut Kyrieleis , Friedhelm Prayon , Hermann Büsing , Henner von Hesberg and Burkhardt Wesenberg .

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