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De Höhner 2008 at the political demonstration "Cologne is standing across"
De Höhner 2008 at the political demonstration "Cologne is standing across"
General information
origin Cologne
Genre (s) Cologne dialect - and carnival music
founding 1972
Website www.hoehner.com
Founding members
Janus Fröhlich (until 2015)
Peter Werner (until 2015)
Walter Pelzer (until 1978)
Rolf Lessenich (until 1977)
Current occupation
Henning Krautmacher (since 1986)
Bass guitar , vocals
Hannes Schöner (since 1990)
Guitar, mandolin , saxophone
Jens Streifling (since 2003)
Joost Vergoossen (since 2018)
Heiko Braun (since 2019)
Micki Schläger (since 2015)
former members
Peter Horn (1977–1986)
Franz-Martin Willizil (1978–1999)
Günter Steinig (1979–1990)
Pete Bauchwitz (1998-2003)
Ralf Rudnik (2000-2007)
John Parsons (2007-2018)
Front man Henning Krautmacher (2011)

Die Höhner ( Kölsch for 'Hühner', originally De Höhner for 'Die Hühner') are a Cologne music group . Her best-known songs include the carnival hits Schenk mich dein Herz , Ich bin ene Räuber and the nationally known Viva Colonia as well as the song for the Handball World Cup 2007 If not now, then when? and the hit that was often played for the 2014 World Cup. Stand up, make it loud!

Band history

Foundation and the early years

In 1972 Peter Werner, Walter Pelzer, Rolf Lessenich and Janus Fröhlich founded the band " Ne Höhnerhoff ". In the early years, the band members performed in chicken costumes. It was common for the band to go on stage and ask “Gack gack gack?”, To which the audience replied with “Gack gack gack!”. After the performances, the stages usually looked like a chicken yard, because the real feathers were detached from the costumes and the band also threw feathers into the audience. For this reason and because you sweated a lot under the costumes in the spotlight, you parted with the lavish costumes. Her biggest hit at the time was Scheiß ejal, whether do Mocking bess or Hahn from 1974, which is still sung today at carnival.

In 1975 the band was renamed “ De Höhner ”. 1977 founding member Rolf Lessenich left the band and was replaced by the new front man Peter Horn; Walter Pelzer also left the band a year later and was replaced by Franz-Martin Willizil. In 1978 the relationship with 1. FC Köln and its fans began. In the same year that the association became German champions , De Höhner published the first of their songs dedicated to the association: Our Bock es Meister . To this day, at the home games of 1. FC Köln, the FC anthem Mir stonn zu dir, FC Kölle is played in the Rheinenergiestadion and sung along by the fans before the game starts. The piece is based on the melody of the Scottish traditional The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond .

Also in 1978 the band released their first album Ich well noh Hus , which contains today's carnival classic Blootwoosch, Kölsch and yummy girls , a cover version of Buck Owens Cigarettes, Whiskey and wild wild Women. In the same year the double album Lang usjebröt was released . The hit Ich ben ne Räuber was on the long-playing record Verzäll but ens , which was released in 1979 . In the same year the group brought out their greatest successes and expanded the band with bassist Günter Steinig to five members.

The 1980s

After the final breakthrough was achieved, the band received various honors and awards in the following years. The Kölsche Funke awarded rut-wieß vun 1823 e. V. gave the Höhners their "Order for the best Cologne song". With Ich bin ne Räuber (1982), a Cologne version of the Scottish folk tune I'm a Rover, the group established another modern classic of Cologne carnival music. In 1982 the band signed a record deal with EMI . In 1987 front man Peter Horn left the band and was replaced by Henning Krautmacher . In the same year the " De " was dropped from the band name and the group also played high German pieces for the first time. On the first album with Krautmacher called Für Dich , in addition to the songs Call, No More Sea and Für Dich, they also released the carnival hit Pizza Wundaba, the text of which was partly written in the Italian-Cologne language. In the 1980s, the Höhner released nine albums.

The 1990s

At the beginning of the new decade, bassist Günter Steinig left the band and was replaced by pop singer Hannes Schöner . Through the use of German texts and simultaneous musical development, the Höhner gradually became active outside of the Cologne Carnival. Social engagement also increased noticeably, for example on the occasion of the ass huh working group against Nazis on November 9, 1992 on Cologne's Chlodwigplatz. In 1992 the band began a series of concerts in the Millowitsch Theater in Cologne . The program was called two rooms, kitchen, hall, bathroom. Three years earlier, the band had dedicated the song Willy, wat wör Kölle ohne Dich to Willy Millowitsch for his 80th birthday.

The next year the group started their next series of concerts, the Höhner Classics. At these concerts, classically arranged songs by the Höhner will be performed together with the Cologne Young Symphony Orchestra in the Cologne Philharmonic . The Irish group Galleon played the Cologne-English version of Minsche wie mir (People Like Us) . Günter Hässy, the founder and former director of the Junge Sinfonie Köln, worked closely with both bands and arranged Höhner songs in the classical style. From then on, the Höhner Classics were an integral part of the band's calendar each year. In 1998 guitarist and violinist Pete Bauchwitz joined the band. In the following year Franz-Martin Willizil left the Höhner and was replaced by Ralle Rudnik. In the 1990s, the Höhner released twelve albums.

From 2000 until today

At the beginning of the new millennium, the group was nominated nationally for their album Best of - 25 years for the Echo music award in the category group of the year; then they received their first gold record for the single The Caravan Moves On , and finally they started a collaboration with the Cologne Circus Roncalli . Under the title Höhner Rockin 'Roncalli Show , the group tours with the circus through Germany. The circus show is accompanied by the band with specially tuned music. The artists have also tailored their performances to the music, and some of the band members also appear as artists.

In 2003 the group achieved a nationwide success with the title Viva Colonia . The song was also a Wies'n hit at the Munich Oktoberfest in 2004 and 2005. Pete Bauchwitz left the band in June 2003 and was replaced by Jens Streifling , a former member of the Cologne rock group BAP . In 2005, the Höhner received the Golden Tuning Fork in the “Best Group in the Schlager” category. In the same year the band went on tour in Germany for the first time.

The Höhner released the album 6-0 in 2005 . In addition to the session song Without you is not been on this CD , the first version of If not now, then when? released. After the song, in a modified version, became the official World Cup song of the 2007 Handball World Championship , it placed in the charts. In February 2007, the song was # 1 on Media Control's official sales hit parade . Since 2007, the Höhner have been a member of the nature alliance set up by the then Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel on the occasion of the CBD -COP9, which campaigns for the preservation of biological diversity . In 2007 the group again received the Golden Tuning Fork in the “Most Successful Group Schlager” category.

At the end of 2007 guitarist Ralle Rudnik left the band to devote himself to his solo projects. His successor was the Welshman John Parsons . In 2009 the Höhner made a brief appearance in the Cologne Tatort Platt . At the end of the thriller they sang the piece Alles Verlore. On March 24, 2015 Janus Fröhlich and Peter Werner announced their departure. The drummer Wolf Simon , who had already stood in for several concerts in 2011, was hired to replace Fröhlich . Werner's successor on keyboard was Micki Schläger from Erkelenz . The album Alles op Anfang marked the start of the new line-up in 2016.

In the summer of 2018 John Parsons left the band u. a. to take care of his solo project. The Dutchman Joost Vergoossen takes his place.



year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1998 Best Of - 25 years DE24 (14 weeks)
Chart entry: March 16, 1998
The caravan moves on ... DE38 (6 weeks)
Chart entry: September 28, 1998
2001 2, 3, 4 DE26 (6 weeks)
Chart entry: February 5, 2001
2002 The first 30 years DE40 (12 weeks)
Chart entry: October 7, 2002
live album
2003 Classic Andante DE86 (1 week)
Chart entry: October 6, 2003
2004 Viva Colonia DE37 (8 weeks)
Chart entry: January 19, 2004
2005 Always there - the biggest party hits DE9

(11 weeks)DE
Chart entry: January 17th, 2005
6-0 DE46 (2 weeks)
Chart entry: October 10, 2005
2007 Live on tour DE37 (8 weeks)
Chart entry: January 19, 2007
Live album
If not now then when? DE50 (10 weeks)
Chart entry: April 13, 2007
Now and here! DE34 (6 weeks)
Chart entry: November 23, 2007
2009 360 ° - Live @ Lanxess Arena DE38 (8 weeks)
Chart entry: January 16, 2009
Live album
Sky high high DE27 (6 weeks)
Chart entry: October 30, 2009
2010 Christmas 2 DE90 (1 week)
Chart entry: December 10, 2010
2012 4.0 DE12 (9 weeks)
Chart entry: January 27, 2012
2014 Make it loud! DE20 (5 weeks)
Chart entry: April 4, 2014
2016 Everything at the beginning DE15 (5 weeks)
Chart entry: January 15, 2016
2018 We are made for love DE32 (2 weeks)
Chart entry: March 23, 2018

More albums

  • I well noh hus (1978)
  • Waiting for it (1979)
  • Lang usjebröt (1979)
  • Clown (1980)
  • Näl met Köpp (1981)
  • I'm a robber (1982)
  • Slacker (1983)
  • Op Jöck (1984)
  • For you (1987)
  • Look (1988)
  • When You're Alright (1989)
  • 10 Johr Mood us Kölle (1990)
  • Unfortunately good (1990)
  • Kumm los mer fiere (Live) (1991)
  • Current (1992)
  • Dat es ne jode Lade (1993)
  • Waiting room of dreams (1994)
  • Classic - Live from the Cologne Philharmonic (1994)
  • Made in Cologne (1996)
  • Höhner Christmas - Doheim un üvverall (1996)
  • Höhner Rockin 'Roncalli Show Rhineland of Smiles (2001)
  • Here We Go (2006)
  • Nose ahead (2008)
  • Christmas 3 (2018)


year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1998 The caravan moves on ... the Sultan has Doosch!
The caravan moves on ...
DE12 (16 weeks)
Chart entry: February 2nd, 1998
1999 The caravan moves on ... the Sultan has Doosch! (Remix)

(9 weeks)DE
Chart entry: January 25, 1999
Lord knows that I'm not an angel
The caravan moves on ...
DE67 (2 weeks)
Chart entry: February 15, 1999
2000 Always smile in a friendly way
2, 3, 4
DE64 (6 weeks)
Chart entry: February 7, 2000
The longest carnival single in the world
DE51 (7 weeks)
Chart entry: February 7, 2000
2001 Fat girls have beautiful names
2, 3, 4
DE41 (9 weeks)
Chart entry: January 22, 2001
2002 Sansi Bar
Viva Colonia
DE33 (8 weeks)
Chart entry: January 14, 2002
feat. Mama Africa
2003 Viva Colonia
Viva Colonia

(53 weeks)DE
AT70 (1 week)
Chart entry: January 27, 2003
2004 All I want
Viva Colonia
DE68 (5 weeks)
Chart entry: February 9, 2004
2005 Longer
DE60 (7 weeks)
Chart entry: January 10, 2005
2006 It won't work 6-0 without you
DE61 (8 weeks)
Chart entry: January 20, 2006
2007 Dä kölsche Pass
DE47 (9 weeks)
Chart entry: January 12, 2007
If not now then when?
If not now then when?

(58 weeks)DE
Chart entry: February 16, 2007
2008 I would pass with Allemann
now and here
DE48 (5 weeks)
Chart entry: January 18, 2008
Real friends
DE75 (5 weeks)
Chart entry: February 8, 2008
2009 NaJuCo Colonia
360 ° - Live @ Lanxess Arena
DE48 (8 weeks)
Chart entry: January 16, 2009
Give me your heart
DE13 (23 weeks)
Chart entry: October 23, 2009
2010 Viva South Africa
DE54 (4 weeks)
Chart entry: June 18, 2010
feat. Right Said Fred
2011 Carneval
DE48 (2 weeks)
Chart entry: February 18, 2011
6 to 8 hours of sleep
DE67 (4 weeks)
Chart entry: November 18, 2011
2012 Ävver et hätz stayed in Kölle
DE38 (4 weeks)
Chart entry: November 23, 2012
feat. Stefan Raab
2014 This never goes away.
Make it loud!
DE75 (3 weeks)
Chart entry: January 31, 2014
Get up, make it loud!
Make it loud!
DE63 (3 weeks)
Chart entry: July 25, 2014

More singles

  • Jrillparty / Et jeiht nix üvver Ostermann (1972)
  • Höhnerhoff Rock / I love you like applesauce (1976)
  • Our Bock es Meister / Hangover Blues (1978)
  • Blootwoosch, Kölsch un e yummy girl (1978)
  • I have a robber (1979)
  • Minge Dom, I'm proud of you (1980)
  • Wave, Wave (1981)
  • Dat Hätz vun dr world (1982)
  • Real Friends (1984)
  • En Villa to dr Ville (1984)
  • I han trone in de eye (1985)
  • Pizza Wundaba (1987)
  • Scirocco in Morocco (1988)
  • No More Sea (1988)
  • Kisses (1990)
  • Festa Italiana (football Wundaba) (1990)
  • Kumm los mer fiere (1991)
  • Hey Kölle, Du bes e Jeföhl (1992)
  • Take Me Like I Am (1992)
  • Waiting room of dreams (1994)
  • Met Breef un Siejel (1996)
  • Here we go (1998)
  • Mer ston zo dir FC Kölle (1998)
  • Lenya (1999)
  • Love (2001)
  • Here We Go! (2006)
  • Kumm los mer danze (2015)
  • We are made for love (2017)
  • We Hold The World On (Remix) (2018)



Award of Rhineland thaler of LVR to the Höhner, 2017

The band was awarded the Willi Ostermann Medal in 1999 ; this is the highest official award in connection with the carnival in Cologne . In 2010 the dialect band received the Teacher Welsch Language Prize. 2017 Höhner were the Rhineland dollars of the Rhineland Regional Award for its cultural and social commitment.


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