It's crazy - lots of lovely teachers

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German title It's crazy - lots of lovely teachers
Original title Carry On Teacher
Country of production Great Britain
original language English
Publishing year 1959
length 86 minutes
Director Gerald Thomas
script Norman Hudis
production Peter Rogers
music Bruce Montgomery
camera Reginald H. Wyer
cut John Shirley

←  Predecessor
41 degrees of love

Successor  →
It's crazy - these tight policemen

It's crazy - the lovable teachers is the third film in the series of carry-on ... films .


After the students have learned that their beloved and revered principal has applied to another school and wants to leave, they try everything to torpedo this project. They are in top form when the school inspector appears.

His faculty is also of little help to him. Teacher Adams is lovesick, the teachers Short and Allcock are trying - each in their own way - to assert themselves in the male-dominated school world and, moreover, literature teacher Milton and music teacher Bean cannot really pull themselves together for the joint school performance of Romeo and Juliet .

Chaos and entanglements are of course programmed.


After the first two films in the series were devoted to the military ( head up, chest out! ) And medicine ( 41 degrees of love ), we are now turning to a third pillar of society, the school. Today the film looks a bit old-fashioned, but it was quite modern in its time. In the male-dominated school world, when two female teachers have to face their daily struggle with the students and not least with the teachers, it has almost emancipatory features. Above all, the math teacher embodied by Hattie Jacques (what a man's domain!) - she shows one of the best achievements in the entire series - is a very modern person.

Lead actor Ted Ray should become part of the ensemble in the future. However, he had to cancel the next film by director Gerald Thomas - It's crazy - our torpedo is coming back - due to scheduling difficulties and was replaced there by Sid James . This then got the fixed part in the series that was intended for Ray, which ultimately turned out to be a stroke of luck for the series.


  • “An accumulation of all common school jokes for an extremely undemanding entertainment.” - “ Lexicon of international film ” (CD-ROM edition), Systhema, Munich 1997


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