List of art monuments according to Dehio 1905 in Radebeul

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Wackerbarth's rest (around 1910). Earliest (1912) under legal monument protection testimony of past cultural history in the Loessnitz.

The list of monuments to Dehio 1905 in Radebeul contains the Schnellinventarisation Dehio - Handbook of German art monuments , I band central Germany from 1905 listed monuments on the territory of the Saxon town of Radebeul , in the then independent municipalities Kötzschenbroda (written in Dehio Kötschenbroda) , Niederlössnitz and Oberlössnitz .

The evidences of past cultural history listed under inventory reference XXVI at the time of private monument preservation (see Development of Monument Protection in Saxony ) were later officially placed under monument protection and are now one of the most important sights of the Lößnitz as cultural monuments . In 1912, three years after the law against defacing town and country , the first monument protection law in Saxony , was passed, a local decree was issued in Niederlößnitz to protect Wackerbarth's tranquility from parceling requests . In 1915 the local law against disfigurement of the Hoflößnitz property followed in Oberlößnitz in order to protect the further division of the former royal Hoflößnitz winery against urban sprawl . Both objects were thus officially listed.

Georg Dehio's statement of the inventory number XXVI indicates that the art monuments presented by him here are taken from the larger fundamental inventory of Cornelius Gurlitt , where there is further text as well as pictures and representations for many objects: Descriptive representation of the older architectural and art monuments of the kingdom Sachsen, No. 26 from 1904. Compared to Gurlitt's inventory list for Lößnitz , Dehio leaves out the objects in Wahnsdorf and Zitzschewig .

A comparison with the monument list in GDR times , as created a three-quarters of a century later, shows that it is the monuments with the highest rating (value Group I) in the illustrated by Dehio monuments, with two exceptions: The Vineyard House Fried stone or Berghaus Neufriedstein was classified in value group II and the church in the Kötzschenbroda district was only given value group III as a sacred building.

The nine monuments listed here are about 100 monuments in GDR times, more precisely in 1973, opposite or nearly 200 monuments in 1979, after the promulgation of the law on the preservation of monuments in East Germany in 1975. Today there are about 1,530 individual monuments under about 1270 addresses (see list of cultural monuments in Radebeul ), which in Radebeul leads to a monument density of over 45 monuments per 1000 inhabitants.


Overview of the location of the Radebeul districts

The columns used in the table list the information explained below:

  • Name, description : Description of the individual object.
  • Address, location : Today's street address, location coordinates.
  • District : Today's Radebeul district.
  • Date : Particular years of construction, as far as known or deducible, in some cases also date of the first mention of the property.
  • Builders, architects : builders, architects and other artists.
  • Description : Descriptive text from the Dehio.
  • Image : Photo of the main object.

Art monuments

Name, description Address, coordinates district date Builders, architects description image
Parish church Altkötzschenbroda 40
( location ) ! 513.6339835551.1039005
KOE First mentioned in 1273,
1477, 1515,
1637, 1646, 1746,
Ezekiel Eckhardt , Karl Weißbach (renovation), Ziller brothers , Christian Rietschel "Reticulated polyg. [polygonal] choir 1477, Sch. [Ship] 1884. - Altar 1638 by Zach. Heegewald , taken apart, of interest are the alabaster reliefs and sandstone statuettes; Monuments 1675, 1738. - In the village lovely ren. [1924: renss. like renaissance] Fountain surround with putti relief by Hans Walther (?) " Peace Church Radebeul-Kötzschenbroda in the back light
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Carefree home Augustusweg 48
( location ) ! 513.6752395551.1086425
OBL early 18th century, 1783–89 Johann August Giesel “1786 with bmkw. [remarkable] garden shed. " Worry-free house, 1909. Above right in the background: the mouse tower, below Lössnitz Castle
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Bennoschlößchen Bennostraße 35
( location ) ! 513.6727145551.1098335
OBL around 1600, 1896 Gebrüder Ziller (additional press room) “Around 1600; square Size [square floor plan], 2 storeys, 2 main gables and 2 mid-gables; get the inner division. " Bennoschlösschen
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Hofloessnitz Knohllweg 37
( location ) ! 513.6619445551.1116675
OBL in front of 1401
Dohnaer Weingut,
1401 Wettiner,
1650 Lusthaus,
1747/150 Spitzhaus staircase,
1840 Kavaliershaus
Ezekiel Eckhardt , Christian Schiebling , Centurio Wiebel , Albert Eckhout , Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann , Carl Mildreich Barth , Karl Moritz Haenel “House around 1653. The bmkw upper floor, which has been preserved in its old furnishings. [remarkable]. Example of the decoration of the 17th century " Hoflößnitz, complete system from the Bismarck tower
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Friedstein vineyard house Mohrenstrasse 10
( location ) ! 513.6261815551.1154865
NDL 1417 Wehlsberg , 1771   "1771." Mätressenschlösschen
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v. Minckwitz vineyard Obere Bergstrasse 30
( location ) ! 513.6438895551.1136565
NDL 1412 Altenberg ,
from 1712 manor house,
1713, 1727, 1877, 1907-09
August Große (conversion, coach house), FA Bernhard Große (conversion of the manor house, outbuildings) "Terrace with residential building, pleasure house , winegrower's house, pavilion 1713–29." House Minckwitz
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Spitzhaus Spitzhausstrasse 36
( location ) ! 513.6669335551.1138145
OBL 1622,
1672, 1749,
1902, 1928
Wolf Caspar von Klengel , Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann , Richard Beyer, Adolf Neumann (veranda extension) “(Weinbergshaus) around 1650; square Size [square floor plan], 2 floors rounded. [round-arched] windows, original contours due to the large curved roof with central turret. Disfiguring recent additions. " Spitzhaus
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Wackerbarth's calm Wackerbarthstrasse 1
( location ) ! 513.6182585551.1143225
NDL 1727–1729,
1743 Jacobstein, 1853 remodeling, 1916/17
Johann Christoph Knöffel , Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann , Georg Heinsius von Mayenburg (renovation) "Main building (exterior redesigned in 1853), Chapel 1775 by Knöffel , Jacobsturm 1743." Wackerbarth Castle
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Meinhold's vineyard Weinbergstrasse 10
( location ) ! 513.6639585551.1102785
OBL around 1650,
around 1750 tower house,
1865 country house
  "" Meinholdsches Turmhaus in September 2007, right.  the cottage
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Individual evidence

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