Little Children

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German title Little Children
Original title Little Children
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 130 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 14
Director Todd Field
script Todd Field,
Tom Perrotta
production Albert Berger ,
Todd Field,
Ron Yerxa
music Thomas Newman
camera Antonio Calvache
cut Leo Trombetta

Little Children is a film drama from 2006 by director Todd Field , who co- wrote the screenplay with Tom Perrotta , which is based on the novel by Tom Perrotta. The main roles were played by Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson .


In the tranquil suburb of East Wyndam, near Boston : the literary scholar Sarah Pierce is dissatisfied with her life. Her role as a housewife and as the mother of little Lucy does not satisfy her, she sometimes just sees her daughter as a nuisance and is often annoyed by her. Her marriage to her husband Richard is loveless, and she has now caught him secretly masturbating while looking at a pornographic website and tying worn women's panties over his nose.

Brad Adamson is a good-looking househusband who raises his young son Aaron and is adored by mothers on the playground as the "Prom King". Instead of going to the library, as he tells his wife, to study for his pending legal exam - he has already failed his bar exam twice - he prefers to pursue his childhood dreams and admire young people skateboarding for hours . He's now also joined a group of older cops who play football at night , reminding him of his early days as a college football player . He has now resigned himself to being put up with by his wife, Kathy. Kathy, a writer who is currently making a documentary about US soldiers killed in the Iraq war, patronizes her husband and divides him up with the money.

A passionate affair soon develops between Sarah and Brad.

Meanwhile, convicted exhibitionist Ronald "Ronnie" McGorvey causes a stir among the neighborhood parents when he returns to the area after serving a two-year prison sentence for exposing a minor and moves in with his elderly mother. He is of the unemployed ex-cop Larry Hedges bullied, who was suspended from duty after being in a mall by mistake one with a rifle had shot jackhammers 13-year-old boy. Hedges incites people against McGorvey by distributing leaflets with McGorvey's photo throughout the neighborhood, signed "Committee of Concerned Parents," but he is all alone. He also parks regularly in front of McGorvey's house, honking his horn loudly, to make it clear to him that he is constantly being watched by him.

After he failed a football game and his wife Joanie left him, he is particularly frustrated one day. When he hears that McGorvey has visited the municipal swimming pool once, he finds a reason to vent his anger on McGorvey again. When Hedges later incited the neighbors against him in front of McGorvey's house with a megaphone , McGorvey's mother May wanted to stop him. Then he throws her to the ground and causes her to have a heart attack. She dies shortly after in the hospital. She left her son one last letter with the message “Please be a good boy”. In order to comply with his mother's last wish and no longer fall victim to his illness, he takes a knife and castrates himself.

Brad suggests that Sarah leave town together, and Sarah agrees after a moment's hesitation. Both hope to be able to leave their secure but joyless life behind and start all over again. That night, Sarah and Brad's planned meeting at the playground fails when Brad is walking past the young skateboarders' practice area: The young people approach him for the first time instead of ignoring him as before. Instead of going to Sarah, he stays with the youngsters and lets himself be persuaded to take part. He falls badly when he tries to jump on a skateboard and is taken to hospital. When someone tries to return a lost letter to him - the suicide note to his wife, Kathy - he says he no longer needs it. Meanwhile, Sarah meets the disturbed McGorvey on the playground and becomes aware of her responsibility as a mother through this nocturnal encounter and the brief disappearance of Lucy, so that she refrains from her escape plans. Larry, who realizes his wrongdoing towards McGorvey after the death of McGorvey's mother, is looking for McGorvey to apologize to him. He finds him bleeding in the playground and drives him to the hospital in his car to save his life. Brad's wife, Kathy, goes to see her husband in the hospital worried. Sarah returns home and you can see her lying down in bed next to Lucy.


  • Filming began on July 25, 2005, and was shot in various locations in the United States, mainly in New York State .
  • Production costs have been estimated to be between $ 14 million and $ 26 million. The film grossed around 15 million US dollars in cinemas worldwide, of which around 5 million US dollars in the USA and around 0.7 million US dollars in Germany.
  • It was released in theaters in the USA on November 3, 2006, in Germany on April 26, 2007.
  • The film was classified as R-rated in the United States because of its nude scenes . It was banned in Malaysia .


  • David Kleingers wrote on April 27, 2007 on Spiegel Online : “ Almost subcutaneously, there is a feeling of insecurity and vague fear that makes 'Little Children' an extremely contemporary American film. But it will also appeal to the staff at Prenzlauer Berg or Hamburg Schanze, who oscillate between the neo-bourgeois family idyll and eternal adolescence. Because the universal quality of the film is simply described: it shows people naked, but it never exposes them. This is what is commonly called love and that is what distinguishes children's stuff from big cinema for adults. "
  • Anke Leweke wrote in Die Tageszeitung on April 26, 2007 : “ Todd Field [...] regards the small townspeople as small children who do not yet have a standard for their malevolence and selfishness. He sends them through smaller and larger school-leaving exams, blows of fate and registers their behavioral patterns: a method that Field already used in his directorial debut ' In the Bedroom '. [...] In 'Little Children' too, the means by which the small townspeople obsessively maintain their rigid social structure are examined. Todd Field looks at life in the neat houses with their well-tended gardens like the solutions in a test tube. "
  • Tomasz Kurianowicz wrote on “ Director Todd Field did a great job. He has created a film with screenwriter Tom Perrotta that takes the idea of ​​dichotomies apart. Young children are more confident than their guardianship, and creepy criminals are proving their humanity. "
  • Lexicon of the international film : “ An ironic-critical examination of the ' American way of life ' that is particularly captivating from an acting point of view, with various staging finesse. The portrait of a woman who wants to find herself one more time is condensed into a coherent image of society, also through the distant voiceover. "


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