Lowushki rocks

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Lowushki rocks
The rocky island Dolgaja (Скала Долгая)
The rocky island Dolgaja (Скала Долгая)
Waters Pacific Ocean
archipelago Kuril Islands
Geographical location 48 ° 33 '  N , 153 ° 51'  E Coordinates: 48 ° 33 '  N , 153 ° 51'  E
Lovushki Rocks (Sakhalin Oblast)
Lowushki rocks
Number of islands 4th
Main island Dolgaja
Total land area 0.15 km²
Residents uninhabited

The Lowuschki rocks ( Russian Скалы Ловушки ; Japanese 牟 知 列 岩 , Mushiru-retsugan ) are a group of small, uninhabited rock islands in the Kuril archipelago . Administratively, they belong to the Russian Sakhalin Oblast .

The basaltic Lowuschki rocks are located in the northern part of the Kuril Islands, about 20 km southwest of Schiaschkotan and about 55 km northeast of the island of Matua . The group consists of four small islands with a total area of ​​0.15 km² and a maximum height of 41 m above sea level. They are populated by numerous Steller sea lions ( Eumetopias jubatus ) and northern fur seals ( Callorhinus ursinus ).


The archipelago is visited by cruise ships from time to time .


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