Brat Tschirpojew

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Brat Tschirpojew
Tschirpoi and Brat Tschirpojew
Tschirpoi and Brat Tschirpojew
Waters Pacific Ocean
Archipelago Chornye Bratja Islands ( Kuril Islands )
Geographical location 46 ° 27 '47 "  N , 150 ° 48' 25"  E Coordinates: 46 ° 27 '47 "  N , 150 ° 48' 25"  E
Brat Tschirpojew (Sakhalin Oblast)
Brat Tschirpojew
surface 16 km²
Highest elevation 749  m
Residents uninhabited

Brat Tschirpojew ( Russian Брат Чирпоев ; Japanese 知 理 保 以 南島 , Chirihoi-minami-tō ) is an island of the Kuriles in Sakhalin Oblast in Russia .

The Russian name means "brother of Tschirpoi" and indicates that it is the smaller sister island of Tschirpoi . Brat Tschirpojew has an area of ​​16 km². On the island is the highest point of this group of islands with a height of 749 meters. It is separated from its northern neighboring island of Tschirpoi by the narrow Snou Strait .

Brat Tschirpojew is located on the southern edge of two overlapping calderas with a diameter of 8 to 9 kilometers. The neighboring island of Tschipoi emerged in the center of the calderas. Brat Tschirpojew consists of parts of a basalt volcano that existed before the calderas were formed. There are no reports of eruptions in historical times; the island's geomorphology suggests recent Strombolian eruptions . In the middle of the 18th century, solfataras were active on Brat Tschirpojew.

The southernmost of the five large colonies of Steller's sea lions on the Kuril Islands is on Brat Tschirpojew .


The island is visited by cruise ships from time to time .

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