Mulhouse (Wiehl)

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City of Wiehl
Coordinates: 50 ° 57 ′ 41 ″  N , 7 ° 33 ′ 21 ″  E
Height : 210 m above sea level NN
Residents : 51  (Dec. 31, 2004)
Postal code : 51674
Area code : 02262
Mulhouse (Wiehl)

Location of Mühlhausen in Wiehl

Muhlhausen, 2004
Muhlhausen, 2004

Mühlhausen is a village in the town of Wiehl in the Oberbergisches Kreis in the administrative district of Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia .

Location and description

The place is about 1.5 km north of the city center of Wiehl as the crow flies. Mühlhausen is located south of the federal highway 4 .


Older documented mentions of the place are not passed down. The derivation of the name from a mill is obvious.

The nearby lead ore mines "Christiania" and "Bliebach", which were closed in 1911 , were of particular importance for the scattered settlement of Mühlhausen . The ore laundry fed from the water of the Alpebach as a treatment plant for the ore rock extracted was connected to the pits by cable cars. At that time, the ore washing was a factory facility of impressive dimensions, the high construction and operating costs of which, due to oversized planning, accelerated the closure of the pits for reasons of profitability.

Remnants of the ore laundry served during the Second World War to move a company out of the bomb-threatened Cologne area. Immediately after the end of the war, liberated forced laborers from Eastern Europe committed brutal acts of revenge against the manager's family and uninvolved women from the area.

Until the "dwarf schools" closed, Mühlhausen had a two-class elementary school for students from the surrounding towns.


  • "Wilhelmsberg" quarry nature reserve


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