Malice - an intrigue

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German title Malice - an intrigue
Original title Malice
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1993
length 102 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Harold Becker
script Scott Frank ,
Jonas McCord ,
Aaron Sorkin
production Michael Hirsh ,
Patrick Loubert
music Jerry Goldsmith
camera Gordon Willis
cut David Bretherton

Malice - Eine Intrige (original title Malice ) is an American film of the genre thriller from 1993 . The director was Harold Becker , the writer wrote Scott Frank , Jonas McCord and Aaron Sorkin . The leading roles were played by Alec Baldwin , Nicole Kidman and Bill Pullman .


The Professor Andy Safian lives happily with his wife Tracy in a town in Massachusetts . The atmosphere intensifies when a serial killer kills several women on the university campus . The doctor Jed Hill, a friend Andy knows from college, moves in as a lodger with Andy and Tracy. He begins to get on their nerves because he is loudly living out his amorous adventures with them.

One day Tracy is admitted to the hospital with an abdominal pain. Jed Hill arrives at the hospital slightly drunk and tells Safian that he has to surgically remove Tracy's ovaries without waiting for the results of the histological findings, as he rates the urgency of the procedure as very high. The woman was pregnant. Safian agrees. It later turns out that the operation was not necessary. Tracy grievously reproaches Andy and leaves him. Since Tracy can no longer have children after her ovaries are removed, she sues the doctor and demands $ 20 million in compensation . The sum is ultimately paid, for which Jed's insurance pays. Andy is able to expose and overwhelm the serial killer a little later after he has been suspected in the meantime. The suspicion was dispelled by submitting a sperm sample, which also reveals that Andy is sterile. In this way, Andy not only discovers that his wife cheated on him and got pregnant by another man. This knowledge and the contact with the investigating police officer provide the decisive clues for solving the problem. Tracy has since left town. After talking to Tracy's lawyer, Andy learns that Tracy's mother has not been dead for twelve years, as his wife had claimed. Andy learns some details about his wife's past life from Tracy's mother, Mrs. Kennsinger. He is confronted with the fact that she wanted to get married earlier because of the money. He finds her and discovers that Tracy lives with Jed Hill; the arranged operation served an insurance fraud . Andy meets with Tracy and demands half the money. A neighborhood boy, who can often be seen in the window across from the Safians' bedroom, may have witnessed Jed Hill injecting Tracy, according to Andy.

Tracy rushes back to Jed and tells him about it. He suggests giving Andy the ten million. Tracy goes into hysterics and tells Jed to kill the boy. When he refuses, she shoots Jed. Tracy breaks into the boy's house and tries to murder him, but the police officer and Andy thwart the attempted murder. Instead of the neighbor boy, there was only a doll at the window, which was provided by the policewoman.

Tracy is arrested. Only after the arrest does she find out that the boy is blind and that everything was arranged by Andy to convict her. Then she is taken away by the police and Andy and the policewoman then go for a drink together.


The plot is based in part on the 1990 television film The Operation , which starred Lisa Hartman , Joe Penny and Kathleen Quinlan . The film was shot in Boston and several other Massachusetts locations: Amherst , Holyoke, and Northampton in Massachusetts. The Smith College served as a filming location for Andy's College. It grossed approximately $ 46 million in United States cinemas.

Malice stands in English for malice, guile, wickedness.


  • The lexicon of international films wrote that the film was a “psychological thriller that entertains with a cleverly constructed criminalistic game of hide-and-seek”, but that it “loses much of its appeal” due to the indecisive staging and the incorrect casting of some roles [...]. The "subplot revolving around the serial killer" also seems "superimposed".
  • “Despite constant plot twists, Malice is an exciting thriller that plays a sophisticated game with audience expectations. The line-up with Alec Baldwin ( Hunt for Red October ), Nicole Kidman ( In a Distant Land ) and Bill Pullman ( Sommersby ) does the rest to confidently circumvent weaknesses. "( Blickpunkt: Film )
  • " Malice is fast-paced entertainment." ( Cinema )
  • "A high-octane thriller that leaves your blood freezing in your veins." (Treffpunkt Kino)
  • "Complicated web of lies and intrigues that holds captive until the last minute ..." (DVD & Video Report)
  • “With the thriller Sea of ​​Love , which had become cult films , Harold Becker was able to establish himself impressively as a suspense expert in 1989. With Malice , he is now creating a complex web of lies and intrigues that is held captive until the last minute. Even if the refined plot turns require the highest concentration from the audience, the gorgeous star trio Alec Baldwin ( Getaway ), Nicole Kidman and Bill Sommersby Pullman should cast a spell over the audience. "(VideoWoche)


In 1994 Harold Becker won the Festival du Film Policier de Cognac award in two categories.

The German Film and Media Evaluation FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the title valuable.

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