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Mark Owen (2017)
Mark Owen (2017)
Chart positions
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Green Man
  DE 46 12/16/1996 (8 weeks)
  AT 28 12/15/1996 (8 weeks)
  CH 22nd 12/15/1996 (8 weeks)
  UK 33 
12/14/1996 (13 weeks)
In your own time
  UK 59 11/15/2003 (1 week)
How the Mighty Fall
  DE 56 07/18/2005 (2 weeks)
The Art of Doing Nothing
  UK 29 06/22/2013 (1 week)
  DE 20th 12/02/1996 (10 weeks)
  AT 10 December 8th, 1996 (10 weeks)
  CH 5 December 01, 1996 (9 weeks)
  UK 3 
11/30/1996 (15 weeks)
  DE 52 03/03/1997 (9 weeks)
  UK 3 02/15/1997 (7 weeks)
I Am What I Am
  UK 29 08/23/1997 (4 weeks)
Four minute warning
  UK 4th 08/16/2003 (9 weeks)
Alone Without You
  UK 26th 11/08/2003 (2 weeks)
Makin 'out
  UK 30th 06/19/2004 (2 weeks)
Believe in the boogie
  DE 78 07/04/2005 (3 weeks)
  UK 57 09/03/2005 (1 week)

Mark Anthony Patrick Owen (born January 27, 1972 in Oldham , Greater Manchester / Lancashire ) is a British singer and dancer and has been a member of the band and former boy group Take That since it was founded in 1990 .


Mark Anthony Patrick Owen was born on January 27, 1972 in Oldham near Manchester in England . His parents are Mary Frances and Keith Owen. He has two siblings, his sister Tracey and his brother Daniel. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer and even caught the eye of Manchester City talent scouts but had to give up that dream due to an injury. However, as a child, Owen already demonstrated at least as great singing and entertainer qualities by imitating stars like Elvis , usually with his family as an audience, and getting a lot of applause for them.

With his wife Emma Ferguson (actress) he has three children, a son and two daughters.

In early 2010, the previously scandal-free Owen made headlines when his ex-lover Neva Hanley reported to the press about his affairs and alcohol problems. Owen then went into withdrawal. On the Take That album Progress , which was released only a short time later, Owen processed his marital problems into the song What Do You Want from Me .


In 1990 Mark Owen became a member of the band Take That, founded by Nigel Martin-Smith. It quickly became clear that Owen was one of the fans' most popular "Thatter", which was also proven by the No. 1 success of the title Babe he sang (album Everything Changes by Take That). However, until the split in 1996, Owen only got one more chance to distinguish himself as a lead singer , with the song The Day After Tomorrow on Take That's last studio album, Nobody Else .

After Take That broke up on February 13, 1996, Mark Owen released a solo album called Green Man , from which the very successful releases Child , Clementine and I Am What I Am emerged . After that it became quiet about Mark Owen. In 2003, the singer and songwriter's second studio album, In Your Own Time, was released. Owen also caused a stir at the English Celebrity Big Brother , which he then left as the winner. After his record company broke the record deal, he founded his own label "Sedna Records Ltd", under which he then produced his third album, How the Mighty Fall , which was released in 2005 , in Los Angeles . From this album the tracks Believe in the Boogie , Hail Mary and Makin 'Out were decoupled. Also in 2005 Owen toured a number of European countries, including a. Great Britain , Italy and twice through Germany . After almost ten years of separation, the reunion of Take That was announced in 2006.

In June 2013, Owen's fourth solo album, The Art of Doing Nothing, was released . The song Stars was released as the first single.


The albums / singles listed here come exclusively from Owen's solo career. For more see also: Take That / Discography .


  • 1996: Green Man
  • 2003: In Your Own Time
  • 2005: How the Mighty Fall
  • 2013: The Art of Doing Nothing


  • 1996: Child
  • 1997: Clementine
  • 1997: I Am What I Am
  • 2003: Four Minute Warning
  • 2003: Alone Without You
  • 2004: Makin 'Out
  • 2005: Believe in the Boogie
  • 2005: Hail Mary
  • 2010: Everybody Hurts (as a member of Helping Haiti )
  • 2013: Stars

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