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Take that
Band logo and marketing symbol since 1990

Band logo and marketing symbol since 1990
Take That in Manchester (2011) Left to right: Jason Orange, Robbie Williams, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Gary Barlow
Take That in Manchester (2011)
Left to right: Jason Orange, Robbie Williams, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Gary Barlow
General information
Genre (s) pop
founding 1989, 2005
resolution 1996
Website www.takethat.com
Current occupation
Gary Barlow
Vocals, drums
Howard Donald
Vocals, guitar
Mark Owen
Robbie Williams (Occasional Appearances)
former members
Vocals, guitar
Jason Orange
Gary Barlow ( GB in Concert Tour 2012)
Howard Donald under the Beautiful World Stage (2007)
Mark Owen ( Circus Tour 2009)
Jason Orange at the Stadium of Light ( Progress Tour 2011)
Robbie Williams in Vienna (2006)

Take That is a British pop - band . It was founded in 1989 as a boy band in Manchester and was the first English boy band after the Beatles to trigger a comparable hype among (especially female) young people. The group split in 1996 and reunited in 2005. The band currently consists of the three founding members Gary Barlow OBE , Howard Donald and Mark Owen , occasionally supplemented by Robbie Williams .


In addition to Barlow, Donald and Owen, the founding members also include Jason Orange and Robbie Williams . Orange withdrew from the limelight in 2014, Williams did not officially split, but has been on hiatus since 2012 and focuses on a solo career, family and the only occasional collaboration with his Take-That colleagues. Since it was founded in 1990, the band has sold 48 million records and over 7 million concert tickets, and has recorded 20 top ten hits and twelve number one singles. Six of her eight studio albums and a compilation album also reached the top of the charts, only her debut album and Wonderland , released in 2017, landed at number two.

Well-known songs by the group are mainly self-written titles such as Back for Good and Patience, as well as some covered titles, including Relight My Fire and How Deep Is Your Love . Even before their comeback in 2006, they were named in the same breath as the Beatles with 25 million albums sold and eight number one hits , as well as being “one of the most successful British bands of all time” and “paving the way for a new generation of boy and girl bands (including Spice Girls , Boyzone ) ”.

After Robbie Williams' departure in July 1995, the group ended their world tour and officially split in February 1996. In the following years the members achieved varying degrees of success as soloists, while unofficial best-of albums, films and a musical ( Never Forget: The Musical ) were released at regular intervals . In 2005, a television documentary entitled Take That: For the Record was released with the greatest hits album Never Forget - The Ultimate Collection . The broadcast on November 17, 2005 surprisingly attracted six million viewers. Never Forget - The Ultimate Collection landed at number two on the British charts that same week with 90,000 albums sold. Since November 2005, the album has sold over two million times in Great Britain alone and spent 218 weeks (4 years, 10 weeks) in the album charts (as of September 2017). After this surprise hit, the remaining four founding members received multi-million dollar offers to return to the UK stadiums.

The sold out best-of tour was followed by a successful comeback with the single Patience and the album Beautiful World . Another chart topper followed in 2008 with The Circus . In July 2010 Williams officially returned to the group and they released the album Progress with the accompanying first single The Flood . This was followed by a tour with a full cast and shortly thereafter the extensive EP Progressed . In September 2014, Jason Orange announced his departure from the band. Two months later, Take That released as a trio (Williams paused) their studio album III . A European tour followed, with 51 concerts between April and October 2015, the most extensive of the group to date. She then released her EP III - 2015 Edition together with the tour DVD . The album Wonderland was released on March 17, 2017 . The first single Giants was released on February 17, 2017, followed by New Day on April 27, 2017 . Despite excellent sales, the band with Wonderland only reached number 2 in the charts for the first time since their debut album in 1992. The tour of the same name over 32 European concerts in summer 2017 was completely sold out, concerts in the South Pacific followed at the end of the year. The double album Odyssey followed in autumn 2018 on the occasion of the upcoming 30th band anniversary . In addition to 22 newly arranged / mixed, rewritten and / or newly recorded hits from the past 30 years of band history linked by archived interview excerpts, there are also five new pieces, two of which are instrumental. Odyssey became their eighth album at the top of the charts and the fastest-selling album of the year (over 100,000 copies in release week alone). Another sold-out European tour followed in spring and summer 2019, which was also broadcast worldwide in selected cinemas for the third time.

In September 2017, the jukebox musical The Band premiered at the Manchester Opera House . Playwright Tim Firth wrote the story around the music of Take That with the collaboration of all five members. Over 57,000 £ 2 million tickets were sold in two hours, making it the UK's fastest-selling theater production ever. In Germany it has been shown in the Theater des Westens since April 11, 2019 with German dialogue but original lyrics . In 2020, streaming service Netflix announced it was working on a Take That musical film. The film is called "Greatest Days". The Bond girl Rosamund Pike was confirmed in the lead role .



Occasional presence



History of the group

1990–1995: beginnings and success

Gary Barlow, who has been writing songs since childhood and earned his first money as a bar pianist as a teenager, participated in musical competitions at an early age and recorded his first single Love Is in the Air under the stage name Kurtis Rush at the age of 17 , was managed by manager Nigel in 1990 Martin-Smith discovered and signed. During joint studio recordings, according to the longstanding account, they met Mark Owen, who worked in the studio as a “girl for everything”. At various disco contests at which Martin-Smith was looking for additional members, the breakdancers Howard Donald and Jason Orange, who worked in competing dance formations, joined them. Since Martin-Smith wanted a fifth member, he advertised "singer wanted" in regional newspapers and met Robbie Williams, among others, who also wanted to become a singer and saw a boy band as a good chance to gain first experience without the full one To carry responsibility. Take That was born.

This version of the genesis was later revised by the band members in Barlow's autobiography "My Take" and in 2005 in the documentary Take That: For the Record . In fact, in 1990 all five were asked in different ways (including through a corresponding newspaper advertisement) by Nigel Martin-Smith, who wanted to create a British counterpart to the internationally very successful American boy group New Kids on the Block , and only had a kind of casting met. Martin-Smith, who had already been able to convince himself of Barlow's musical talent through a home-produced demo tape (including A Million Love Songs ), planned him as the creative head of the group from the start. In addition, Barlow was originally supposed to act as the main singer on all the pieces.

In fact, Barlow had sole musical responsibility for 31 of the 44 songs released in the 1990s and was at least part of the composing team for a further eight. Only one track was written by Donald, four were cover versions.

At the beginning of her career, Take That mainly appeared in clubs of the gay scene, as there were good performance opportunities due to the manager's private contacts. The band gained wider notoriety with their cover of Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic , in which Williams sang the lead vocal. Take That's final breakthrough came in the fall of 1993 with the singles Pray (main voice Barlow) and Babe (main voice Owen) composed by Barlow, as well as the accompanying album Everything Changes .

In March 1995 the last album for the time being, Nobody Else , was released, which contained R'n'B elements, with which the group achieved success for the first time in the USA. It also included their most successful single Back for Good to date . This song reached the top of the charts in 47 different countries (including Germany) and the top ten in 25 others, including Austria, Switzerland and various US charts ( Billboard ). Since then, it has been covered by 192 performers worldwide (as of October 2015). With over 1.08 million copies sold in the United Kingdom alone (as of June 2013), it is one of the 100 best-selling singles in British music history, and only 164 songs there have so far exceeded the million mark (as of February 2016). For one week, Take That led the singles and album charts in Germany at the same time (see also the list of number one hits in Germany (1995) ).

1995–1996: Williams left and separated

On July 17, 1995 first Robbie Williams left the band in the wake of growing tensions. The four remaining members ended the sold-out world tour and officially announced their separation on February 13, 1996 after a period of reflection over the winter months, with the provisionally last joint appearance taking place in Amsterdam on April 4 of that year.

The last joint single was a cover version of How Deep Is Your Love ( Bee Gees 1977), which was released from the Greatest Hits compilation album and entered the UK charts at number one, where they lasted three weeks could. In Germany it climaxed in seventh place.

The news of the dissolution of Take That upset thousands of fans to such an extent that in several countries (including Germany) separate pastoral hotlines had to be set up due to the total overload of emergency telephones in order to deal with thoughts of suicide To be able to deal appropriately with the desperation of the young people.

1996–2005: Solo projects of the individual members

Since the British press had predicted Barlow's most successful solo career, it was surprising that Robbie Williams, who had been carried away by drug and party excesses at the time, passed him after difficult beginnings in late 1997 with the world hit Angels and thus laid the foundation for an even bigger solo career whose basis was primarily the songwriting partnership between Williams and Guy Chambers , which existed until 2002 .

In the first few months, Gary Barlow was able to build on his successes from the Take That time and have several number 1 hits, then his management persuaded him to tour Latin America and the United States. His next solo album was tailored to this target group. In the US, Barlow's career ran aground when he returned to the UK, bad boy Robbie Williams had taken his place and never missed an opportunity to publicly defame him, resulting in Barlow not publishing under his own name for several years and in the meantime acted as a songwriter under a pseudonym. Over time and through the collaboration with the established songwriter and long-time friend Eliot Kennedy , he was able to re-establish himself as a songwriter and make a name for himself and continues to write songs for various artists, including 2009 This Time for Dame Shirley Bassey .

Mark Owen recorded three solo albums in ten years, which although commercially below expectations, were largely praised by critics. Owen and Williams kept in contact with private and professional exchanges over the years.

Howard Donald also recorded an album and the single Speak Without Words , but both were never released. From then on, he made a name for himself as a house DJ in various countries, especially in Germany. Here he founded the DJ project "Sonic Fly" with his colleagues King Brain and Bart van der Zwaan and put on the DJ project as part of the 2002 Love Parade. He also worked as a songwriter for Kavana.

Jason Orange tried his hand at acting for a while on English cabaret and television, so he made his acting debut in 1998 in the Channel 4 miniseries Killer Net by Lynda La Plante alongside Paul Bettany (known from the films Knights of Passion and The Da Vinci Code - The Da Vinci Code ) and Emily Woof . He later began studying psychology, biology, sociology and history at South Trafford College, Manchester.

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald also started families of their own during this period.

2005–2011: Reunion and renewed success

Beautiful World Live, November 26, 2007
The Circus Live, June 6, 2009
The Circus Live, June 6, 2009
Progress Live, May 30, 2011

After almost ten years of separation, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange announced in the fall of 2005 that they would reunite Take That, but Robbie Williams initially declined to return. A first tour within England in the spring of 2006 was sold out within 30 minutes. At each concert, a hologram by Robbie Williams was shown during the song Could It Be Magic .

On October 21, 2006, the reunited band performed live for the first time on a German TV show ( Wetten, dass ...? ). At 50 Years of Bravo on ProSieben they sang the comeback single Patience for the first time on television. Before the single was released, the song reached number 4 in the UK charts just because of the downloads and eventually became the band's ninth number one hit. In Germany, too, Patience rose to number one in the single charts immediately after its release. Shortly afterwards, the album Beautiful World was released . For the first time, the remaining band members also took part in the songwriting and each band member could also be heard as the lead singer. The single Rule the World , written for the Matthew Vaughn film Stardust (German title: Der Sternwanderer ), was particularly successful . Although it never made it to number one on the charts, it became one of the most popular and best-selling songs of the band after Back for Good and an integral part of every tour.

The Beautiful World Tour started in Belfast on October 11, 2007 . The tour stopped in Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and finally Great Britain. By December 23, 2007, Take That gave a total of 49 concerts across Europe. The tour ended with the 50th concert with a live broadcast on December 31, 2007 from the O 2 Arena in London, Countdown to Midnight with Take That . The concert DVD Beautiful World Live was released on February 29, 2008 and sold 64,000 times in the UK in the first week.

The single Greatest Day from the album The Circus had its radio premiere on October 13, 2008. The release date for Germany was November 21, 2008, the album was released here on November 28, 2008. Even before the release of the single and album, advance ticket sales for the Take That Presents: The Circus Live tour in Great Britain started on October 31 . All 600,000 tickets were sold in less than five hours. The group broke the record for the fastest-selling tour in the history of Great Britain. More concert dates have been added. The album became the fastest-selling album of 2008 in Great Britain and reached number 2 in the annual charts. In early 2009, the band received the gold record in Germany for 100,000 albums sold. The song The Garden , which was released in Germany on March 20, 2009, was selected as the second international single . In contrast to this, Up All Night was chosen as the second single for Great Britain and Ireland , which was released there on March 2, 2009.

Both albums were produced by John Shanks , and the band changed their sound, which became more mature and more opulent with Brit-Pop elements.

At a benefit concert organized by Barlow for Children in Need , the children's aid organization of the BBC , Williams was on stage for the first time in 14 years with his four ex-colleagues in London on November 12, 2009, but with separate performances. According to Williams, however, there had already been joint studio recordings. This was later officially confirmed by the documentary film for the Progress album, Look Back, Don't Stare .

On July 15, 2010, Williams announced his return to Take That. On October 4, 2010, the single Shame was released , which the former competitors Barlow and Williams wrote and recorded together. They describe their feelings about their previous differences and their different perspectives on past events. The song was also released on Williams' best-of album In and Out of Consciousness on October 8, 2010 .

In November 2010, Stuart Price produced the dance pop album Progress with the accompanying single The Flood . The album received critical acclaim, quickly achieved platinum status in Germany and reached number 2 of the fastest-selling albums in music history in Great Britain.

After 15 years, Take That appeared again in full cast for the first time on November 19, 2010 and sang their live hit Never Forget , again in the context of the benefit concert series BBC's Children In Need Rocks organized by Barlow .

On March 24, 2011, Take That was awarded an echo as the best international rock / pop group . The band received this award for the first time.

On June 10, 2011, the band released their mini album Progressed . It contained eight new songs and came bundled with the album Progress .

2011–2014: time out and solo projects

In early October 2011, after an interview with Barlow, press releases appeared with the assumption that Robbie Williams was leaving the band again in order to concentrate on his solo career. These statements have been corrected by Williams' management; Williams remains a member of the band, the group will just take a break while Williams will release a new solo album produced by Barlow. Take That officially announced a longer break shortly afterwards.

Gary Barlow also appeared again as a solo artist - for the first time in 12 years - and after two successful benefit solo concerts for the Prince's Trust, he embarked on a sold-out concert tour over 25 stages. He then devoted himself to planning the Queen's 60th jubilee , whose musical direction had been entrusted to him by the royal family, wrote the anniversary hymn Sing with Andrew Lloyd Webber and traveled through the Commonwealth to attract musicians from all over the world. At the Diamond Jubilee Concert , the highlight of the festivities, Williams was among the more than fifty performing artists. In the same year Barlow began composing two musicals, Finding Neverland (adaptation of When Dreams Learn To Fly ) and The Girls (based on the true story of the so-called Calendar Girls ). The former opened in Cambridge ( Massachusetts ) in July 2014 , transferred to Broadway in March 2015 and from there, after almost 600 performances, embarked on a tour of the North American continent in 2017. A planned transfer to Europe was put on hold after the announcement of the take-that musical The Band and in view of the ongoing success of the touring ensemble . The Girls marked Barlow's first collaboration with Tim Firth , who had previously written a film (2003) and a play (2008) on the subject (and which he worked on with Take That The Band in 2016/17 ). The musical premiered on November 14, 2015 in Leeds (not far from where the Calendar Girls worked) and, after a series of productions in various cities in Northern England, was shown in London's West End theater stronghold from January to July 2017 . A nationwide tour is scheduled to start again from Leeds on August 15, 2018. From 2011 to 2013. Barlow was also the head judge (senior judge ) in three seasons of Simon Cowell's talent show The X Factor to see.

Both Barlow and Williams used this time to advance their respective charity projects. Williams also organized the biennial soccer tournament Soccer Aid, which he co-founded in 2006, between teams England and The Rest of the World , consisting of prominent artists and former soccer professionals, for which he was also able to win Mark Owen several times. Barlow also organized benefit concerts for BBC 's Children In Need ("GB40"; "Children In Need Rocks the Royal Albert Hall"; "CIN Rocks Manchester"; "Blackpool Illuminations"; "CIN Gala" and others) and the Prince's Trust ( "Gary Barlow: In Concert"), visited British soldiers with a television documentary team in Camp Bastion ( Afghanistan ) and organized the Red Nose Climb for Comic Relief , during which he climbed the Kilimanjaro volcano with eight other British celebrities in Tanzania in a media-effective fundraising campaign , the highest mountain range in Africa at 5,895 meters above sea level.

At the closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London on August 12, 2012, the band performed without Williams, as he was with his heavily pregnant wife in the United States . Gary Barlow suffered a personal tragedy on August 4th when his wife Dawn gave birth to their fourth child, Poppy, just days before their scheduled due date. As a result, he received international expressions of recognition and sympathy for his appearance at the Olympics.

Howard Donald spent more time in Germany with his daughter and used the time off in particular to appear again as a DJ and dancer. He was also a juror in the German offshoot of the British TV show Got to Dance during the first two seasons.

In 2013, Mark Owen released his fourth solo album The Art of Doing Nothing in collaboration with various other artists . Barlow processed the personal and professional ups and downs of the past 15 years since his last solo record on the hymnically euphoric album Since I Saw You Last (2013) and then returned as a solo artist in sold out arenas. In the meantime, he was also active as a juror in the British casting show The X Factor , where he received multiple support from various Take That colleagues and the band also appeared together in the shows. Robbie Williams released the albums Take the Crown (2012) and Swings Both Ways (2013), the latter fought a pre-Christmas duel with Barlow's album, which was celebrated by the British public and press. Barlow's album won in terms of sales (116,000 to 109,000 in the first week), although Williams achieved better chart placement due to the slightly delayed release. Both albums made it into the top ten best-selling albums of 2013 despite late release, with Since I Saw You Last finishing ninth and Swings Both Ways finishing fourth.

Since 2014: return as a trio

Was Child donation gala 2015
Appearance for War Child , 2015
Appearance for War Child , 2015

In spring 2014, Take That ended the break and returned to the studio, initially without Robbie Williams, who was strained by his tour and the imminent birth of his second child, and also without Jason Orange, who was returning to the limelight and in front of an audience of millions was still undecided. In September 2014, Jason Orange finally announced his departure from the band and the three remaining members completed the studio recordings for the seventh album as a trio. The album was named III and was finally released on December 1, 2014. Two weeks earlier, the first single These Days was released. It is the first Take That album that only three members were involved in the production. Immediately after a Europe-wide tour of 51 concerts , including seven in German-speaking countries, an EP of the album was announced, which includes the original album, four new songs and a DVD with live recordings from the O 2 arena in London . III - 2015 edition was published on November 20, 2015.

In February 2016, Barlow announced in an interview with The Sun that Take That would release their eighth studio album later this year, followed by another greatest hits compilation in 2017 for the silver anniversary (25th anniversary) of their debut album. Commenting on the possibility of Williams and Orange returning, he said, “A greatest hits album from all of them would be fantastic, of course, but I can't see Jason returning to the limelight in the next few years. But if Rob did it, it would be great. ”Regarding a tour, he said:“ It would be a gigantic tour across Europe - probably the world tour, if I'm honest. ”

On October 22, the new studio album was after several unofficial hints finally Wonderland released for pre-order, it seemed on March 17, 2017. Due to the many weeks away very successful album ÷ of Ed Sheeran reached Take That despite high sales of 113,200 / week not Number 1 in the charts - for the first time since their debut album in 1992. On February 17, 2017, the first single was released with the title Giants , on April 27, New Day was released as the second single . At the same time as the pre-order release of the album, a tour of the same name, initially comprising 21 stages (May 8 to June 16, 2017) in nine British arenas, was announced. For buyers of the album within the first two days, early access to the concert tickets was activated on October 26th and 27th, and the official advance sale opened on the 28th. Many of the arenas were already sold out through advance booking, so three more dates were added on October 28th. Eight more concert dates were added within a week. The tour was also expanded to include concerts in Australia and New Zealand . All Saints performed as the opening act for all concerts . The tour began in Birmingham on May 5, 2017 .

Simultaneously with the appearance of Wonderland and various television appearances by the band (for example in Ant & Dec ’s Saturday Night Takeaway ), their greatest hits album from 2005, Never Forget - The Ultimate Collection , rose to 67 places in the charts 25. It stayed in the Top 40 for two more weeks and was in the UK charts for a total of 218 weeks (4 years, 10 weeks) from November 2005 to May 2017.

In September 2017, the jukebox musical The Band premiered at the Manchester Opera House . The British playwright Tim Firth (like Barlow from Frodsham, Cheshire ) wrote the piece to the music of Take That. As is usual with jukebox musicals, the plot is independent of the real history of the band (compare Mamma Mia! ), But in this case shows many parallels. The band was involved in the creation and production of the musical as well as in the selection of the leading actors: Barlow was a member of the panel of judges for the BBC West End casting show Let It Shine , in which, after five suitable Leading Men for the musical and a subsequent successful West -End career was sought. Donald and Owen acted as mentors for the young applicants. The finale was broadcast live on February 25, 2017, and Take That also appeared as a guest performance and sang “The Flood”, for the first time in years with Robbie Williams. Williams, like the others, also spent part of the rehearsal time with the casting's winning group, Five to Five , who will play the roles of the play's five main characters nationwide until at least September 2018. Orange also took part in the production of the piece. Ticket sales began on April 1, 2017 at noon. Within two hours, over 57,000 tickets worth two million pounds were sold, at relatively low ticket prices between 19 and 50 pounds. The play became the fastest-selling British theater production ever. It contains the songs Never Forget , Back for Good , A Million Love Songs , Greatest Day , The Flood , Relight My Fire , Shine and Rule the World , among others .

On June 4, 2017, Robbie Williams appeared again with the band, they played one after the other at the One Love Manchester charity concert alongside a large number of other celebrities in memory of the victims of the attack 13 days earlier during Ariana Grande's concert and symbolically the terror Despite. At the end of May 2020, Williams and the other three musicians gave an online benefit concert on the occasion of the corona pandemic.

As a featuring artist

On May 20, 2016, the single Cry , a collaboration with the British D'n'B duo SIGMA , was released for download. Both Radio 1 and Radio 2 secured the airplay rights for the day of publication , which is extraordinary due to the very different target groups. The single entered the top 5 of the UK download charts and reached number 21 on the official single charts, and Radio 2 named it record of the week after it was released. On May 28, a related music video was released on the YouTube channel of 3beat, the Sigma duo's label. It shows the three singers and the DJ duo at the scene of a street race and Arab drifting festival . The five musicians performed live with the piece for the first time on May 28th on the main stage of the open-air music festival BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Exeter .


BRIT Awards

  • 1993: in the category "Best British Single" ( Could It Be Magic )
  • 1994: in the category "Best British Video" ( Pray )
  • 1994: in the category "Best British Single" ( Pray )
  • 1996: in the category "Best British Single" ( Back for Good )
  • 2007: in the category "Best British Single" ( Patience )
  • 2008: in the category "Best British Live Act"
  • 2008: in the category "Best British Single" ( Shine )
  • 2011: in the "Best British Group" category


  • 2011: in the category "Group International Rock / Pop"

GQ Men of the Year Awards

  • 2009: in the "Best Band" category

Guinness Book of Records

  • 2008: Fastest-selling tour of all time in Great Britain (all 600,000 circus tickets sold out in under five hours; broke Michael Jackson ’s bad record from 1987 ; as a result extended to 20 concerts and over 1 million viewers)

Ivor Novello Award

  • 2008: in the category "PRS Most Performed Work" ( Shine )
  • 2012: in the category "PRS Most Performed Work" ( The Flood )
  • 2012: Outstanding Contribution

MTV Europe Music Awards

  • 1994: in the "Best Group" category
  • 1995: in the category "Best Live Act"

Q Award

  • 2006: "Q Idol Award"
  • 2009: in the category "Best Single" ( Greatest Day )
  • 2009: in the category "Best Live Act"
  • 2010: "Hall Of Fame"

Sony Ericsson Tour of the Year Award

  • 2008: Take That Arena Tour ( Beautiful World )

Virgin Media Award

  • 2008: in the category "Best Single" ( Rule the World )
  • 2011: in the "Best Group" category


Studio albums

year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1992 Take That & Party DE28 (26 weeks)
- - UK2
Double platinum
× 2
Double platinum

(82 weeks)UK
First published: August 17, 1992
Sales: + 600,000
1993 Everything changes DE4th

(53 weeks)DE

(30 weeks)AT

(39 weeks)CH
Quadruple platinum
× 4
Quadruple platinum

(88 weeks)UK
First published: October 18, 1993
Sales: + 1,775,000
1995 Nobody Else DE1

(28 weeks)DE

(20 weeks)AT

(22 weeks)CH
Double platinum
× 2
Double platinum

(45 weeks)UK
US69 (19 weeks)
First published: May 1, 1995
Sales: + 900,000
2006 Beautiful World DE2

(35 weeks)DE
AT8 (10 weeks)

(23 weeks)CH
Nine-fold platinum
× 9
Nine-fold platinum

(132 weeks)UK
First published: November 24, 2006
Sales: + 2,925,000
2008 The Circus DE14 (13 weeks)
AT42 (6 weeks)
CH22 (13 weeks)
Seven times platinum
× 7
Seven times platinum

(73 weeks)UK
First published: November 28, 2008
Sales: + 2,100,000
2010 progress DE1

(33 weeks)DE

(12 weeks)AT

(20 weeks)CH
Eight times platinum
× 8
Eight times platinum

(59 weeks)UK
First published: November 15, 2010
Sales: + 2,535,000
2014 III DE26 (5 weeks)
- CH59 (1 week)

(36 weeks)UK
First published: November 28, 2014
Sales: + 300,000
2017 Wonderland DE19 (2 weeks)
AT47 (1 week)
CH28 (1 week)

(15 weeks)UK
First published: March 24th, 2017
Sales: + 100,000

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