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Manchester city
Coat of arms since 2016
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Football company
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Surname Manchester City Football Club Ltd
Seat Manchester , England
founding 1880 (as West Gorton Saint Marks )
Colours light blue-white
Shareholder City Football Group
→ 86.21%: Abu Dhabi United Group Investment & Development Ltd
→ 13.79%: CMC Football Holdings Ltd
Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak
First team
Head coach pep Guardiola
Venue Etihad Stadium
Places 55.017
league Premier League
2020/21 1st place

Manchester City (officially Manchester City Football Club ) - also known as The Citizens or City - is a football club based out of Manchester . Founded in 1880 as West Gorton Saint Marks , the club played under the name Ardwick AFC from 1887 and then moved to Hyde Road before the final name Manchester City FC emerged in 1894 . The club won the English championship six times, the FA Cup six times, the League Cup six times and the European Cup Winners' Cup once . He plays in the Premier League and has spent most of his history in the major leagues. The club's official mascots are the aliens "Moonchester" and "Moonbeam".


In 1892, the club joined the English Football League as Ardwick AFC as a founding member of the Second Division , the then second division. Financial difficulties in the 1893/94 season led to a fundamental restructuring and renaming in Manchester City with simultaneous entry in the commercial register as Manchester City Football Club Limited on April 16, 1894.

By winning the second division championship in 1899, the club was able to record its first success. In 1904, after beating Bolton Wanderers in the FA Cup in the final, the first major title win followed. In 1923 Manchester City moved into its new stadium on Maine Road in Moss Side , Manchester . This was in the south of Manchester and thus far away from his previous home in the east of the city, which is why dissatisfied members and fans founded their own club with Manchester Central in 1928 .

Manchester City won the first English championship in 1937. The FA Cup final of 1956, 3, Manchester City 1 against Birmingham City won, is still regarded as one of the bemerkenswertesten Finals because the goalkeeper Bert Trautmann , the game despite a fractured cervical vertebra to End played. The second title followed in 1968 and marked the beginning of a very successful era in the 1970s between the late 1960s and early years under the manager Joe Mercer , his assistant Malcolm Allison , Team Captain Tony Book and the strikers Francis Lee , Colin Bell and Mike Summerbee the Trophy collection has been expanded significantly. The most significant European success was about 1970, winning the European Cup Winners' Cup, when the club final in Vienna the Polish representatives Górnik Zabrze 2: 1 defeated.

The club then went through a long period of failure, and Manchester City were relegated twice from the top division in the 1980s. Although in this phase the fifth place in the top division could be fought for two consecutive years under manager Peter Reid , this did not change the fundamentally negative trend until the 1990s and led to an absolute low in 1998, when the club was even for the first time relegated to the third division.

The relegation sparked off-field turmoil and a new chairman took over the club. City succeeded in its first attempt to rise again after a dramatic play-off of Gillingham FC was defeated. At the same time, plans to move to a new stadium were announced, and for the first time an optimistic atmosphere reignited. The direct promotion to the first division after only one second division season then turned out to be too early for the still recovering club and resulted in relegation in the 2000/01 season. Kevin Keegan took over the sporting leadership of the team and had immediate success when the club won the second division championship with a record for points and goals scored within a season. The last season in the old stadium on Maine Road could therefore be completed in the top division.

One of the highlights of last season at the old homestead Maine Road, which has since been demolished, was the 3-1 win in the derby against Manchester United after a goal from Nicolas Anelka and two goals from Shaun Goater , which was a 13-year winless period finished against local rivals. In 2003 Manchester City moved to the City of Manchester Stadium , a newly built and club- leased venue in east Manchester with 48,000 seats. The first season in the new stadium ended with ninth place in the final table and qualification for the UEFA Cup through the UEFA fair play rules .

In the run-up to the 2002/03 season, the club signed Anelka for £ 13.5 million. This was a further indication of the unusually fast ascent from the third division club in 1999 to a club that only a short time later owned a large stadium, took part in a European competition and had world-class players in its squad. In February 2005, the auditing company Deloitte & Touche ranked the club among the world's top football clubs in 16th place.

In 2007, the controversial former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra acquired the majority of the shares in the club. In September 2008 he sold it to an investment company from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for around 185 million euros . In the following years, Manchester City took off on a steep upswing. With third place, the 2010/11 season brought the best placement in the Premier League and thus the first qualification for the Champions League. In April 2011, with a final win against Stoke City, they also won the FA Cup and thus their first national title since 1976. In the 2011/12 season , Manchester City won the English championship for the third time after 44 years. Although local rivals Manchester United had five points ahead of four games before the end of the season, he was overtaken by the better goal difference, with Queens Park Rangers only being defeated by two goals in stoppage time on the last day of the match .

In the 2012/13 season , City finished second behind city rivals Manchester United. On May 11, 2013, the team lost the FA Cup final against Wigan Athletic 1-0, although they were considered favorites. Three days later, Roberto Mancini , who had been in office since December 2009, was relieved of his duties because he had missed all goals except for direct Champions League qualification. On June 14, 2013, Manuel Pellegrini , former coach of Málaga CF, was confirmed as the new head coach. After winning the League Cup in 2014 , City retired in the 2013/14 FA Cup, as in the previous year, against Wigan Athletic with 1: 2, this time in the quarter-finals. In the championship , on the penultimate day of the match , they passed Liverpool FC for a long time and won the title again two years after the 2012 championship.

In the 2014/15 season, Manchester City were eliminated in the 4th round of the FA Cup at home with 0-2 against the second division club Middlesbrough FC .

For the season 2016/17 took Pep Guardiola 's team Manuel Pellegrini . In early 2017, Manchester City accepted a lawsuit from the FA after violating the anti- doping rule reporting requirements for the third time in a year .

In the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League , the team failed at league rivals Liverpool FC and was eliminated in the quarter-finals. On the 33rd match day of the 2017/18 Premier League season , Manchester City had won the fifth English championship.

In the 2018/19 season , Manchester City won the Premier League one point ahead of Liverpool as well as the FA Cup and the League Cup , making them the first men's team to win the national triple. In the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League they were knocked out again in the quarter-finals against Tottenham Hotspur .

On February 15, 2020, Manchester City was banned by UEFA from all competitions of the association, i.e. from the Europa League and the Champions League, for two years due to violations of financial fair play . In addition, the club has to pay a fine of 30 million euros. The penalty applies from the 2020/21 season . The club, which is largely owned by the ruling family of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, overestimated sponsorship income on its balance sheet between 2012 and 2016, said the independent financial control body CFCB of UEFA. City also did not cooperate sufficiently during the investigations. In the summer of 2020, the CAS International Sports Court lifted the ban on Manchester City and reduced the fine.

In the UEFA Champions League 2020/21 reached Manchester City for the first time the finals of the tournament.


The shares in Manchester City Football Club Limited are wholly owned by the City Football Group . At this are Abu Dhabi United Group Investment & Development Limited to 86.21 percent and the China Media Capital Football Holdings Limited holds 13.79 percent.


In the 2012 financial year, the association generated EUR 285.6 million in sales, of which EUR 75 million was television money. This puts Man City in 7th place in the ranking of the clubs with the highest turnover in Europe. In 2011 the club posted a loss of 228 million euros (194 million pounds), never before in the history of English football has a club posted a larger loss in one year. In 2012 the loss was reduced to £ 99 million. Manchester City has the highest wage bill in England with £ 202m in salaries, making wages equal to 87% of total sales in 2012. Net debt in the same year was £ 58m.

Composition of 2012 sales (£ 231 million):

  • Ticket sales and match day revenues: £ 22 million
  • TV broadcast rights: £ 88 million
  • Marketing & Sponsorship: £ 121 million

In terms of investment policy, owner Mansour is pursuing a so-called “forced investment strategy” by converting his interest-free shareholder loans into equity . In the future, expenses should be covered by corresponding income. Just 18 months after taking over the club, Mansour invested 440 million euros. At the end of the 2011/12 season, this sum increased to 900 million euros. Mansour states his investment policy as a long-term project, at the end of which the association should stand financially on its own two feet. In order not to violate the financial fair play regulation , Mansour has so far compensated for part of the losses out of his own pocket. In 2012, the club's management announced that it would curb the “aggressive transfer policy” of recent years and focus more on youth work. Critics claim that by donating money to sponsors like Etihad Airways , Mansour is violating UEFA's financial fair play guidelines, as money paid to the club by those sponsors is considered income. The ten-year contract with Etihad Airways is expected to bring Man City € 466 million.

From 2007 to 2012, Man City paid around € 720 million to access 164 players. In contrast, the departure of 174 players brought in around 160 million euros. That results in a loss of 560 million euros.


For the fiscal year ending May 2013, City was able to reduce its loss to £ 52 million as revenue increased to £ 271 million. Despite the high losses, the club expected to meet the regulations of financial fair play , as there is an exception rule for player salaries that were agreed before 2010. In May 2014, however, UEFA imposed a fine of EUR 60 million. In addition, the club is only allowed to use 21 instead of 25 players in the Champions League, and the salaries of these players cannot increase in total.


In the 1957/58 season Manchester City scored 104 goals in the First Division, but also received 100 goals. That was the only time in the league so far that a club both scored and conceded a three-digit number of goals. Manchester City are also the only club to date that have been relegated as English champions. This fate befell the club in 1938.

In the 2011/12 season, the championship was won on the last day of the match after a 2-1 deficit against Queens Park Rangers with two goals in stoppage time (92nd minute (Džeko) and 94th minute (Agüero)).

An Etihad Airways (UAE) aircraft in the club colors of Manchester City

Club colors and crests

The club colors and thus also the clothing for home games are light blue and white. The traditional away kit is either maroon or red and black, although several other colors have been used in the recent past.

The previous club coat of arms was brought into being in 1997 after the previous coat of arms used since 1972 had proven unsuitable for an application as a trademark . The coat of arms is based on the Manchester City Arsenal and features a shield in front of a golden eagle . The upper half of the sign depicts a ship representing the Manchester Ship Canal . The lower half shows three diagonal stripes. The lower part of the coat of arms is decorated with the Latin motto Superbia in Proelio , which translates as pride in battle . Three stars can be seen above the eagle and shield, which are purely decorative and do not represent master stars .

Already during the 2015/16 season, those responsible for the club announced that they would renew the coat of arms. The new logo was presented to the public on December 26, 2015, Boxing Day, before the game against Sunderland . Since the summer of 2016, Manchester City has officially entered the square under the new coat of arms.

Outfitters and shirt sponsors

At the end of February 2019, the City Football Group and the German sporting goods manufacturer Puma signed a long-term equipment contract. The agreement, which will run from July 2019, applies not only to Manchester City but also to the other clubs of the City Football Group (including Melbourne City FC , FC Girona , Club Atlético Torque or FC Sichuan Jiuniu ). Neither side wanted to provide any information about the length or the financial volume. According to media reports, the contract will run for ten years and have a value of 750 million euros.

Period Outfitter Shirt sponsors
1974-1982 Umbro no sponsor
1982-1984 Saab
1984-1987 Philips
1987-1997 Brother
1997-1999 Kappa
1999-2002 Le Coq Sportif Eidos
2002-2003 First advice
2003-2004 Reebok
2004-2007 Thomas Cook
2007-2009 Le Coq Sportif
2009-2013 Umbro Etihad Airways
2013-2019 Nike
from 2019 puma


After the club was founded, Manchester City played in five different stadiums until permanent quarters were found in the stadium on Hyde Road in 1887 . In 1920 the main stand on Hyde Road was destroyed by fire and in 1923 a new stadium was moved into on Maine Road . At the end of the 2002/03 season, the club moved from Maine Road to the City of Manchester Stadium , a 48,000-seat stadium in east Manchester, which at the time was state-of-the-art, and which he moved from the City of Manchester to the Commonwealth Games 2002 acquired.

Since the move, the club has invested £ 35 million in developing the stadium and lowering the pitch, adding another row around the square and building the new north stand.

The new stadium opened with a 2-1 win over top Spanish club FC Barcelona , with Nicolas Anelka and Trevor Sinclair scoring the two goals.

Fan culture

The appendix proved its extraordinary loyalty especially in the difficult years. Despite relegation in two consecutive seasons in the late 1990s, a constant 32,000 spectators came to the sold-out games and defied the poor quality of the opposing teams and the low-class football presented. This loyalty differed significantly from other large clubs such as Sunderland AFC, which, when caught in sporting turbulence, always complains of a large drop in support from up to 20,000 fans.

The preferred song of the fans is the song Blue Moon , which despite the melancholy theme is performed with great enthusiasm as an anthem .

In the late 1980s, City fans started bringing inflatable items to the games, preferably bananas. This fashion had its origin in the game against West Bromwich Albion , when the choirs reacted with Imre Banana after the introduction of substitute Imre Varadi . Images of grandstands with numerous fans swinging inflatable objects were characteristic signs of the 1988/89 season. The climax was the game between Manchester City and Stoke City on December 26, 1988, which was proclaimed by fan magazines to be a costume party .


Liam and Noel Gallagher (formerly Oasis ), musicians Rick Wakeman and Ryan Adams , The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy, The Fall front man Mark E. Smith , former drummer Alan "Reni" Wren of The Stone Roses , Ex- Smiths drummer Mike Joyce , Mike Pickering from M People , bassist from the band James Jim Glennie, ex- Take That singer Jason Orange and The Chameleons singer Mark Burgess are avowed fans of Manchester City. The late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis and the late New Order producer and co-partner of the former legendary Manchester scene club The Haçienda , Rob Gretton , were also fanatical supporters. Ex Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr , The Durutti Column mastermind Vini Reilly and A Certain Ratio bassist and singer Jez Kerr completed test training sessions for the club in their youth.

Members of the band Doves and Badly Drawn Boy are also season ticket holders. Badly Drawn Boy and Doves said goodbye to the old venue with their concert after the last game against Southampton FC at Maine Road Stadium, marking the move to the new stadium, while Oasis was on both Maine Road and the City of Manchester Stadium Gave concerts in front of a total of 180,000 fans on three evenings.

The radio entertainers Mark Radcliffe & Marc Riley (alias Mark & ​​Lard ), the music journalist Paul Morley and Stuart Hall have been supporters of the club all their lives, as have comedians Eddie Large , Chris Sievey (alias Frank Sidebottom ) and Bernard Manning , the playwright Trevor Griffiths as well as the British star photographer Kevin Cummins. Much of the Coronation Street TV team has traditionally kept their fingers crossed for Manchester City.

Long-term fans also include actors David Threlfall, Jackie Chan , Alan Carr , Craig Cash, John Henshaw and James Bond actor Timothy Dalton , former derivatives trader and Barings Bank bankrupt Nick Leeson , businessman Michael O'Leary , former English rugby union player Will Greenwood , former deputy director of the Bank of England Sir Howard Davies , English cricketer Andrew Flintoff , English professional tennis player Liam Broady , British American football professional Menelik Watson (Oakland Raiders) and English snooker player Nigel Bond .

Former boxer Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton is a Manchester City fan; his father was a player in the club. In boxing matches, Hatton entered the ring to the club song Blue Moon .

Arthur Balfour , British Prime Minister from 1902 to 1905, was also a supporter of Manchester City.




Current squad 2020/21

As of January 4, 2021

No. Nat. Surname birthday in the team since Contract until
13 United StatesUnited States Zack Steffen Apr 2, 1995 2020 2023
31 BrazilBrazil Ederson Aug 17, 1993 2017 2025
33 EnglandEngland Scott Carson Sep 3 1985 2019 2021
85 EnglandEngland James Trafford U23 Oct 10, 2002 2020 2022
02 EnglandEngland Kyle Walker May 28, 1990 2017 2024
03 PortugalPortugal Rúben Dias May 14, 1997 2020 2026
05 EnglandEngland John Stones May 28, 1994 2016 2022
06th NetherlandsNetherlands Nathan Aké Feb. 18, 1995 2020 2025
11 UkraineUkraine Oleksandr Zinchenko Dec 15, 1996 2016 2024
14th FranceFrance Aymeric Laporte May 27, 1994 2018 2025
22nd FranceFrance Benjamin Mendy 17th July 1994 2017 2023
27 PortugalPortugal João Cancelo May 27, 1994 2019 2025
34 NetherlandsNetherlands Philippe Sandler Feb 10, 1997 2018 2022
50 SpainSpain Eric García Jan. 9, 2001 2019 2021
78 EnglandEngland Taylor Harwood-Bellis U23 Jan. 30, 2002 2008
79 EnglandEngland Luke Mbete U23 Sep 18 2003 2020 2022
08th GermanyGermany İlkay Gündoğan Oct. 24, 1990 2016 2023
16 SpainSpain Rodrigo June 22, 1996 2019 2024
17th BelgiumBelgium Kevin De Bruyne June 28, 1991 2015 2025
20th PortugalPortugal Bernardo Silva Aug 10, 1994 2017 2025
25th BrazilBrazil Fernandinho May 4th 1985 2013 2021
26th AlgeriaAlgeria Riyad Mahrez Feb 21, 1991 2018 2023
47 EnglandEngland Phil Foden May 28, 2000 2017 2024
61 EnglandEngland Felix Nmecha U23 Oct 10, 2000 2018 2021
69 EnglandEngland Tommy Doyle U23 Oct 17, 2001 2019 2025
80 EnglandEngland Cole Palmer U23 May 6, 2002 2009 2024
82 SpainSpain Adrián Bernabé U23 May 26, 2001 2018 2021
07th EnglandEngland Raheem Sterling Dec 8, 1994 2015 2023
09 BrazilBrazil Gabriel Jesus Apr 3, 1997 2017 2023
10 ArgentinaArgentina Sergio Aguero June 2nd, 1988 2011 2021
21 SpainSpain Ferrán Torres Feb. 29, 2000 2020 2025
48 EnglandEngland Liam Delap U23 Feb 8, 2003 2019 2023
U23 also in the U23 squad

Squad changes 2020/21

time player Transferring club
Summer 2020 Nathan Aké Bournemouth AFC
Patrick Roberts Middlesbrough FC (loanee)
Philippe Sandler RSC Anderlecht (loan)
Zack Steffen Fortuna Düsseldorf (loanee)
Ferrán Torres Valencia CF
after the start of the season Rúben Dias Benfica Lisbon
time player Receiving club
Summer 2020 Claudio Bravo Betis Seville
Leroy Sané FC Bayern Munich
David Silva Real Sociedad San Sebastian
after the start of the season Nicolás Otamendi Benfica Lisbon
Patrick Roberts Middlesbrough FC (Loan)

Coaching staff

Pep Guardiola has been the head coach since the 2016/17 season
Nat. Surname function since
SpainSpain pep Guardiola Head coach 2016
EnglandEngland Brian Kidd Assistant coach 2009
SpainSpain Rodolfo Borrell Assistant coach 2016
SpainSpain Juanma Lillo Assistant coach 2020
SpainSpain Xabi Mancisidor Goalkeeping coach 2013
SpainSpain Lorenzo Buenaventura Fitness trainer 2016
SpainSpain Carles planchart Video analyst 2016

Number 23

Since 2003 Manchester City has not given the shirt number 23. It was withdrawn in honor of Marc-Vivien Foé , who was under contract with Manchester City and on loan from Olympique Lyon . Foé died during an international match for the Cameroon national team .

Manchester City Hall of Fame

The following people have been inducted into the Manchester City Hall of Fame since 2004 :

Malcolm Allison , Ken Barnes , Colin Bell , Tony Book , Eric Brook , Roy Clarke , Joe Corrigan , Sam Cowan , Peter Doherty , Mike Doyle , Shaun Goater , Johnny Hart , Tommy Johnson , Paul Lake , Francis Lee , Joe Mercer , Billy Meredith , Alan Oakes , Roy Paul , Niall Quinn , Uwe Rösler , Mike Summerbee , Frank Swift , Fred Tilson , Ernie Toseland , Bert Trautmann , Alex Williams , Neil Young .


(The respective term of office is given in brackets; interim trainers are not listed.)


  • Record victory in the championship: 11: 3 against Lincoln City (on March 23, 1895)
  • Record win in the FA Cup: 12-0 against Liverpool Stanley (on October 4, 1890)
  • Record defeat in the championship: 1: 9 against Everton FC (September 3, 1906)
  • Record FA Cup defeat: 6-0 to Preston North End (January 1897)
  • Record attendance: 84,569 against Stoke City (March 3, 1934)
  • Record player in the championship: Alan Oakes (561 + three short appearances, 1958–1976)
  • Record players overall: Alan Oakes (668 + four short appearances, 1958–1976)
  • Record goalscorers overall: Sergio Agüero (184, 2011-2017)
  • Record goalscorer in one season: Tommy Johnson (38, 1928-29)

Top 10 in terms of appearances and goals

(As of January 2, 2018; all competitive games and goals are given)

1 EnglandEngland Alan Oakes 1959-1976 668
2 EnglandEngland Joe Corrigan 1967-1983 592
3 EnglandEngland Mike Doyle 1964-1988 558
4th GermanyGermany Bert Trautmann 1949-1964 545
5 EnglandEngland Eric Brook 1927-1940 494
6th EnglandEngland Colin Bell 1966-1979 492
7th EnglandEngland Tommy Booth 1967-1981 478
8th EnglandEngland Mike Summerbee 1965-1975 443
9 EnglandEngland Paul Power 1975-1986 437
10 ScotlandScotland Willie Donachie 1968-1980 425
1 ArgentinaArgentina Sergio Aguero since 2011 199
2 EnglandEngland Eric Brook 1927-1940 177
3 EnglandEngland Tommy Johnson 1919-1930 166
4th EnglandEngland Joe Hayes 1953-1965 152
EnglandEngland Colin Bell 1966-1979
6th WalesFlag of Wales (1959 – present) .svg Billy Meredith 1894-1906
7th EnglandEngland Francis Lee 1967-1974 143
8th EnglandEngland Tommy Browell 1913-1926 139
10 EnglandEngland Billie Gillespie 1897-1905 132
EnglandEngland Fred Tilson 1927-1938

Seasonal balances


The second team, called U23, currently plays in Premier League 2. They play at the Academy Stadium in Manchester. Her greatest success so far was the championship in the 2020/21 season.

Women's soccer

The Manchester City Ladies Football Club was founded in November 1988th With the move into the top English division, the FA Women's Super League , it was renamed Manchester City Women's Football Club in January 2014 . The team plays their home games at the Manchester City Academy Stadium , which, like the men's stadium, is located in the Etihad Campus sports complex in Sportcity . The record attendance was reached on September 25, 2016 in the league game against the women's team of Chelsea with 4,096 spectators in the stands. She is looked after by Nick Cushing from England and his assistant coach Alan Mahon from Ireland. Since August 2012, the women's department has been an integral part of the club structure, which among other things also guarantees financial support or shared use of the training grounds.

The Manchester City Ladies played their first game against the Curzon Ashton Ladies , they won the friendly 4-2. For the 1989/90 season, the team took up regular play in the regional league . Among the biggest successes include winning the championship in the top division, the Football Association Women's Super League , in 2016 and a year later the victory in the final of the FA Women's Cup with 4: 1 over the Birmingham City LFC . In the 2016/17 season , the team reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and was eliminated by Olympique Lyon , which marked the best performance in this competition.

Current squad

As of April 18, 2021

No. position Surname
2 EnglandEngland FROM Aoife Mannion
3 EnglandEngland FROM Demi Stokes
4th EnglandEngland FROM Gemma Bonner
5 IrelandIreland FROM Megan Campbell
6th EnglandEngland FROM Steph Houghton ( captain )
7th EnglandEngland MF Laura Coombs
9 EnglandEngland ST Chloe Kelly
10 EnglandEngland ST Georgia Stanway
11 CanadaCanada ST Janine Beckie
13 United StatesUnited States FROM Abby Dahlkemper
14th EnglandEngland FROM Esme Morgan
No. position Surname
15th EnglandEngland ST Lauren Hemp
16 EnglandEngland MF Jess Park
18th EnglandEngland ST Ellen White
19th ScotlandScotland ST Caroline Weir
20th EnglandEngland FROM Lucy bronze
21 United StatesUnited States MF Rose Lavelle
22nd United StatesUnited States MF Sam Mewis
24 EnglandEngland MF Keira Walsh
26th EnglandEngland TW Ellie Roebuck
27 EnglandEngland FROM Alex Greenwood
34 FranceFrance TW Karima Benameur Taieb

Borrowed players:

No. position Surname
1 EnglandEngland TW Karen Bardsley OL Reign
8th EnglandEngland MF Jill Scott → Everton
12th IrelandIreland MF Tyler Toland → Glasgow City
17th Korea SouthSouth Korea ST Lee Geum-min → Brighton and Hove Albion


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