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Marvin is a male, particularly common in the English language first name .

Origin and meaning

In the English-speaking world, “Marvin (also Marvyn) is derived from the Welsh name 'Merfyn', from which several English family names have emerged”. The name Marvin has meanwhile returned to Germany via the English-speaking area. The original meaning of the name Marwin in the German-speaking area is derived from the Old High German 'mari' (famous / great) and wini (friend): the famous / great friend .


Before the 1980s, the name Marvin was not in use in Germany. His popularity grew in the eighties and nineties, so that in 1998 he was among the top ten given names. Since then, its popularity has decreased somewhat.

Name bearer

First name

family name

stage name

  • Hank Marvin (actually Brian Robson Rankin ; * 1941), British guitarist and songwriter
  • Junior Marvin (actually Donald Hanson Marvin Kerr Richards Jr .; * 1949), Jamaican guitarist and singer


  • Merwin
  • Marwin
  • Marven
  • Marvyn
  • Merfyn
  • Marvian
  • Marvina


In literature and art



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