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Flood on the Metuje / Mettau in Nové Město nad Metují, 1997

Flood on the Metuje / Mettau in Nové Město nad Metují , 1997

Water code CZ : 1-01-03-001
location Czech Republic ( Královéhradecký kraj )
River system Elbe
Drain over Elbe  → North Sea
source northeast of Hodkovice
50 ° 36 ′ 30 ″  N , 16 ° 5 ′ 0 ″  E
Source height 632  m nm
muzzle at Jaroměř in the Elbe Coordinates: 50 ° 20 ′ 18 ″  N , 15 ° 55 ′ 6 ″  E 50 ° 20 ′ 18 ″  N , 15 ° 55 ′ 6 ″  E

length 79 km
Catchment area 607.6 km²

The Metuje (German Mettau ) is a left tributary of the Elbe . In its entire course it flows through the area of Okres Náchod in the Czech Republic . The original name of the Metuje was "Medhuje". This spelling is first documented for the year 1186. It is said to be of Indo-European origin and is probably derived from "* medh", which means "centered". Therefore it is assumed that at that time the "Medhuje" was meant as the middle river between the Úpa ( Aupa ) and the Orlice ( eagle ), both of which flow into the Elbe.


The Metuje rises northeast of the village Hodkovice ( Hottendorf ) on the northwestern edge of the Adršpach rock town . It then flows through the Janovická Vlčí rokle ( Johnsdorf Wolf's Gorge ) into the interior of the rocky area. At the lower exit of the gorge it is dammed in the Adršpašské jezírko ( Adršpašské jezírko ), from which it falls over the Great Adršpach Waterfall ( Velký Adršpašský vodopád ) 16 m deep to the north into a gorge; Below is the Little Adršpach Waterfall ( Malý Adršpašský vodopád ) with a height of four meters. In the area of ​​the inner rock city, the Metuje has cut a narrow gorge into the up to 80 m high rocks, into which the Bacheřichový potok stream flows from the Řeřichova rokle . Also stepping out of the rock city takes them from left to from Upper Adersbach coming Adršpašský Potok ( Adršpaš Dorfbach ) and one kilometer further downstream to the Schömberger Mountains, a spur of Waldburger highlands , near the village of Łączna in Lower Silesia springing Zdoňovský Potok ( Merkel Dorfer Bach ). After that, it turns south and flows through the cities of Teplice , Police and Hronov . On the southern edge of Velké Poříčí , the Brlenka flows to the left , which takes up the Czermnica ( Tscherbeeyer Bach ) south of Brné on Polish territory . From the confluence of the Schnell , which rises near Zimne Wody ( cold water ) in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains , the Mettau forms the border between the Czech Republic and Poland for a distance of about 300 meters to the Náchod district of Běloves ( Bielowes ). After Náchod it flows through a deep valley, which is known as Peklo ( Hell ) and is a popular destination. Then it reaches Nové Město nad Metují , where it turns west and continues through the plains of the East Bohemian Table. After 79 kilometers it reaches the town of Jaroměř , where it flows into the Elbe . The mean water flow at the mouth is 6.08 m³ / s.


  • Rosnerův potok (r), in Adršpašské jezírko or Skalní jezírko ( rock pond )
  • Řeřichový potok (l), in the Adršpach rocks
  • Adršpašský potok (l), near Dolní Adršpach
  • Zdoňovský potok (l), below at Dolní Adršpach
  • Bučnice (l), near Bučnice
  • Skalní potok (r), near Střmenské podhradí
  • Teplický potok (l) in Teplice nad Metují
  • Bohdašínský potok (l), near Dolní Teplice
  • Pelegrínka (l), near Dědov
  • Vlásenka (r), at Česká Metuje
  • Dunajka (l), near Velké Petrovice
  • Ledhujka (l), near Velké Petrovice
  • Židovka (l), near Kozínek
  • Dřevíč (r), near Velký Dřevíč
  • Zbečnický potok (r), in Hronov
  • Lokvencův potok (l), near Velké Poříčí
  • Brlenka (l), near Velké Poříčí
  • Bystra (l), near Malé Poříčí
  • Bavorův potok (l), near Běloves
  • Březinka (l), near Běloves
  • Radechovka (r), in Náchod
  • Olešenka (l), in Peklo
  • Libchyňský potok (l) in Nové Město nad Metují
  • Bohdašínský potok (l) in Nové Město nad Metují
  • Janovský potok (l), near Krčín
  • Černčický potok (l), in Mlýnský náhon near Černčice
  • Nahořanský potok (r), near Roztoky
  • Rozkoš (r), near Nouzín
  • Jasenná (l), at Starý Ples

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  4. left tributary of the Bystra / Schnelle or cs Střela