Oberreichenbach (Black Forest)

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Coat of arms of the municipality of Oberreichenbach
Oberreichenbach (Black Forest)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Oberreichenbach highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 44 '  N , 8 ° 40'  E

Basic data
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : Karlsruhe
County : Calw
Height : 626 m above sea level NHN
Area : 35.99 km 2
Residents: 2831 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 79 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 75394
Primaries : 07051, 07053, 07084
License plate : CW
Community key : 08 2 35 055
Address of the
municipal administration:
Schulstrasse 3
75394 Oberreichenbach
Website : www.oberreichenbach.de
Mayor : Karlheinz Kistner
Location of the municipality of Oberreichenbach in the district of Calw
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Oberreichenbach is a municipality in the northern Black Forest . It belongs to the district of Calw in Baden-Württemberg .


Geographical location

The community is naturally located on the Enz-Nagold-Platte between 588 and 745 meters above sea level, about 6 km from the district town of Calw and Bad Liebenzell . It belongs to the Northern Black Forest region . More than 70% of the municipal area is forested . The place name comes from the nearby Reichenbach, which is called Schweinbach after crossing into the Hirsau district .

Neighboring communities

It border the areas of the municipalities

to the municipality of Oberreichenbach.

Community structure

The following former municipalities and their suburbs belong to the municipality of Oberreichenbach:

  • Oberreichenbach with the hamlet Siehdichfür
  • Hedgehog hole with the Unterkollbach homestead
  • Oberkollbach
  • Würzbach with the hamlet of Naislach

Former locations:


Originally Oberreichenbach belonged to the Counts of Calw . In 1303 the place came to the Hirsau monastery and remained there as a bailiwick until the 18th century .

Spatial development of the municipal area

The village of Eberspiel, which was dissolved in Oberkollbach, was an independent municipality from 1835 to 1838.

In the course of the municipal reform in Baden-Württemberg 1974/75, the municipalities of Oberkollbach and Igelsloch were incorporated into Oberreichenbach on December 1, 1974. Today's community was created on January 1, 1975 through the union of Oberreichenbach and Würzbach. In the former municipality of Würzbach lies the desert of Oberwürzbach.


The Protestant residents of the main town of Oberreichenbach belong with those of Calw-Altburg to the Protestant parish Altburg & Oberreichenbach in the church district of Calw-Nagold . The Protestant residents of the suburbs Igelsloch (with Siehdichfür), Oberkollbach and Würzbach (with Naislach) have belonged to the common parish of Würzbach & Oberkollbach / Igelsloch since the last change in 2015.The common pastoral office was moved back to Würzbach after a short transition period at the beginning of 2020 Oberkollbach moved back.

The Catholic residents belong to the pastoral care unit Calw-Bad Liebenzell.


Administrative community

The municipality of Oberreichbach belongs to the agreed administrative community of Calw / Oberreichenbach.

Municipal council

The local council in Oberreichenbach has 12 members. The local elections on May 29, 2019 led to the following preliminary final result. The turnout was 69.4% (2014: 58.0%). The municipal council consists of the elected voluntary councilors and the mayor as chairman. The mayor is entitled to vote in the municipal council.

Political party be right Seats 2014 result
Citizen List 48.8% 6th 6 seats
Free voters 30.1% 3 6 seats
More closeness to the citizen 13.2% 2 0 seats
SPD 8.0% 1 0 seats


Karlheinz Kistner was re-elected in January 2017.

coat of arms

Blazon : Divided by a lowered blue wavy bar; above in gold (yellow) four rooted green fir trees, below in two rows of gold (yellow) and red (ten places). The four fir trees stand for the four districts and the Black Forest. The chess of gold and red is the coat of arms of the Zavelstein rule.

Culture and sights


  • In the main town of Oberreichenbach there has been the Protestant St. Luke Church in tent form since 1970 with a community hall that was added later. The Stuttgart artist Adolf Valentin Saile created the baptismal window with the motif of Christ's baptism and missionary commission as well as a wall mosaic to the parable of the prodigal son for the new building.
  • The Johanniskirche was built in Oberkollbach in 1952 by the architect Hermann Hornbacher . The choir window with the life stages of Jesus up to the crucifixion and resurrection was designed and manufactured by Adolf Valentin Saile.
  • The Leonhardskirche Igelsloch seems to have had its origins before the 13th century. It was first mentioned in 1420 and rebuilt in 1954. She received a colored choir window from the Stuttgart glass artist Wolf-Dieter Kohler .
  • The originally late Gothic Nikolauskirche Würzbach from 1411 was renewed in 1860.

Natural monuments

Between Würzbach, Oberreichenbach and Siehdichfür lies the nature reserve and protected forest area of ​​the Würzbacher Moor .


The former nuclear protection bunker of the Baden-Württemberg state government is located in Oberreichenbach and has been used as a high-security data center for EDP failure prevention by a state- related private company (COMback GmbH) since 1994 .

Economy and Infrastructure

Established businesses

In addition to COMback GmbH, Elektro Groß is the only larger company in Oberreichenbach. There are also hairdressing salons, restaurants and gas stations. In the districts of Oberkollbach and Würzbach there are also some shops, including smaller department stores.


A kindergarten is located in the village. A primary school can be found in the Würzbach district.



  • Karl Greiner , local history of the municipality of Oberreichenbach
  • Helga Hagenlocher-Lörcher, Oberreichenbach local history
  • Hans Büxenstein, Igelsloch and Unterkollbach - an 800-year-old community of fate

Web links

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