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Paul V in a painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio , ca.1606
Coat of arms of Pope Paul V
Paul V in a representation by Crispyn de Passe (1564–1637)

Paul V (born September 17, 1552 in Rome ; † January 28, 1621 there ), born as Camillo Borghese , was Pope of the Catholic Church from 1605 to 1621 . Like Clemens VIII , he is buried in the Cappella Paolina of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore , which he designed and which houses the Roman miraculous image Salus Populi Romani , which is modeled on a so-called St. Luke Madonna .


Camillo Borghese was the son of Count Marcantonio Borghese from Siena , who moved to Rome with his family in 1541 and was a lawyer in the papal curia.

He was the oldest of seven children, three of whom died before he was elected Pope. His brother Francesco (1556-1620) was Count of Rignano and general of the papal army. Another brother Giovanni Battista (Giambattista Borghese 1554-1609) was governor of Borgo and castellan of Castel Sant'Angelo . The son from the marriage of his sister Ortensia to Francesco Caffarelli, who later became the influential Cardinal Scipione Caffarelli Borghese , was adopted by him so that he could bear the family name Borghese. Even before his cardinal elevation, he acted as godfather of the later Jesuit general Alessandro Luigi Gottifredi (1595–1652).


Camillo Borghese studied law and philosophy before entering the service of the Curia . On June 5, 1596, Pope Clement VIII elevated him to cardinal priest with the titular church of Sant'Eusebio . In 1599 he moved to the titular church Santi Giovanni e Paolo . In 1597 he became the resident bishop of Jesi . In 1603 he also became Cardinal Vicar of Rome and Inquisitor .


On May 16, 1605, after the death of Leo XI, who ruled for only 26 days, elected him . , the conclave of the new Pope. Cardinal Borghese had already had a chance of becoming a direct successor to Clement VIII, but was still too young. After the rapid death of the Medici predecessor, it was agreed that he would be the bearer of hope.

He chose his papal name in memory of Paul III. , the patron of his family. After the election he appointed his nephew Scipione Caffarelli-Borghese as a so-called cardinal nephew as cardinal and cardinal secretary of state . By gaining the papacy, the Borghese family caught up with the ancient Roman noble families Colonna and Orsini and soon overtook them in terms of family wealth.

During his pontificate , the famous Villa Borghese was laid out, which also houses a bust of the Pope created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini . Right at the beginning of his pontificate there was a conflict with the Republic of Venice . Venice had passed a law that forbade real estate to be sold to the church and that at the same time placed the clergy under the jurisdiction of the republic. Paul V then imposed the excommunication over the Senate of the Republic of Venice and the interdict over the entire Republic. In 1607 Paul V survived an assassination attempt. At the beginning of the Thirty Years' War he financially supported the Catholic League under the leadership of Duke Maximilian of Bavaria . He promoted the economy in the Papal States and settled in Rome, a new water line, the Acqua Paola , built and founded in 1605 the papal bank Banco di Santo Spirito , the first bank of Rome at all. Furthermore, Pope Paul V is considered the spiritual father of the well-known Vatican secret archive . The facade of St. Peter was also built on his behalf : the letters there still bear witness to him today. Otherwise, the pontificate essentially followed the guidelines of Clement VIII. The non-decision by Paul V in the mercy dispute (1607), to which all successors have adhered to this day, became important. At the end of 1620 he had a procession held to celebrate the Battle of the White Mountain , on which he himself collapsed and could not recover. On January 28, 1621 he died of the consequences of the stroke that he suffered in the square in front of the Quirinal. His successor was Pope Gregory XV.


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