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Peter-Paul Kranz (born December 29, 1884 in Hainstadt (Hainburg) , † November 2, 1957 in Munich ) was a German dentist, oral surgeon and university professor.


Kranz attended the Humanist High School in Aschaffenburg and the Rabanus-Maurus High School in Mainz . "Because of his liveliness" he had to leave her; at the age of 18, however, he graduated from high school as a "private student" . From 1902 he studied chemistry at the TH Darmstadt , the TU Berlin and the Philipps University of Marburg . In 1905 he began studying dentistry in Marburg , which he completed in 1907 with the state examination. He then turned to the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin of human medicine to. In 1914 he became a corps student at Teutonia Berlin . He returned to Marburg via the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg . After experimental work in pharmacology and clinical studies at the University of Graz , he was in 1911 in Marburg Dr. med. PhD . He later became Dr. phil. and Dr. med. dent. hc

Frankfurt am Main

He then worked for two years in Frankfurt am Main with Franz Klose in surgery under Ludwig Rehn . His Freiburg teacher Karl Aschoff helped him with his experimental investigations . Since October 1913 as a general practitioner in Hamburg , he moved into the First World War in 1914 . Only demobilized in November 1918 , he immediately became the first assistant in the medical department of the Frankfurt Dental Institute under Otto Loos . In 1919 he completed his habilitation. In 1920 he received his first teaching assignment for orthodontics in Germany . He worked on an interdisciplinary basis with the dermatologist Karl Herxheimer , Klose, the hygienist Hans Schlossberger , Wilhelm Kolle and his colleague friend Karl Falck . He was a consultant for the clinics under Ferdinand Sauerbruch and Friedrich von Müller (1858–1941) .


Appointed by the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich , he became head of the maxillofacial surgery department on April 1, 1929. On August 31, 1935, the medical faculty appointed him full professor .

As a medical officer of the Wehrmacht launched wreath in the Second World War, the military hospital Munich II and from 1940 as Oberfeldarzt the large air force hospital in Clichy in Paris .

Member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party since 1933 , he had to vacate his chair for Maria Schug-Kösters at short notice in 1947 . The Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and two other colleagues put him at number 1 on the list of appointments . In the arbitration chamber proceedings he was classified as a follower. Hubertia Munich awarded him the ribbon in 1951.


  • Clinical dentistry and its border areas
  • General dentist surgery


  • Andrea Hobbeling: Peter Paul Kranz . Dissertation, LMU Munich 1996

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