Parish Church Tannheim

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Parish Church of St. Nicholas


Denomination : Roman Catholic
Patronage : St. Nicholas
Consecration year : 1507
Parish : Parish Church Tannheim
Address: 6675 Tannheim

Coordinates: 47 ° 29 ′ 57.5 ″  N , 10 ° 31 ′ 0.4 ″  E

The parish church Tannheim is in the municipality of Tannheim in Tyrol . The Roman Catholic parish church of St. Nikolaus belongs to the deanery Breitenwang in the diocese of Innsbruck . The church is the second largest village church in Tyrol and is under monument protection ( list entry ).


The parish was first mentioned in documents in 1377. The first Gothic church was consecrated in 1507. After this church was demolished, a new church was built from 1722 to 1724 according to the plans of the architect Johann Jakob Herkommer by the builder Andreas Hafenegger and consecrated on October 17, 1725 by the Augsburg auxiliary bishop Johann Jakob von Mayr . The tower was built from 1725 to 1729.


High altar and side altars
inside view

The uniform baroque church with a powerful nave has a semicircular shape in front of the chorus disposed bands vestibules and a retracted choir with a semicircular end with a common gable roof and a West Tower. The building has arched and semicircular windows and oval windows over semicircular windows on the choir. The octagonal tower has an onion dome with a lantern and is 47 m high. The west side of the church and tower is clapboard . The keystone of the portal shows the year 1728. In the tower there is a war memorial.

The interior of the church shows itself with a four- bay hall space under a stilted flat barrel on pillars and a retracted two-bay choir with a rounded end under a lance-cap barrel . The nave and choir have a surrounding cornice , sturdy pillars with double pilasters in the nave and simple pilasters in the choir. There is a double gallery in the west .


The baroque church is equipped with three altars made of stucco marble with altar paintings , sculptures on the high altar , sculptures , ceiling frescoes and rich stucco work . The high altar and the two side altars come from the Tannheim plasterer Silvester Wöber. The side chapels were created by Johann Striegl from Pflach and Josef Anton Buck from Weißenbach . The stucco work was created in 1804 by Josef Georg Pfauder with the help of Franz Xaver Fischer. The frescoes of the “Last Supper” in the choir, “Annunciation of Mary” on the triumphal arch and the “Last Judgment” in the nave were designed by Joseph Keller (1804).

In 1895 Johann Kärle painted the frescoes in the round stitch caps (Confirmation and anointing of the sick, baptism and penance, marriage and ordination), in the apses (God the Father), above the skylight windows (Augustine and Hieronymus, “Josef's brothers report to Jakob the alleged death of Joseph ”, Johannes and Luke, Matthew and Mark,“ Joseph is sold ”, Ambrose and Gregory), above the organ gallery (King David, angel concert, Cecilia) and in the vaults of the side chapels (Holy Family, baptism of Christ). Kärle also designed the decorative painting as imitation stucco as well as the wall painting on the upper gallery parapet ( putti making music ) and on the lower gallery parapet (twelve apostles with the virtues "love, hope and faith").

The stained glass in the nave dates from 1881 (Franz Xaver and Nikolaus, Johannes and Rudolf, Petrus and Paulus), in the choir from 1892 (Good Shepherd, Maria with Child, Johannes) and Engelbert from the 20th century.

The protective coat Madonna was created by Rieder Schwaz in 1946 ( Tyrolean glass painting establishment ).

All interior and exterior renovations of the parish church and the renovation of the organ were completed between 1990 and 1997.


In the church tower is the completely preserved bells of the foundry family Löffler with four bells. It is the only complete spoonbill chime that still exists. The big bell has a clapper .

The spoonbill bells in the parish church of Tannheim
Bell no. Name of the bell Casting year Weight




1 Weather bell (large) 1561 3000 circa 1610 c 1
2 Zwölferglocke (short: Zwölferin) 1580 it 1
3 Elferglocke (short: Elferin) ges 1
4th Children's bell (little one) c 2

The weather bell

The weather bell - also called Löffler bell , Heiligenglocke or Große - was cast by Gregor Löffler together with his sons in 1561. It weighs 3000 kg and has a diameter of 1.61 meters. It is tuned to nominal c 1 . The old custom of letting them ring when storms threaten is still held today.

Their inscriptions read: “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, protect us from all evil, peace be upon you, it is I, do not be afraid.” And “Ain Suessen Klanng I give. The vest of the saints I reveal. The weather breaks i. The living demand I. The Doten Bewain Me. "


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