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Ruth (also: Rut , Ruthy ) is a female first name and family name .


For the Hebrew personal name רוּת rût , German 'Rut', there are various attempts at derivation. Johann Jakob Stamm derives the name from the verb root, based on Hans Bruppacherרוה rwh , German 'to drink enough' and translates the name as 'Tränkung / refreshment / refreshment'. Stamm compares this to the Hebrew personal namesבְּאֵרִי bə'erî , German 'Beeri' "my fountain" andבְּאֵרָ֣ה bə'erāh , German 'Beera' "small fountain".

Another possibility is the derivation from the Hebrew noun רְעוּת rə'ût , German 'friend / companion / friendship' .

The protagonist of the biblical book of the same name is written in the form of Ruth in accordance with Loccum's guidelines . The Septuagint gives the name as Ρουθ Rūth , the Vulgate as Ruth .

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The popularity of the name Ruth increased in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. In the late 1920s and early 1930s it was among the top ten most common girl names a few times. Then its popularity slowly declined. One reason was certainly the ban on the use of “Jewish” first names in the Third Reich. The name has been rather uncommon since the early eighties.


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