Integrated community of Dransfeld

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Coat of arms of the Dransfeld municipality
Integrated community of Dransfeld
Map of Germany, position of the Samtgemeinde Dransfeld highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 30 '  N , 9 ° 46'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Goettingen
Area : 122.42 km 2
Residents: 9338 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 76 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : , DUD, HMÜ, OHA
Association key : 03 1 59 5401
Association structure: 5 municipalities
Association administration address
Kirchplatz 1
37127 Dransfeld
Website :
Mayor of the municipality : Mathias Eilers ( SPD )
Location of the Dransfeld community in the Göttingen district
Niedersachsen Staufenberg Hann. Münden Scheden Bühren Niemetal Jühnde Dransfeld Adelebsen Friedland Rosdorf Göttingen Bovenden Gleichen Landolfshausen Seulingen Waake Seeburg Ebergötzen Duderstadt Obernfeld Rollshausen Rüdershausen Rhumspringe Wollershausen Gieboldehausen Wollbrandshausen Bodensee Krebeck Walkenried Bad Sachsa Bad Lauterberg im Harz Herzberg am Harz Herzberg am Harz Herzberg am Harz Hattorf am Harz Hattorf am Harz Wulften am Harz Elbingerode Hörden am Harz Osterode am Harz Bad Grund (Harz) Harz (Landkreis Göttingen) Harz (Landkreis Göttingen) Harz (Landkreis Göttingen) Landkreis Goslar Landkreis Northeim Landkreis Northeim Hessen Thüringen Sachsen-Anhaltmap
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The joint municipality of Dransfeld is a joint municipality in the district of Göttingen in Lower Saxony . Five municipalities have come together in it to carry out their administrative business. The administrative seat of the municipality is in the city of Dransfeld .


Geographical location

The joint community of Dransfeld is located in southern Lower Saxony between the half-timbered town of Hann. Münden and the university town of Göttingen .

Joint community structure

The combined community consists of the following member communities: (Population as of December 31, 2019)

Culture and sights


All municipal elections 2011
Gains and losses
compared to 2006
 % p
-3.15  % p.p.
-7.02  % p
+1.19  % p
+6.67  % p
+ 2.28  % p
+0.03  % p

Joint council

The council of the Dransfeld community consists of 24 councilors. This is the specified number for a municipality with a population between 9,001 and 10,000. The 24 council members are elected by local elections for five years each. The current term of office began on November 1, 2011 and ends on October 31, 2016.

The full-time Mayor of the Joint Community, Mathias Eilers (SPD), is also entitled to vote in the Council of the Joint Community.

The last local election on September 11, 2011 resulted in the following:

Joint mayor of the municipality

The full-time mayor of the joint municipality of Dransfeld is Mathias Eilers (SPD). In the last mayoral election on May 25, 2014, he was elected with 57.2% of the vote. The turnout was 57.2%. Eilers took up his post on November 1, 2014, replacing the previous incumbent Thomas Galla (CDU), who was no longer running.


A partnership with the Hungarian city ​​of Rácalmás has existed since 1990 .

coat of arms

Coat of arms of the Samtgemeinde Dransfeld
Blazon : “In black on a golden (yellow) mountain, a red-armored golden (yellow) lion with a raised right front paw; the mountain is covered with twelve green linden leaves in a ratio of 5: 4: 3, the upper ones overturned. "
Reasons for the coat of arms: The lion symbolizes the former affiliation to Braunschweig , the golden hill the landscape and the linden leaves stand for the number of communities when the joint community was founded.


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