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Franz von Sickingen , a well-known representative of the noble family von Sickingen

The Sickinger Höhe (formerly also "Landstuhler Höhe") is a landscape in the southwest of Rhineland-Palatinate . As a natural area , the Sickinger Höhe belongs to the Westrich plateau . The name recalls that central parts of the area belonged to the Landstuhl estate owned by the von Sickingen family .



The Sickinger Höhe, located in the southwest of the Palatinate , is about one third in the Kaiserslautern district and two thirds in the Südwestpfalz district . At Einöd it crosses the state border with Saarland . It extends from the plateaus south of the Sickingen town of Landstuhl in the north to almost the city of Zweibrücken in the south and from the border between Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland in the west to the Palatinate Forest in the east.


The Sickinger Höhe belongs to the large landscape of the Palatinate-Saarland Muschelkalkgebiet . The hilly plateau reaches heights of 300 to 430  m above sea level. NHN . The Sickinger step to the north descends quite steeply in several densely wooded steps towards the Landstuhler Bruch . The transition to the west to the Saarland is a little less rugged and even less so is that in the east to the eastern western edge of the city, where the wide valley of the Moosalb forms the border. In the south, the Sickinger Höhe merges almost imperceptibly into the Zweibrücker hill country .


Most of the Sickinger Höhe is drained via Moosalb, Wallhalb and Auerbach south to the Schwarzbach and then on via Blies , Saar and Mosel to the Rhine . The Lambsbach flows to the west directly towards the Blies .

Sights and culture

  • In the former schoolhouse in Queidersbach , built in 1836 , the Sickinger Höhe Museum has been offering an overview of 500 m² from early history to the recent past of the region since 1976.

Settlement and traffic

The country is sparsely populated and only has larger cities outside, on the lower edges. There are also no supra-regional traffic routes, with the exception of a predominantly two-lane section of the Autobahn 62 Landstuhl– Pirmasens .

Because of its remoteness, the area is ideal for hiking, e.g. B. on the Mühlenweg in Wallhalbtal . The signposted north route of the Palatinate sections of the historic Way of St. James runs over the Sickinger Höhe .

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Coordinates: 49 ° 20 '  N , 7 ° 31'  E