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Project author Mark Hučko
Year of publication 1999
particularities Planned language based on the Slavic languages
Language codes
ISO 639 -1


ISO 639 -2

art (other constructed languages)

Slovio is one of Slovaks Mark Hučko created in 1999, verbally and in writing to use end constructed language . At the same time, it is regarded as a world auxiliary language , which should enable speakers of Slavic languages ​​to communicate more easily. According to its inventor, the language is not only intended for Slavs , but should also be relatively easy to learn for non- Slavs and serve as an alternative to previous planned languages ​​such as Esperanto or the Ido , which mainly consists of Romance roots .

Since the vocabulary is based on the common lexical basis of the Slavic languages, Slovio can, according to its inventor Hučko, be understood by more than 400 million Slavic-speaking people worldwide without having to have studied the language beforehand.

There is an online portal (“”) - presumably initiated by the inventor of the language himself - which is written entirely in Slovio and was updated regularly until 2010. Radical, Slavic nationalist positions are sometimes taken on the online portal. As of October 2007, Slovio contains over 44,000 words.


Slovio can be displayed with either Latin or Cyrillic characters. Writing using the Latin alphabet is possible with and without diacritical marks . The spelling remains the same.

Latin: a b c cx d e f G (gx) H i j k l m n O p r s sx t u v (wx) z zx
Cyrillic: а б ц ч д е ф г (дж) х и й к л м н о п р с ш т у в (щ) з ж
(optional characters are in brackets)
  Latin letters   Cyrillic letters Phonetic value
A. a А а / a /
B. b Б б / b /
C. c Ц ц / t͡s /
Cx cx Ч ч / t͡ʃ /
D. d Д д / d /
E. e Е е / e /
F. f Ф ф / f /
G G Г г / ɡ /
Gx gx ДЖ дж / d͡ʒ /
H H Х х / h / or / x /
I. i И и / i /
J j Й й / y /
K k К к / k /
L. l Л л / l /
M. m М м / m /
N n Н н / n /
O O О о /O/
P p П п / p /
R. r Р р / r /
S. s С с / s /
Sx sx Ш ш / ʃ /
T t Т т / t /
U u У у / u /
V v В в / v /
Z z З з / z /
Zx zx Ж ж / ʒ /

Optional letters:

  Latin letters   Cyrillic letters Phonetic value
Hq hq always / h /
Hx hx always / x /
X x Кс кс / ks /
Wx wx Щ щ / ʃtʃ /
Q q Palatization of the preceding consonant


Digit: 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10 20th 30th 100 1000
Numeral: zero din dva tri cxtir piat sxes siem vos dev of dvades trides sto tisicx

Example text

Slovio in Latin and Cyrillic script:

Slovio es novju mezxunarodju jazika ktor razumijut cxtirsto milion ludis na celoju zemla. Ucxijte Slovio tper!
Словио ес новйу межународйу йазика ктор разумийут чтирсто милион лудис на целойу земла. Учийте Словио тпер!

German translation:

Slovio is a new international language that 400 million people around the world understand. Learn Slovio now!

Individual evidence

  1. Jan van Steenbergen, The Slovio Myth . In: Fiat Lingua, May 1, 2016, p. 7.


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