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Federal district Siberia
republic Altai
Rajon Kosh-Agach
population 550 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Height of the center 2100  m
Time zone UTC + 7
Telephone code (+7) 38842
Post Code 649787
License Plate 04
OKATO 84 210 864 001
Geographical location
Coordinates 49 ° 43 '  N , 89 ° 11'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 42 '47 "  N , 89 ° 11' 10"  E
Tashanta (Russia)
Red pog.svg
Situation in Russia
Tashanta (Altai Republic)
Red pog.svg
Location in the Altai Republic

Taschanta ( Russian Ташанта ) is a mountain village in the Russian part of the Altai , near the border with Mongolia . It lies on a plateau in the headwaters of the Chuja River, a tributary of the Katun , below the Durbet Daba pass ( 2482  m ), and belongs to the Kosch-Agach district .

Tashtanta is the only village in the rural municipality of Tashantinskoje selkoje posselenije and has 550 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010). The place is of regional importance as a border town and station on the R256 trunk road . This road, also known as Tschujatrakt ( Чуйский тракт / Tschuiski trakt ), coming from Novosibirsk , past Barnaul and Gorno-Altaisk opens up the northern parts of the Russian and Mongolian Altai and follows the route of an old mule track near the pass.

Near the road 8 km northwest of Taschanta old petroglyphs can be seen on a smooth rock wall , which depict the hunt for mountain sheep and ibex.

Individual evidence

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