The Last Ship (TV Series)

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Television series
German title The Last Ship
Original title The Last Ship
The Last Ship.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2014-2018
Channel Road Productions,
Platinum Dunes
length 45 minutes
Episodes 56 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , post-apocalypse
idea Hank Steinberg,
Steve Kane
production Todd Arnow
music Jim Dooley ,
James S. Levine
First broadcast June 22, 2014 (USA) on TNT
first broadcast
July 15, 2014 on TNT Series

The Last Ship is an American drama - television series based on since 22 June 2014 TNT will air and on the novel by William Brinkley based.

The series consists of 56 episodes in five seasons.


The series tells the story of the fictional American destroyer USS Nathan James (DDG-151) . By a virus - pandemic the world's population were killed over 80%, the governments have collapsed. The ship's crew with the microbiologist Dr. Rachel Scott on board is one of the few healthy survivors. Dr. Scott tries to manufacture a cure for the deadly virus aboard the USS Nathan James .


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  • Season 1: Developing a Cure, Niels Sorensen, Konstantin Ruskov
  • Season 2: Submarine Hunt, Brothers Ramsey and the Immune, President Jeffrey Michener
  • Season 3: China and Abuses of Power in the US, President Jeff Michener, Valerie
  • Season 4: Virus mutates again, Velek family
  • Season 5: Greater Colombian Empire attacks the USA, Gustavo "Tavo" Barros

Role allocation

Season 1 2 3 4th 5
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
Tom Chandler
Commanding Officer (CO)
Tom Chandler
Mike Slattery
Joseph Meylan (briefly; killed)
Andrea Garnett (briefly; killed)
Kara Green
Executive Officer (XO)
Mike Slattery
Joseph Meylan
Cobb (briefly)
Andrea Garnett
Alisha Granderson (briefly; killed)
Master Chief (CMDCM)
Russell Jeter
Officer of the Deck (OOD)
Alisha Granderson
Bridge (more)
Season 1 2 3 4th 5
Tactical Action Officer (TAO)
Barker (killed)
Alisha Granderson
Kara Foster (later Kara Green)
Cameron Burke
Carl Nishioka
Combat Information Center (CIC)
Alisha Granderson
Will Mason (including radar, sonar) (killed)
Carl Nishioka
Kara Foster (later Kara Green)
Wright (ao Sonar; also as Cameron C. Fuller )
Cameron Burke
Dalia Jaffe
Mia Valdez
Engine room
Andrea Garnett (Chief Engineer, killed )
Andy Chung (killed)
Lynn (killed)
O'Connor (killed)
Ella Ruiz
Season 1 2 3 4th 5
Medical staff, researchers
Rios (killed)
Dr. Rachel Scott (killed)
Quincy Tophet (deceased)
Dr. Milowsky
Helicopter crew ("helo")
Jesse (pilot)
Rodney "Sunshine" Poynter (pilot) (killed)
Kathleen Nolan (gunner)
Maddie Rawlings (pilot)
Tina “Slider” Almas (co-pilot)
Kitty "Stinger" Wallace (gunner)
Outdoor use ( Team Cobra , Team Vulture , others)
Daniel "Danny" Green
Eric Miller
Carlton Burk (killed)
Javier Cruz (killed)
Tex Nolan (killed)
Wolf Taylor
Ravit Bivas (slain)
Sasha Cooper
Azima Kandie
US Southern Command (Cape Canaveral)
Alisha Granderson (killed)
Russell Jeter
Joseph Meylan (killed)
Anita DuFine
Don Kincaid (killed)
Season 1 2 3 4th 5


Main cast

Role name Actress image Main role Voice actor
Commander (CDR) / Captain (CAPT) / Admiral (ADM) Tom Chandler
(Commander of USS Nathan James , later Chief of Naval Operations )
Eric Dane Eric Dane 1.01-5.10 Marco Kroeger
Microbiologist Dr. Rachel Scott Rhona Mitra Rhona Mitra 1.01-2.13 Antje von der Ahe
Commander (CDR) / Captain (CAPT) / Admiral (ADM) Mike Slattery
( Executive Officer ( "XO" ), later Commander of the USS Nathan James )
Adam Baldwin Adam Baldwin 1.01-5.10 Jörg Hengstler
Lieutenant (LT) Danny Green Travis Van Winkle Travis Van Winkle 1.01-5.10 David Turba
Lieutenant (LT) / Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) / Commander (CDR) Kara Green Marissa Neitling Marissa Neitling 1.01-5.10 Esra Vural
Command Master Chief Petty Officer (CMCPO) Russell Jeter Charles Parnell Charles Parnell 1.01-5.10
Microbiologist Quincy Tophet Sam Spruell 1.01-2.02 Michael Iwannek
Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) / Lieutenant (LT) / Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Alisha Granderson Christina Elmore 1.01-5.04 Julia Meynen
Former Navy agent Sasha Cooper Bridget Regan Bridget Regan 3.01-5.10 Nadine Heidenreich

supporting cast

Role name Actress image Supporting role Voice actor
Lieutenant (LT) Carlton Burk Jocko Sims Jocko Sims 1.01-5.09 Matti Klemm / Peter Sura
Lieutenant (LT) Andy Chung Andy T. Tran 1.01-2.11 Rainer Fritzsche
Darien Chandler Tracy Middendorf 1.01–1.10
Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Andrea Garnett Fay Masterson 1.02-5.01 Gundi Eberhard
Miller Kevin Michael Martin 1.02-5.10 Michael Ernst / Benjamin Stöwe
Gator Michael Curran-Dorsano 1.02-5.10 René Dawn-Claude
Chief Hospital Corpsman (HMC), later Ensign (ENS) "Doc" Rios Maximiliano Hernández Maximiliano Hernández 1.02-5.01 Hendrik Martz
Petty Officer First Class (PO1), later Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Carl Nishioka Ben Cho 1.02-5.10
Tex John Pyper-Ferguson John Pyper-Ferguson 1.02-2.13, 3.11-3.13, 5.10 Tobias Lelle
Petty Officer Second Class (PO2), later Petty Officer First Class (PO1) Javier Cruz Ness Bautista 1.02-3.06
Admiral Konstantin Nikolayevich Ruskov Ravil Isyanov 1.02-1.08
Niels Sorensen Ebon Moss-Bachrach 1.03-2.10 Christian Gaul
Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Wolf Taylor Bren Foster 2.04-5.10 Peter Lontzek
Sean Ramsey Brían F. O'Byrne 2.04-2.12 Thomas Schmuckert , Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
President Jeff Michener Mark Moses Mark Moses 2.06-3.07, 3.11, 5.10 Peter Flechtner
Valerie Tania Raymonde 2.11-3.01 Josephine Schmidt


United States

The first season aired in the United States took place from June 22 to August 24, 2014 on the cable channel TNT . The first ten episodes reached an average of 4.43 million viewers and a target group rating of 1.1 percent. The second season started on June 21, 2015. The third season was ordered in August 2015 and started on June 19, 2016. A fourth season was ordered in August 2016. A few weeks later, TNT confirmed they had commissioned a fifth season.

German-speaking area

In German-speaking countries, the broadcast began on July 15, 2014 on the pay TV channel TNT Serie . The season finale was shown there on September 16, 2014. The station showed the second season from June 22, 2015, one day after the US premiere. The premiere of the third season was postponed at short notice due to the attack in Orlando and only started on June 20, 2016. The free TV premiere of the first season took place on April 8, 2017 on RTL II .


Felix Böhme wrote on : “ The Last Ship will undoubtedly be able to generate quite a few viewers with its very simple entertainment value. However, they shouldn't expect too many sensible and original ideas in the pilot episode of the TNT action drama. Rather, you can let yourself be showered by the vague story with a flat script. However, you are sometimes put to the test, because many scenes in the opening episode of The Last Ship are so unsatisfactory that they even lose a charming trash factor. "

Looking back on the first season, Axel Schmitt ( wrote: “ The Last Ship is not innovative, it does not tell a nested story and does not portray complex characters. The series likes to do without it - not because it can't, but because it doesn't have this claim. She wants to entertain. And she succeeds. "

Christian Buß wrote on : “Paranoia meets patriotism: In the end-of-time series The Last Ship by Transformers director Michael Bay, a warship cruises through a contaminated world and maintains US values. Finally the world police again - the American right can celebrate. "


The US Navy ship USS Halsey in 2008

The United States Navy supported the filming, among other things with the deployment of the USS Halsey , an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer .

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