Tour de France 2005/6. stage

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Result of the 6th stage
Stage winner Lorenzo Bernucci 4:12:52 h
Second Alexander Vinokurov + 0:00 min
Third Robert Förster + 0:07 min
Fourth Angelo Furlan + 0:07 min
fifth Thor Hushovd + 0:07 min
Intermediate results after the 6th stage
Yellow jersey Lance Armstrong 17:58:11 h
Second George Hincapie + 0:55 min
Third Alexander Vinokurov + 1:02 min
Green jersey Tom Boonen 106 P.
Second Thor Hushovd 99 P.
Third Stuart O'Grady 76 P.
Dotted jersey Karsten Kroon 7 P.
Second Stéphane Augé 7 p.
Third Erik Dekker 6 p.
White jersey Yaroslav Popovych 17:59:27 h
Second Vladimir Karpez + 0:57 min
Third Fabian Cancellara + 1:14 min

The 6th stage of the Tour de France 2005 was 199 kilometers long and led from Troyes via Joinville and Toul to Nancy . The race was shaped by Christophe Mengin , who pulled away from the field after 23 kilometers. A few kilometers later, Stéphane Augé , Mauro Gerosa , Jaan Kirsipuu and Karsten Kroon caught up with him. At 72 km the top quintet had a maximum advantage of six minutes on the field.

In the last mountain classification Mengin was able to pull away. His lead was ten kilometers before the finish line and 30 seconds (the other four drivers had meanwhile been overtaken). In the last corner before the home straight, Mengin slipped on the rain-soaked road and drove into the barrier. Alexander Vinokurov , who was driving close behind him, was slightly hampered by this. Lorenzo Bernucci took advantage of the resulting mess and was able to break away decisively. Vinokurow crossed the finish line shortly behind him, and many of the pursuers in the peloton also fell.

The stage win went to the Italian Bernucci, who won his first ever win among the professional drivers. The real winner of the stage was Vinokourov, he not only crossed the field with a lead of seven seconds, but also won twelve bonus seconds. This enabled him to reduce his gap to Lance Armstrong by 19 seconds to 62 seconds.

Intermediate sprints

1st intermediate sprint in Nully (56 km)

First Christophe Mengin , 6 p. And 6 s
Second Jaan Kirsipuu , 4 p. And 4 s
Third Stéphane Augé , 2 p. And 2 s

2nd intermediate sprint in Châlaines (144.5 km)

First Mauro Gerosa , 6 p. And 6 s
Second Jaan Kirsipuu , 4 p. And 4 s
Third Stéphane Augé , 2 p. And 2 s

3rd intermediate sprint in Dommartin-lès-Toul (169.5 km)

First Stéphane Augé , 6 p. And 6 s
Second Mauro Gerosa , 4 p. And 4 s
Third Christophe Mengin , 2 P. and 2 s

Mountain ratings

Côte de Joinville Category 4 (83.5 km)

First Stéphane Augé , 3 p.
Second Christophe Mengin , 2 P.
Third Karsten Kroon , 1 P.

Côte de Brouthières Category 4 (104 km)

First Karsten Kroon , 3 p.
Second Stéphane Augé , 2 P.
Third Mauro Gerosa , 1 P.

Côte de Montigny Category 4 (141 km)

First Karsten Kroon , 3 p.
Second Stéphane Augé , 2 P.
Third Christophe Mengin , 1 P.

Côte de Maron Category 4 (185.5 km)

First Christophe Mengin , 3 P.
Second Mauro Gerosa , 2 P.
Third Jaan Kirsipuu , 1 P.