Valle del Cauca

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Valle del Cauca
coat of arms
Capital Cali
governor Dilian Francisca Toro Torres (2016-2019)
surface 22,140 km²
Population  (Total)
 - 2005 Census
 -  Population Density
188 inhabitants / km²
urbanization 84%
Literacy rate 90.1%
Number of parishes 42
Popular name Vallecaucanos
Important cities Buenaventura , Buga , Cartago , Palmira
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Location of Valle del Cauca in Colombia

The Valle del Cauca is one of 32 provinces and is located in western Colombia .


Valle del Cauca borders the Pacific Ocean , in the north on Chocó , in the northeast on Risaralda and Quindío , in the east on Tolima and in the south on Cauca .


In agriculture , sugar cane , coffee , corn , sorghum , bananas and yuca dominate . Livestock, fishing and forestry also play a role. The industry is concentrated around the provincial capital Cali . The chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the food industry, cardboard and paper manufacture and mechanical engineering are important.

Lake Calima , the Los Farallones de Cali National Park and the sculptures of Christ the King in Cali are tourist attractions.

Organized crime

The northern part of the Valle de Cauca was the seat of the Norte de Valle cartel , a drug cartel that benefited from the collapse of the Medellin and Cali cartels in the late 1990s.

Administrative division

The Departamento del Valle del Cauca consists of 42 municipalities, see the list of Municipios in the Departamento del Valle del Cauca .

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