Risaralda Department

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coat of arms
Capital Pereira
governor Sigifredo Salazar Osorio (2016-2019)
surface 4,140 km²
Population  (Total)
 - 2005 Census
 -  Population Density
217 inhabitants / km²
urbanization 73.2%
Literacy rate 89%
Number of parishes 14th
Popular name
Important cities Dosquebradas , Santa Rosa de Cabal
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Location of Risaralda in Colombia

The Departamento de Risaralda is a department in central Colombia . Clockwise from the north are the departments of Antioquia , Caldas , Tolima , Quindío , Valle del Cauca and Chocó .

The coffee dominates in agriculture , followed by sugar cane , bananas , cassava and maize . The industry has settled in Pereira and Dosquebradas . Vehicle accessories, building materials and textiles are manufactured and leather is processed.

The two national parks Los Nevados and Tatamá are partly located in the Risaralda area.

Administrative division

The Departamento de Risaralda consists of 14 municipalities. The population figures are based on the 2005 DANE census and extrapolated for 2018.

local community Population 2018
Apía 19,426
Balboa 6.333
Belén de Umbría 27,728
Dosquebradas 204,739
Guática 15,169
La Celia 8,544
La Virginia 32,265
Marsella 23,917
Mistrató 16,595
Pereira 476,636
Pueblo Rico 13,817
Quinchía 33,941
Santa Rosa de Cabal 72,836
Santuario 15,821

Individual evidence

  1. Extrapolation of the population of Colombia on the official DANE website

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