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The administrative division of Cape Verde is the vertical administrative structure of the Republic of Cape Verde . The island state is located off the West African coast in the Atlantic . From the time Portugal took possession of the then uninhabited Cape Verde Islands in 1456 until the country became independent in 1975, Cape Verde was under Portuguese colonial administration . This explains the close parallels to the administrative structure of Portugal in terms of structure and terminology.

The Republic of Cape Verde


The archipelago

The division into the north ( Ilhas de Barlavento , "islands above the wind") and south ( Ilhas de Sotavento , "islands below the wind") corresponds roughly to the NUTS 1 regions in Europe and thus, for example, to the federal states in the Federal Republic of Germany. However, they have no administrative significance in Cape Verde.

The circles

The country is divided into 22 districts ( Municípios ), with the plan to split the Sal district into two new districts since mid-2014. According to the general opinion, approval is expected in the upcoming referendum, so that the number of districts will increase to 23. The circles roughly correspond to the NUTS 2 regions in Europe. B. in Germany the administrative districts .

The districts are the corporations ( Autarquias ) of the second level of local self-government in Cape Verde , above the municipalities.

Thanks to its history, the administrative structure of Cape Verdes is closely based on the administrative structure of Portugal. As in Portugal, the municipalities in Cape Verde also belong to the Município in the concelho (which means the geographically circumscribed circle). The Município is the most important administrative unit in the country and is administered by the Câmara Municipal (which, depending on the federal state, corresponds to the German district office or the district administration ).

The municipalities

The districts are divided into a total of 32 municipalities ( freguesias ), which correspond to the European NUTS 3 regions, and thus z. B. the counties customary in Germany . They represent the third level of local self-government in Cape Verdean.

List of counties and municipalities in Cape Verde

Sorted by islands, the districts (Municípios) and municipalities (Freguesias) Cape Verdes are listed here. Of the ten islands ( Ilhas ) Cape Verdes, nine are inhabited, the island of Santa Luzia is uninhabited and belongs to the São Vicente district .

North group

Ilhas do Barlavento.png Ilhas de Barlavento Northern group of Leeward
island Município (district) Freguesia (Municipality)
Santo Antão Ribeira Grande Nossa Senhora do Rosario
Nossa Senhora do Livramento
Santo Crucifixo
São Pedro Apóstolo
Paul Santo António das Pombas
Porto Novo São João Baptista
Santo André
Sao Vicente
Santa Luzia
Sao Vicente Nossa Senhora da Luz
Sao Nicolau Ribeira Brava Nossa Senhora da Lapa
Nossa Senhora do Rosario
Tarrafal de Sao Nicolau Sao Francisco
Sal Sal Nossa Senhora das Dores
Boa Vista Boa Vista Santa Isabel
São João Baptista

Southern group

Ilhas do Sotavento.png Ilhas de Sotavento Southern group of Leeward
island Município (district) Freguesia (Municipality)
Maio Maio Nossa Senhora da Luz
Santiago Praia Nossa Senhora da Graça
São Domingos Nossa Senhora da Luz
Sao Nicolau Tolentino
Santa Catarina Santa Catarina
Sao Salvador do Mundo Sao Salvador do Mundo
Santa Cruz Santiago Maior
São Lourenço dos Órgãos São Lourenço dos Órgãos
Ribeira Grande de Santiago Santíssimo Nome de Jesus
São João Baptista
São Miguel Sao Miguel Arcanjo
Tarrafal Santo Amaro Abade
Fogo Sao Filipe São Lourenço
Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Santa Catarina do Fogo Santa Catarina do Fogo
Mosteiros Nossa Senhora da Ajuda
Brava Brava São João Baptista
Nossa Senhora do Monte

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