Wilhelm Ludwig von Berstett

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Wilhelm Ludwig Leopold Freiherr von Berstett, lithograph by Friedrich Lieder , ca.1830

Wilhelm Ludwig Leopold Reinhard Freiherr von Berstett (born July 6, 1769 in Berstett , † February 16, 1837 in Karlsruhe ) was a Baden statesman and prime minister.


His parents were the Bavarian Secret Councilor Phillip Jakob Reinhard von Berstett (1744-1840) and his wife Caroline Christine von Dettlingen (1753-1825). His father was the last town master of Strasbourg's Bavarian Privy Council.


Berstett attended the University of Strasbourg and served the French king from 1785 to 1791. He then moved to Austria, where he served in the military until 1804. First he was an officer in the cuirassier regiment Mack and then worked in the general staff. In 1809 he received the post of chamberlain to Grand Duchess Stephanie von Baden and in 1814 became a member of the diplomatic corps, where he was a privy councilor and envoy. In 1815 he took part in various conferences as Baden's envoy in Paris and was appointed Baden envoy to the Bundestag in 1816. On July 15, 1817 he was brought back to Karlsruhe , took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 1820 became Prime Minister of Baden. As such, he headed the Berstett government named after him . In 1818, together with other Baden ministers, he played a key role in drafting a constitutional charter and took part in the Aachen Congress , where he contributed to the recognition of Baden in Europe. In 1819 Berstett was appointed a member of the First Chamber of the Baden Assembly of Estates by the Baden Grand Duke and opened the first state parliament in Karlsruhe. He also took part in the Karlovy Vary Congress and the Vienna Conferences of 1820.

In 1815 Reinhard von Berstett was honored by the Grand Duke by awarding him the Grand Cross with diamonds of the Order of the Zähringer Lion. On March 16, 1821 he was made an honorary citizen of Karlsruhe and on December 1 of the same year an honorary citizen of Mannheim .

On February 13, 1831 Berstett was dismissed from civil service for health reasons as well as internal disputes. He died on February 16, 1837 in Karlsruhe as a result of a stroke .


He was married twice. His first wife was baroness Anna Schmidtgräbmer von Lustenegg (1780–1805) in 1799 , but the marriage was divorced in 1803 without children. In 1810 he married Countess Augusta von Luxburg (1788–1861) and had a son with her named Adrian, who was born on June 14, 1811. She was the sister of the diplomat Friedrich von Luxburg .


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