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Zech Group SE

legal form Societas Europaea (SE)
founding 1909
Seat Bremen
management Management Board :
Kurt Zech
Burkhard Schmidt
Rainer Eichholz
Olaf Demuth
Supervisory Board :
Werner Uhde
Number of employees Over 10,000 worldwide (2018)
sales EUR 2.4 billion (2018)
Branch Construction company
Website www.zech-group.com

The Zech Group SE is an internationally operating group of companies with headquarters in Bremen , in the fields of construction, project development (real estate) is hotel development and operation, environmental technology and industrial holdings involved. The group emerged from a construction business founded in Wroclaw in 1909. The group is still largely family owned.


Gustav Zech laid the foundation stone for the Zech Group in February 1909. He founded a construction company near Breslau in what is now Poland.

After the Second World War, the family started again as a small craft business in Bremen. Gustav Zech worked together with his son Kurt Zech sen. in the reconstruction of Bremen.

In 1978 Kurt Zech took over the business with a partner. In 1978 the company Kurt Zech GmbH was established on Verdener Straße and in the 1980s moved into larger buildings on Funkschneise No. 15 in Hemelingen . Zech Industriebau GmbH and Zech Immobilien GmbH developed from the Zech-Bau company . Branches in Hamburg , Rostock and Pritzwalk and subsidiaries in Wuppertal and Paderborn were established.

A group of companies developed from Zechbau, the umbrella of which is now the management holding Zech Group GmbH . The group of companies includes construction and expansion companies, specialist planning offices, real estate companies, project developers, hotels, industrial holdings, etc. The company has been operating internationally for several years with Hochtief do Brasil focusing on Brazil and since 2014 also in China .

In 2001 Zechbau took over the insolvent company Bast-Bau, Erkrath . The Gustav Zech Foundation was founded in 2013 as a classic family foundation that manages assets and invests sustainably in real estate and company investments, such as the takeover in 2015 of the insolvent company Imtech Germany , which will continue to be run as ROM Technik . In 2016, the independent Gustav Zech Foundation took over parts of the insolvent KTG group , u. a. the biogas company KTG Energie for a purchase price of only 5 million euros.

In 2018 the Zech Group bought the company Kreisel, which specializes in air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

In December 2019, the Zech Group took over all 16 subsidiaries of the Frankfurt- based, insolvent network supplier Euromicron .

On December 20, 2019, the Zech Group SE (Bremen District Court, HRB 35188) was created through a change in form of the Zech Group AG (Bremen District Court, HRB 34841), which on August 26, 2019 through a change in form from the Zech Group GmbH (Bremen District Court, HRB 9753).

Zechbau was involved in various major projects in Bremen, such as the construction of the west curve of the Weser Stadium , at Bremen Airport , in the Schnoor , at the University of Bremen , at Universum Bremen (2000), at the exhibition halls (2001), during the renovation of the theater at Goetheplatz and at the police headquarters in the Vahr . With the development and construction of the Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf , the Zech Group has realized an eye-catching landmark project.

In the past, the Zech group was targeted by the critical public, partly in connection with donation affairs. In 2002 a parliamentary committee of inquiry of the Bremen citizenship and the Bremen public prosecutor dealt with various allegations, including taking advantage and bribery.

Company and structure

Zech Group SE is a strategic management holding company, under the umbrella of which three business areas with respective operational management companies are combined. This parent company coordinates the work of the three divisions, develops the overall strategy and formulates the global goals for the further development of the entire group of companies.

The current (2014) managing partner Kurt Zech took over the business from his father. The place of business is at August-Bebel-Allee 1, in a converted former company branch of IBM Germany. The Zech Group employs over 10,000 people in more than 300 companies with locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and China and achieved an output of 1.42 billion euros in 2018 with a turnover of 2.4 billion euros.


In the Building division, Zech Bau Holding GmbH and its affiliated companies focus on turnkey structural and special construction. With nationwide branches, the Zech Bau Holding is one of the largest German family companies with 1713 employees nationally (936 international) in the construction sector. Construction work on 90 projects generated 927 million euros in 2018. In addition to the construction companies, precast concrete plants, a building technology supplier and specialist planning offices for technical building equipment and building facades belong to the division. In addition, the companies of ZECH Umwelt GmbH are located in the field of environmental technology and are active internationally and with their subsidiaries in the remediation of contaminated sites and land recycling by means of soil, air and groundwater purification.

  • Zech Bau SE (construction company)
  • Muntebau GmbH (construction company)
  • Kamü Bau GmbH (construction company)
  • Kamü Projektbau GmbH (construction company)
  • BWE-Bau Fertigteilwerk GmbH (precast concrete plant)
  • Renke Gebäudetechnik GmbH (technical building equipment)
  • Ecotec GmbH (building technology specialist planning office)
  • InFaCon GmbH (specialist facade planning office)
  • Ebert Ingenieure GmbH (planning office, since 2013)
  • DSL Luftsystemtechnik GmbH
  • BIT Office for Integral Structural Planning GmbH (planning office)
  • Cree GmbH (wood hybrid construction)
  • Cadolto Modulbau GmbH ( modular construction )
  • KEC Planungsgesellschaft mbH (planning office)
  • ROM Technik ( Imtech successor)
  • Zech Umwelt GmbH
  • Zech Transport GmbH
  • Zech Water Technology GmbH
  • esm GmbH
  • HTB Engenharia e Construção SA (construction service provider)
  • Construtora Tedesco Ltda. (Construction and real estate company)
  • Alpine Mayreder Construction Co. Ltd. (Construction service provider)
  • SiteLog GmbH (construction logistics)
  • ONP Management GmbH (development of offshore wind farms)
  • ICT Facilities GmbH (consulting, design, planning, construction of data centers), winner of the German data center award 2016, winner of the audience award 2016
  • wtec services GmbH (IT service provider, data center, IT infrastructure)


The German Real Estate Holding AG together with its subsidiaries on 37 domestic locations (895 employees) and five international locations (23 employees) the Real Estate. The scope of services includes the project development of complex measures in commercial and residential construction as well as the initiation, placement and administration of investment funds . In the area of facility management / property management, the offices look after properties throughout Germany. In 2018, a project volume of 6.5 billion euros generated 735 million euros.

  • Phoenix Real Estate Development GmbH (real estate project development)
  • Zech Immobilien GmbH (real estate project development)
  • die developer Projektentwicklung GmbH (real estate project development)
  • Deutsche Wohnwerte GmbH & Co. KG (real estate project development)
  • Victoria Investment Sp. Z. oo, Poland (real estate project development)
  • The Wohnkompanie GmbH (project developer residential real estate)
  • Deutsche Fonds Holding GmbH (fund initiator)
  • Art-Invest Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG (investment, project development and asset management company)
  • Zech Immobilien Management GmbH (real estate management)
  • Deutsche Logistik Holding (logistics real estate)

Hotel development and operation

The hotel division has two hotel operating companies, which under the Zech Hotel Holding GmbH operate 22 hotels with 4867 beds nationwide in fourteen locations, number of employees: 1601. Target groups are conference, congress, business and private travelers. Under the brand name Atlantic (see also Atlantic Hotel Sail City ), a single hotel idea has developed into a hotel cooperation of twelve hotels in Northern Germany. The five-star luxury hotels are Severin's Hotels in Keitum and Morsum on Sylt , as well as in Lech am Arlberg , and another is planned in Rottach-Egern . In addition, Zech Hotels GmbH runs four-star hotels in the metropolitan areas of Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt and Leipzig.


In 2014, Kurt Zech founded the shipping company Zeaborn and ordered ten heavy lift carriers from the Chinese shipyard Taizhou Sanfu Ship Engineering . At the beginning of February 2017, Zeaborn took over the project freight business ( Rickmers Linie ) from Rickmers-Reederei and in August five heavy-lift carriers. In September of that year, a consortium with the participation of Zeaborn took over the insolvent Rickmers-Reederei. At the beginning of February 2018, Zeaborn took over the shipping business of ER Schiffahrt and the chartering company Harper Petersen, which belongs to ER Schiffahrt, with retroactive effect from January 1, 2018 .

Gustav Zech Foundation

The Gustav Zech Foundation, founded in 2013, generated 465 million euros in 2018 with 2229 employees at 23 locations.


Zech is the largest single agricultural entrepreneur in Germany. He owns:

Managing directors


  • Kurt Zech
  • Olaf Demuth
  • Rainer Eichholz
  • Burkhard Schmidt

Supervisory board

  • Werner Uhde (Chairman)

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