AfD Bremen

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AfD Bremen
Chairman Peter Beck
Deputy Sergei Minich
Treasurer Mertcan Karakaya
Establishment date May 12, 2013
Place of foundation Bremen
Headquarters Aumunder Heerweg 55
28757 Bremen
Landtag mandates
Number of members 170 (as of October 2018)

The AFD Bremen is the national association of the party Alternative for Germany (AFD) in the city of Bremen . She ran for the first time in the 2013 Bundestag election and was declared a test case for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in January 2019.


The Bremen regional association was founded on May 12, 2013.

After the AfD federal party conference in Essen at the beginning of July 2015, the members of the parliament, Piet Leidreiter , Klaus Remkes and Christian Schäfer , the former state chairman, left the party. However, they remained in the AfD group , whereupon it was renamed the Bremer Bürgerliche Reformer in mid-July 2015 . The last AfD member Alexander Tassis left the group after the renaming and represented the party as a non-attached MP until the end of the legislative period . Schäfer and Leidreiter joined the newly founded party Alliance for Progress and Awakening (now Liberal-Conservative Reformer , LKR) on July 19, 2015 , Remkes followed shortly afterwards. The former AfD group was henceforth called the ALFA-Gruppe-Bremen , before it was renamed the Liberal-Conservative Reformers group in November 2016 . It existed until June 2017, when Leidreiter and Remkes declared in anger that they were converting to the citizens' association . Schäfer remained an individual member of parliament until the end of the legislative period, making him the last LKR representative in a German state parliament.

In 2016, leading members of the regional association got into a dispute. The member of parliament, Alexander Tassis, accused his colleagues in the state executive, Frank Magnitz and Thomas Juergewitz , of representing a management style that was "dictatorial and indisputable". This in turn initiated a party expulsion process against Tassis and three other AfD members. The board accused them of wanting to split the party.

After the 2019 general election , there were disputes between the state chairman Frank Magnitz and the parliamentary group chairman Thomas Jürgewitz. The main point of criticism of Magnitz is his double mandate as a member of the Bundestag and a member of the citizenship. On September 1, 2019, Magnitz resigned from the AfD parliamentary group, which was then dissolved, along with two of the five other members of parliament, Mark Runge and Uwe Felgträger . The three then formed the AfD group in the Bremen citizenship . The AfD federal board, however, prohibited the group from using the word “AfD”, whereupon it was renamed the Magnitz, Runge, Rim Carrier group . The remaining two AfD MPs Peter Beck and Thomas Jürgewitz have since been non-attached.

In September 2019, at a state party conference, Peter Beck was elected to succeed the resigned state chairman Frank Magnitz. Frank Magnitz had anticipated an open exchange of blows between Jürgewitz and himself by resigning his office as state chairman the day before the party congress and not appearing at the party congress. Magnitz had previously recruited new members to influence the majority in his favor. However, the membership applications were not approved.

Party platform

In the election program of the Bremen regional association, the areas of internal security , migration and education are among the focal points. In the fight against crime, the AfD relies on the "consistent prosecution of criminals" and the "repatriation of foreigners who have committed criminal offenses". She also rejects “ asylum abuse ” and advocates “clear rules” in immigration policy. In doing so, immigrants should orient themselves towards the “German culture as a model”. In education policy, she advocates the retention of the structured school system, a “de-ideologization of education” and a stronger pedagogical focus on “German identity”. Uniform school clothing should strengthen the sense of community in the schools.

Further demands of the election program are the creation of affordable housing, especially for families, an economic policy that is friendly to SMEs and the strengthening of direct democratic procedures. There should be no approval quorum for referendums . The AfD wants to reduce Bremen's debt by partially privatizing public institutions, cutting staff costs and issuing a citizen bond.

Cooperation with right-wing extremists

Parts of the AfD Bremen work together with right-wing extremists , although there are also personal overlaps; the protection of the constitution in Bremen described the boundaries between the AfD youth organization Junge Alternative (JA) and the right-wing extremist Identitarian Movement (IB) as "fluid". The Bremen JA chairman Teske said about the IB: "The identities are doing good actions and are wrongly observed by the protection of the Constitution." , under observation of the Bremen Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The Bremen member of the Bundestag and AfD state chairman Magnitz employs an IB activist as a research assistant . Magnitz himself is part of the völkisch - nationalist AfD group Der Flügel , which was classified as a suspected case of right-wing extremist activities by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in January 2019 .

On January 25, 2019, the entire Bremen state association of the AfD was declared a test case for the protection of the constitution. The background to this decision is a “collection of material about anti-constitutional efforts of the AfD”, which also contains statements from Bremen AfD members. For example, Thomas Jürgewitz , deputy chairman of the Bremen regional association, spoke out in appreciation of the right-wing extremist Identitarian Movement ; Among other things, he said: “The IB uses intelligent, funny, non-violent actions to draw attention to grievances in Germany, which, however, displease the do - gooders. Because the IB wants to preserve the German identity. "


Bundestag elections

In the federal election in 2013 , the AfD in the state of Bremen received 3.7% of the second vote. The top candidate on the state list was Christian Schäfer .

In the 2017 Bundestag election , the AfD in the state of Bremen received 10.0% of the second vote, and Frank Magnitz entered the Bundestag as a member of the Bundestag via the state list.

European elections

In the 2014 European elections , the AfD received 5.8% of the votes in the state of Bremen.

In the 2019 European elections , the AfD received 7.7% of the votes in the state of Bremen.

Citizenship elections

The top candidate of the AfD Bremen in the 2015 state elections was Christian Schäfer. According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , the state party pursued a policy in line with federal spokesman Bernd Lucke . She achieved 5.5% and moved into the citizenry with four MPs from the Bremen electoral area, which meant that she lacked one MP to form a parliamentary group . In the Bremerhaven electoral area, the AfD missed a citizenship mandate by 50 votes. Thereupon the party announced that in the event that no recount of the votes should be carried out in Bremerhaven, it would challenge the election. On December 20, the Bremen Administrative Court decided to award the AfD an additional mandate in Bremerhaven at the expense of the SPD . The judgment was reviewed at the State Court of Justice and a new counting of all votes in Bremerhaven was ordered. Although this resulted in an increase from 4.97% to 4.99% after the errors were corrected, the five percent hurdle was not skipped. The State Court of Justice ruled on September 13, 2016 that the original election result is valid.

In the 2019 general election, the AfD Bremen stood for election again. Your top candidate was Frank Magnitz. She achieved 6.1% and moved into the state with five MPs.


State Board

Since September 2019, the state executive has consisted of the following members:

State chairman Peter Beck (Member of the Bundestag)
Deputy State Chairman Sergei Minich
Treasurer Mertcan Karakaya
Deputy Treasurer Jürgen Hauschild
Secretary Marvin Mergard
Assessor Sven Lichtenfeld, Heiner Löhmann
MdBB = member of the Bremen citizenship; MdB = member of the Bundestag

Party leader

Party chairman Term of office
Christian Schäfer Christian Schäfer May 2013 - July 2015
Frank Magnitz Frank Magnitz June 2015 - September 2019
Peter Beck since September 2019

Member of the state parliament

In 2019, the following were elected to the Bremen citizenship for the AfD :

Entry into the state parliament over MP annotation
List place 1 (Bremen) Frank Magnitz Chairman of the MRF group
List place 2 (Bremen) Uwe rim carrier Group MRF
List place 3 (Bremen) Peter Beck State Chairman, non-attached
List place 4 (Bremen) Mark Runge Deputy Chairman Group MRF
List place 1 (Bremerhaven) Thomas Juergewitz District chairman Bremerhaven, non-attached

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