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Bodo Ebhardt, portrait photograph by Rudolf Dührkoop , 1912

Bodo Ebhardt (born January 5, 1865 in Bremen ; † February 13, 1945 at the Marksburg near Braubach ; full name: Bodo Heinrich Justus Ebhardt ) was a German architect , architectural historian, castle researcher, founder and long-time president of the German Castle Association .


Ebhardt was the son of the Bremen furniture manufacturer and businessman Carl Ebhardt and his wife Agnes geb. Krollmann. He attended school in Sankt Goarshausen , where he was enthusiastic about castles. After finishing school with the upper secondary qualification , he did a commercial apprenticeship in Magdeburg and Bremen from 1880 , but soon gave up this profession against the wishes of his parents in order to continue his self-didactic training and attended lectures in Berlin. In 1890 he opened his own architecture studio in Berlin. As a castle researcher and restorer he won the friendship of Kaiser Wilhelm II. He became known for the reconstruction of numerous castles.

In 1899 he founded the German Castle Association and from 1909 he lived on the Marksburg in Braubach. Ebhardt was a professor and court building officer, became an honorary citizen of Braubach in 1909 and was a founding member of the Friends of Plassenburg Association in 1928 . He was also a member of the Berlin Masonic Lodge Zum Pegasus .


Buildings and designs

Braubach am Rhein
war memorial 1870/71,
dedicated to the fallen of the First World War
Reconstruction draft of the Marksburg
Administrative building for Allianz insurance in Berlin (1913–1916)
  • 1892–1893: Villa Seibt in Berlin-Grunewald
  • 1893–1894: Ebhardt country house in Berlin-Grunewald
  • 1894: “Wilhelmshof” residential and business complex in Groß-Lichterfelde near Berlin
  • 1894: “Fürstenhof” lodging house in Karlshorst near Berlin
  • 1894–1895: Stables of Villa Färber in Aachen- Burtscheid
  • 1895–1896: Schröder-Poggelow house in Berlin-Tiergarten
  • 1896: Villa Scheche in Berlin-Grunewald
  • 1896: Ebhardt's house in Berlin-Tiergarten , Rauchstrasse 13
  • 1898: Sports monument in Berlin
  • 1899–1901: Villa Langenscheidt in Colonie Alsen , Berlin-Wannsee , Colomierstraße 1 (stable building 1902–1903 added)
  • 1899–1900: Villa Passow / Vulpius / Voss (today Palais Voss) in Heidelberg , Gaisbergstrasse 55–57
  • 1900–1934: Restoration of the Marksburg above Braubach am Rhein
  • 1901–1908: Restoration of the Hohkönigsburg (French Haut-Kœnigsbourg ) in Alsace
  • 1901–1902: Villa Cornelius Meyer in Berlin-Grunewald
  • 1901–1902: reconstruction of Hohenhaus Castle (Herleshausen)
  • 1903: War memorial 1870/71 in Braubach
  • before 1904: farm building for Villa Martin in Neubabelsberg
  • 1904: Villa Remmer in Berlin-Grunewald
  • 1904–1906: Extension of Landonvillers Castle in Lorraine
  • 1905–1906: Restoration of the church hall of Altenburg Castle after a fire
  • 1906–1908: New construction of the Hakeburg in Kleinmachnow
  • 1906–1908: Restoration work and additions to the Gröditzburg
  • 1906–1925: Restoration and extension of Neuenstein Castle (Hohenlohe)
  • 1908–1909: Villa Ribbeck in Berlin-Grunewald
  • 1909–1925: Restoration and construction of several new buildings on the Veste Coburg
  • before 1910: House Lucke in Schlettstadt
  • 1910: Competition draft for a Bismarck national monument on the Elisenhöhe near Bingerbrück (not awarded a prize)
  • 1911–1912: Sallgast Castle was restored
  • 1911–1913: Wommen Castle was added
  • 1912: Restoration of Langenau Castle
  • 1912–1913: Bankhaus von der Heydt (so-called " Kleisthaus ") in Berlin, Mauerstraße 53
  • 1912–1914: New construction of the Wartburg inn in Eisenach
  • 1912–1914: Restoration of the Czocha Castle
  • 1913–1914: Restoration and expansion of Groß Leuthen Castle
  • 1913–1916: Princely Court Theater in Detmold
  • 1914–1915: Extension of the Allianz Versicherungs-AG in Berlin
  • 1914–1925: free reconstruction of Kipfenberg Castle
  • 1916: Development plan and drafts for the reconstruction of Neidenburg (Nidzica), town hall building in a greatly modified form
  • 1920: Attempt to restore Neuhausen Castle
  • 1920–1921: Restoration of Kaulsdorf Castle
  • 1920–1923: Restoration of Eichicht Castle
  • 1921–1923: Restoration of Scharfenstein Castle after a fire
  • 1921–1923: Restoration of Creuzburg Castle
  • 1922–1927: New construction of the Hornburg on the existing foundation walls
  • 1922–1928: Expansion of Heimhof Castle
  • 1922–1935: Restoration of Gröditz Castle near Weißenberg
  • 1926–1927: House Petschull in Diez an der Lahn
  • 1929–1930: Restoration of the Gollwitz manor
  • 1931–1932: Reconstruction of Arienfels Castle ( Arenfels ) near Hönningen on the Rhine
  • 1933–1935: New construction of the castle-like Villa Mühlberg in Ohrdruf


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An extensive list of the writings, critically annotated by Ludger Fischer , can be found in the publication Burgenromantik und Burgenrestaurierung um 1900 (see below).



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