Buick Skyhawk

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Buick Skyhawk
Production period: 1974-1988
Class : Middle class
Body versions : Sedan , station wagon , coupe , Combi Coupé

The Buick Skyhawk was in the first generation a compact sports coupé produced by the American car company Buick (parallel model to the Chevrolet Monza and its sister models ), in the second generation a model family of the lower middle class and related to the Opel Ascona C ( GM-J platform ) the sister model of the first Chevrolet Cavalier and its derivatives.

Skyhawk (1974-1980)

1st generation
Buick Skyhawk (1974-1979)

Buick Skyhawk (1974-1979)

Production period: 1974-1980
Body versions : Combi coupe
Engines: Petrol engines :
3.8 liters
(78-85 kW)
Length: 4555 mm
Width: 1660 mm
Height: 1275 mm
Wheelbase : 2465 mm
Empty weight : approx. 1000 kg

Technically and optically closely related to the Chevrolet Monza , this three-door sports coupé came onto the market in September 1974, but unlike the Chevrolet, it was only available as a hatchback version throughout its life. Differences to the Monza primarily concerned the slightly modified front section.

Model history


Launch of the Skyhawk exclusively with 3.8-liter V6 (105 hp). All models have rear-wheel drive and are available with a four-speed gearbox (standard), five-speed gearbox or three-speed automatic.


In the spring, the Skyhawk S will be added as a cheaper entry-level variant.


As a new extra there is a wide, aluminum-look bracket running over the roof behind the B-pillar, combined with a large-area roof insert made of transparent, tinted glass ("Astroroof").


New, more simply designed grille.


No changes.


Slight facelift with a modified bonnet and single instead of double headlights. In order to stimulate the mild sales, Buick presented two special models of the Skyhawk, namely the Road Hawk as the new top model with sports suspension, spoilers and Habicht emblems everywhere; also the Skyhawk Designer's Accent Edition (only in red or yellow) with black decorative elements and slightly better equipment than the basic model. The power of the V6 has been increased to 115 hp.


No more changes as production stopped at the beginning of the year.

Buick produced a total of around 115,000 of the first-generation Skyhawk.

Skyhawk (1982-1988)

2nd generation
Buick Skyhawk Sedan (1982-1986)

Buick Skyhawk Sedan (1982-1986)

Production period: 1982-1988
Body versions : Sedan , station wagon , coupe , Combi Coupé
Petrol engines : 1.8–2.0 liters
(60–123 kW)
Length: 4562-4615 mm
Width: 1651 mm
Height: 1328-1379 mm
Wheelbase : 2570 mm
Empty weight : 1031-1156 kg

In February 1982 Buick presented the second generation Skyhawk with front-wheel drive, which remained in the program until the fall of 1988. It was a parallel model of the Chevrolet Cavalier with slightly modified body and interior.

Model history


Introduction of the new Skyhawk as a two- and four-door notchback model with a 1.8-liter carburettor engine (89 hp / 66 kW) and a four- or five-speed manual or three-speed automatic in the Custom and Limited equipment levels. In the course of the model year, an injection version of the 1.8-liter (81 PS / 60 kW) and, as in the Cavalier, a two-liter four-cylinder with carburettors and 90 PS were added.


The Skyhawk station wagon is a new addition to the range; the 1.8 liter carburettor is no longer available, the injection version now has 84 hp. Also new is the T-Type sports version with the appropriate equipment and lots of matt black on the body.


Slightly modified front section with larger cooling air inlets, T-Type also available with 1.8-liter turbo engine (152 HP / 111 kW).

Buick Skyhawk Sedan (1986–1988)


New color palette.


Introduction of a hatchback coupé with a tailgate in the new "Sport" equipment and as a T-Type. All Coupés (with the exception of the Custom) have a new front with pop-up headlights and black-tinted rear light lenses.


The output of the two-liter has been increased to 96 PS (71 kW), the turbo version now delivers 167 PS (123 kW), 10 percent more than before. T-type is not applicable.


New equipment variant S / E for the notchback coupé with sports suspension, leather steering wheel, tachometer etc. Slightly upgraded equipment and end of production.

A total of 520,000 units were produced from the second generation Buick Skyhawk.


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