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Christoph Sunday (2010)

Christoph Sonntag (born May 4, 1962 in Waiblingen ) is a German cabaret artist . His appearances are shaped by the Swabian dialect .

life and career

Christoph Sonntag studied at the Technical University of Munich and the Technical University of Berlin and is a qualified landscape planner . After an autodidactic journalism training from 1984 to 1988, he worked for the Süddeutsche Zeitung , the environmental magazine natur and the newspaper publisher Waiblingen, among others . From 1985 to 1988 he took acting classes. He began his career as a cabaret artist in 1985 with his first solo appearances. He has been present on radio and television since the late 1980s, especially on SWR , especially SWR3 .

In addition, from 2004 to 2005, Sonntag fulfilled a teaching position at the Heilbronn University in the field of "Culture and Leisure Management".

In 2007 and 2008, Sonntag had two appearances in New York City : first at the Laurie Beechman Theater, entitled "Swabian Cabaret on International Day of Tolerance" and in 2008 at the Helen Mills Theater.

On February 16, 2013, celebrated Sunday with the "youngest Ger (i) Uecht" in the Fellbach wine Premiere, where he has since every year as "brother Christopher" around 1000 guests at bock beer , Schillerwein and Gaisburger march with a "Lenten sermon" celebrities the Levite reads.

Christoph Sonntag lives with his partner in Bad Cannstatt . He has two children with her and two more from a previous relationship.

Early cabaret programs

His first program was called “No People, One Dough, One Stirrer” (1989–1995). This was followed by the programs “Common We Are Strong” (1992–1998), “Thousand and One Laughs” (1996–2001), “Bescht oph Christoph Sonntag” (1998 ff.), “Rich and beautiful - in one evening” (2000 ff .), “When the Mostmann Tingelt Twice” (2000–2004), “Das Wort vom Sonntag” (2005) and “What it says on it” (2008).

Cabaret programs and radio comedy on SWR3

Christoph Sonntag tours with his live programs in the SWR3 broadcasting area in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. From 2010 his radio comedy series "AZNZ - Alte Zeiten Neue Zeiten" ran on SWR3 . The live show of the same name started in January 2011 and saw more than 200,000 visitors in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. On May 9, 2012, the show was recorded live in the Stuttgart Porsche-Arena for SWR television and published on DVD. The recording was repeated on television more than two dozen times. In 2013 he went on tour with the radio comedy on SWR3 "SWR3 Knowledge Special - Half-knowledge, Sunday knowledge, useless knowledge". With his tenth live program, "SWR3 Comedy live with Christoph Sonntag", he toured all of Baden-Württemberg in 2014 and - with the addition of "Must it be ...?" The best of live program “100 Years of Christoph Sonntag”, presented by the Baden-Württemberg State Show, started in 2016 . Since 2017 he has been touring with his live program "SWR3 Comedy Live Tour with Christoph Sonntag - Don't miss out on any trend!"

“Grant” to Christoph Sonntag

In addition to his work as a cabaret artist, Christoph Sonntag is also involved with his scholarship Christoph Sonntag gGmbH, which was founded in August 2007. With the initiative “The Max-Eyth-See Stuttgart should get clean”, the “grant” set its first goal. In May 2012, the project to completely flush the Max-Eyth-See with fresh spring water was successfully completed. In addition, other projects have emerged over the years, such as open-air lessons in the “Classroom by the Lake” or the “Nutrition Weeks”. Since 2010, the scholarship has been traveling to ten secondary and technical secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg every year to inspire children and young people for “healthy eating, table and culture”. With the “Sternchenfänger” project, the “scholarship” supports sick, handicapped and poor children and fulfills their “heartfelt wishes”. For the project "Street Camp" a supervised by street workers of the Stuttgart youth facility "hiding" since November 2012 Van on the streets of Stuttgart on the road, the young runaways and homeless children provides a first point of contact.

In 2013 and 2016 the “Tolerance Summit”, a mixture of a symposium and a cabaret event on the subject of “Tolerance”, took place. In 2015 this resulted in the “Tolerance Weeks” project, in which school classes deal with the subject of tolerance and intolerance. The “Classroom on the River” project includes an environmental educational offer on the small Alder Island in Waiblingen .

On April 25, 2015, Christoph Sonntag received the Order of Merit of the State of Baden-Württemberg from Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann in Mannheim Castle .

Two dinners paid for on Sunday with the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Social Affairs Manfred Lucha triggered an affair because they fell during a period in which Sunday was trying to extend a project of his foundation, for which he received 180,000 euros in funding. A final internal audit by the regional headquarters showed that the project was carried out according to plan, that all project-related services commissioned were provided and that all expenses are fully recorded. The audit cannot confirm the accusations that have been made in public “regarding improper spending of project funds. The opposite is the case, ”the statement said. Only a sum of 6537 euros had to be paid back to the state center for political education . This sum concerned expenses that flowed completely into the project, but which took place as preparatory work before the approval period and therefore could not be accepted in the project sum afterwards.

Television appearances

Live programs

  • 1989: No people, one dough, one stirrer
  • 1992: Together we are strong
  • 1996: A thousand and one laughs
  • 1998: Bescht oph
  • 2000: Rich and beautiful - in one evening
  • 2002: When the Mostmann dances twice
  • 2005: Das Wort vom Sonntag (released on DVD in 2006)
  • 2008: What's on it inside
  • 2011–2012: AZNZ - Alte Zeiten Neue Zeiten (released on DVD in August 2012)
  • 2013: SWR3 Comedy SWR3 Knowledge Special - half knowledge, Sunday knowledge, useless knowledge
  • 2014: SWR3 Comedy live with Christoph Sonntag
  • 2015: SWR3 Comedy live with Christoph Sonntag - Does it have to be ...?
  • 2016: The SWR Landesschau Baden-Württemberg presents: 100 years of Christoph Sonntag - The jubilee tour!
  • 2017–2018: SWR3 Comedy Live Tour with Christoph Sonntag - Don't miss out on any trend!
  • 2018: The lecture show - what does what!


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  • 1997: Appointment with dentist Dr. Sunday , Nullviernull Tonproduktion, Hamburg
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  • 1998: Dr Große Graba - Asterix in Swabian , Les Editions Albert Rene / Sony
  • 1999: Dentist Dr. Sunday - the best of stage , TV and radio Kneifidelity / Sony
  • 2001: I can hear it! State Fund office for embarrassing losses , Kneifidelity / BMG
  • 2003: Rich and beautiful - in one evening , sales by Mäule & Gosch
  • 2003: When the Mostmann party twice , sales at Mäule & Gosch
  • 2006: Das Wort vom Sonntag (Live-DVD), Sonntag - Santamaria - Tichy / Distribution Mäule & Gosch
  • 2008: Something like that on the radio net brenga , Mäule & Gosch sales
  • 2009: What it says on it , (live double CD), Distribution Silberburg-Verlag , ISBN 978-3-87407-980-8
  • 2011: AZNZ - Old Times New Times. The original comix from the radio , Elchrecords - SWR3 Club
  • 2011: So senn mir (Schwabional anthem). A cabaret artist plays with himself , Distribution Silberburg-Verlag , ISBN 978-3-8425-1904-6
  • 2011: AZNZ - Old Times New Times (Live-CD), Distribution Silberburg-Verlag
  • 2012: AZNZ - Alte Zeiten Neue Zeiten (Live-DVD), distribution Sony Music Entertainment
  • 2014: SWR3 Comedy with Christoph Sonntag - Wissen Spezial (Live-CD), Elchrecords - SWR3 Club
  • 2014: SWR3 Comedy Live with Christoph Sonntag - Die neue Tour (CD)
  • 2015: You still need to practice the violin (CD)
  • 2017: 100 Years of Christoph Sonntag - Die Jubeltour (CD)
  • 2017: Hits of Christoph Sonntag (CD)


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