German football championship 1944/45

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German football championship 1944/45
German championship 1943/44

The 38th German championship season 1944/45 could no longer be brought to an end due to the events of World War II and the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht in May 1945.

The season was marked by the advance of the Allies, the increasingly violent air raids until the German surrender. With the exception of Hamburg the league operating in the other was Gaus prematurely terminated or such. B. in East Prussia , not even included. The "final tables" of the Gauligen, many of which stopped playing after two or three match days and in which numerous Wehrmacht, Air Force and Navy clubs played, prove this.

Only the Gauliga Hamburg, which began on September 10, 1944, was regularly ended . After the last competitive game, which FC St. Pauli won 4-3 against SC Victoria Hamburg on April 15, 1945 , the round was over except for two matches that were no longer relevant for the championship and relegation. However, the Luftwaffe sports club Hamburg had already been taken out of play on September 19 and then dissolved. The sovereign champion - after 16 wins and two draws - was Hamburger SV . The last known regular football game was also played in Hamburg. On April 29, 1945, the HSV defeated the runner-up of the Gauliga Hamburg, Altona 93 , in a friendly game 4-2.

In the Gauliga Bayern in the Gau Munich-Upper Bavaria a champion was chosen . On February 18, 1945, FC Bayern Munich was the winner of the round. However, the newcomer LSV Fürstenfeldbruck was dissolved like his well-known cousin from Hamburg in September 1944; the KSG Ingolstadt as the sole representative of Gaus, who did not come from Munich was able to deliver only six of 16 possible games.

The German championship was not played, a final round of the German championship was only held again from July 18 to August 8, 1948.


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