German football championship 1906/07

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German football championship 1906/07
The logo of the German Football Association from 1900 to 1945
master Freiburg FC
Teams 6th
Games 5
Gates 26  (ø 5.2 per game)
Top scorer GermanGermanPhilipp Burkart Helmut Röpnack (4 each)
German championship 1905/06

The fifth German soccer championship took place from April 21 to May 9, 1907. With the Freiburg FC , who won against Viktoria 89 Berlin in Mannheim (3-1), a southern German club won the title for the first time. In its greatest success, the team benefited from the large number of students who stayed in Freiburg as a result , and became known as the "academy eleven".

It was the first finals that ended with a financial surplus.


Only six teams qualified this year, two fewer than last year. Defending champion VfB Leipzig had again become Central German champions this season, and there was no regulation at the time according to which the runner-up should move up in such a case. On the other hand, after the huge defeat of the Brandenburg representative last year, the DFB only allowed one club from the Berlin-Brandenburg region. In a playoff between the champions of the two rival regional associations, Viktoria 89 Berlin ( Association of Berliner Ballspielvereine ) won 5-0 against Alemannia 90 Berlin ( Märkischer Fußball-Bund ) and thus secured participation in the German finals.

society Qualified as
SC Schlesien 1901 Breslau.png SC Silesia Wroclaw Champion of the Southeast German Football Association
BTuFC Viktoria 1889.png Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 Master of the Association of Berlin Ball Game Clubs
VfB Leipzig - 1902-1922.svg VfB Leipzig Master of the Association of Central German Ball Game Clubs and defending champion
Scvictoria-logo.svg FC Victoria Hamburg Champion of the North German Football Association
Duesseldorferfc99.jpg Düsseldorf FC 99 Master of the Rheinisch-Westfälischer Spielverband
Old logo of Freiburg FC.png Freiburg FC Master of the Association of South German Football Associations

Quarter finals

date Result Stadion
April 21, 1907 Düsseldorf FC 99 1: 8 (1: 2) FC Victoria Hamburg Duisburg , DSV-Platz am Grunewald
April 21, 1907 Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 2: 1 (1: 0) SC Silesia Wroclaw Berlin , Schebera sports field

VfB Leipzig and Freiburg FC moved into the semi-finals as representatives of the strongest associations by bye.

The Düsseldorfer FC experienced a huge defeat against Victoria Hamburg on neutral ground. After the close half-time result, this was mainly due to the fact that the Düsseldorf goalkeeper Harry Rapier was sent off in the 55th minute when the score was 1: 3 due to unsportsmanlike conduct. At that time, no substitutions were usually allowed, so a field player had to guard the goal. In the 19th minute Gottfried Fuchs had equalized the lead from Hamburg's Hermann Garrn from the 14th minute, followed by another goal from Garrn in the 32nd minute. Hermann Gerhardt scored the 1: 3 right after half-time. This was followed by five more goals from Hamburg, whose goal scorers are not known.

The Berliner Viktoria won in Berlin on the pitch of BFC Hertha 1892 against Schlesien Breslau from the hardly competitive south-east of Germany with 2-1 very close. Otto Dumke's opening goal after 33 minutes was followed by Helmut Röpnack's 2-0 in the second half. The Wroclaw team came closer with EB Wegener's goal in the closing stages after 78 minutes, but still lost the game.


date Result Stadion
May 9, 1907 FC Victoria Hamburg 1: 4 (1: 2) Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 Hamburg , HFC 88 - place at the Velodrom Rotherbaum
May 12, 1907 Freiburg FC 3: 2 (2: 0) VfB Leipzig Nuremberg , square on Ziegelgasse

Between the two winners of the previous round, Victoria Hamburg and Berliner Viktoria, there was a turbulent game two weeks later on the field of Hamburger FC (predecessor of Hamburger SV ), which was led by DFB President Gottfried Hinze as referee and in the 2nd half stood before the game was abandoned. After ten minutes Otto Dumke had taken the lead for Berlin with his second goal in the final, after another nine minutes it was 2-0 through Helmut Röpnack. Shortly before the break, the Victoria from Hamburg came with Gerhard Klinkrad to the connection goal. But after the break, two more goals from Röpnack and Emil Reinke followed for Berliners. The Hamburg team ultimately achieved a clear defeat.

The Freiburg FC managed a surprise three days later against the reigning champions and three-time finalists of the last four years, VfB Leipzig. At the break, the Freiburg team led by two goals from Philipp Burkart. In the second half, Georg Steinbeck scored the next goal, but this was followed by a 3-1 win by Max Mayer. The Leipzig team was only able to hit another goal from Leopold Richter (a student from Dresdner SC ). The German-Hungarian former goalkeeper of Britannia 92 Berlin, Dr. Paul von Goldberger, who had returned from his studies in Berlin, the Swiss national player Henri Sydler and Max Haase from BFC Hertha 92 . Some of the players belonged to the club due to their studies in Freiburg, so that Fritz Bodenweber had been active for FC Victoria Hamburg shortly before the finals and should not have played for Freiburg.


pairing Freiburg FC Freiburg FC - Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89
Result 3: 1 (1: 1)
date Sun, May 19, 1907
Stadion MFG place at the breweries , Mannheim
spectator 3,000
referee Bean ( Bremen )
Gates 1-0 Glaser (30th, penalty)
1: 1 Röpnack (43rd, penalty)
2: 1 Burkart (57th)
3: 1 Burkart (80th)
Freiburg FC Paul von Goldberger - Louis C. de Villiers , August Falschlunger - Fritz Bodenweber , Max Mayer , Felix Hunn  - Max Haase , Henri Sydler , Josef Glaser , Philipp Burkart , Otto Hofherr(C)Captain of the crew
Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 Paul Scranowitz - Willi Hahn , Paul Fischer - Adolf Deni , Willi Knesebeck , Paul Hunder  - Paul Kralle , Otto Dumke , Emil Reinke , Helmut Röpnack , Reinhold Bock(C)Captain of the crew

Match report

In this game, too, the Freiburg student team, some of which were soon to leave the club, managed the next surprise against the strong Berliners who had rejected the originally scheduled referee Otto Eikhof from Victoria Hamburg after the semi-final against Hamburg.

In a tactically guided game, center forward Dr. Josef Glaser took his team in the lead after half an hour with a penalty. The equalizer followed two minutes before half-time: Referee Bohne controversially decided on a penalty because goalkeeper Goldberger had kept the ball for too long, and Helmut Röpnack converted with his fourth goal to equalize for the Berliners. In the second half, however, the top scorer Philipp Burkart, who enjoyed shooting, took the lead again after a good ten minutes and in the final phase shot the Freiburg team to the championship title with another double, by far the greatest success in the club's history.

The championship team of Freiburg FC

Freiburg FC championship team (from left to right): Falschlunger, Sydler, Glaser, Bodenweber, Haase, Mayer, Hunn, de Villiers, von Goldberger, Hofherr, Burkart

Below is the championship team with the players' stakes and goals.

Freiburg FC
Old logo of Freiburg FC.png

List of goalscorers

There are also five unknown goalscorers in the game between Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

player society Games Gates
1. German EmpireThe German Imperium Philipp Burkart Freiburg FC 2 4th
2. German EmpireThe German Imperium Helmut Röpnack Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 3 4th
3. German EmpireThe German Imperium Hermann Garrn FC Victoria Hamburg 2 2
4th German EmpireThe German Imperium Otto Dumke Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 3 2
5. German EmpireThe German Imperium Gottfried Fuchs Düsseldorf FC 99 1 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Leopold Richter VfB Leipzig 1 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Georg Steinbeck VfB Leipzig 1 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium EB Wegener SC Silesia Wroclaw 1 1
9. German EmpireThe German Imperium Hermann Gerhardt FC Victoria Hamburg 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Josef Glaser Freiburg FC 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Gerhard Klinkrad FC Victoria Hamburg 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Max Mayer Freiburg FC 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Emil Reinke Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 2 1


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